Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh Adam Levine.

You make me lose my mind.  I mean, I'm sorry, my husband is sexy to me, very sexy indeed.  And I love his body and smile and all that jazz... but Adam Levine... well I think he's my celebrity weakness. 

How can you not find him sexy?  I have loved Maroon 5 since I first heard them.  I love how all their songs have sexual lyrics, but are so catchy some people don't even realize what they are singing.  That makes me giggle.  I mean, they really are dirty sometimes. 

Along came the show The Voice and my mom and I were beyond excited.  I mean, not only do we get to watch a great show, but we get a regular dose of Adam looking all sexy and his coy smile and his sense of humor is right up my alley.  Oh, hubby, I'm soo sorry, but I can't stop thinking about Adam's sexiness.

I am in a mood today, let's blame pregnancy hormones mmky?  I thought I'd share a little Adam love with you ladies... You Are Welcome!


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