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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Aiden's Birthday Pictures Part 1....

There were soo many pictures taken of Aiden's birthday that it's going to be in chunks as I share them with you.  They also may not be in the best order, I am just posting them in the order Kris has edited them.  Hope you enjoy and can get an idea for how wonderful the day was!

To start the day out I had 14 balloons ordered in orange and blues and we had just picked them up and let them go in the living room.  I planned to bunch them and then put them outside.  Before Kris had gotten the first bunch outside Aiden had grabbed a blue string and ran off.  I caught him with it and took pictures.  He managed to poke a tiny hole in it with his nail and he slowly deflated it all morning while we decorated and cooked.

Here are SOME of the decorations and the food we had out.  I will post the birthday banner pictures in another post.

Aiden's Smash Cupcake I made.  I was soo proud of how well it turned out!

 That's it for today.... look for part 2 soon!


MrsBro... said...

Ummm YUM and WOOHOO!!

I wish I was invited :)

Anonymous said...

It looks so great!! How about you come throw my next birthday party? haha

Nessa said...

the food looks amazing.. and peachy rings are my favorite!

Jennifer said...

What a cutie! The cake and the cupcake the you made look so delicious! I hope everyone had a great time :)

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