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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Florida Day 1

Florida?  Yes, Florida!  My mom had a business trip she had to speak at in Fort Myers Florida.  Her work obviously was paying for her part, but it's at a spa resort and she invited me to come along with her!  So here we are....

Today was mostly a day of travel.  Let me ask you - have any of you been on a Continental flight lately?  Well I have really only traveled on Alaska Airlines {you know, I worked for them and my mom did before that....} and this whole Continental business was a bit crazy.  Crazy awful! 

In the same size plane that we have 32 rows of seats, they put 38.  This means.... NO LEG ROOM.  I mean, seriously none.  It was soo bad it was actually hysterical.  I mean to tell you I couldn't move at all.  Let me share some pictures to help you understand. 

My knees touching the seat.... I'm 5'6.
 My legs again, and my hips, which I admit are a bit wide, but this was outrageous.  Any wider and I wouldn't have fit in one seat! 
 My mom in her seat.  See how her legs are cramped and the tray table in up against her.  Also note in order to even take this picture that is my boob at the bottom - the bright blurry blob.  I had to hold the phone all the way up to my face.  It was soo tight in there.

That was the longest 4 hour plane ride EVER.   I did manage to finish reading my latest book and start a new one.  I'm well on my way to my goal this year.  I got myself 2 Coke Zero's on the flight, the first was a normal can, some basketball player on the side.  My second can however was very unique.... why?  Well, I couldn't even read it!

I thought it was really neat actually.  I had to take a picture of it to share. 

The other fun adventure that happened at the start of our trip was before we even boarded the first plane. 

Imagine with me if you will a man in his mid 50's.  He's reading a book across from you in the seating area and he has a nice button down shirt on with khaki's.  Upon further inspection you see his shirt is unbuttoned, halfway down his chest.  His grayish blonde chest hair is just out for show.  What do you notice next.... he starts STROKING his chest hair.  Like playing with it, rubbing it with one hand absentmindedly while reading his book.  Soo gross.  Mom and I about died laughing. 

Once we got to our hotel in Florida, after a second 2 hour cramped flight, we were greeted by an extremely drunk women trying not to fall while doing stretches.  Oh it was hilarious.  She was WASTED and there was a group of people watching her. 

The day did have some perks though.  We got upgraded on our rental car to a white dodge charger instead of a ford fusion.  We also got comp'd free valet parking tonight because we arrived so late and there was no guest parking near.  Oh and I had chocolate ice cream before writing this post. 

I leave you with a picture of my mother with a Papa Bush statue in the IAH airport.


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