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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Life Update

It's been awhile since I've really sat down to write.  I'm sorry about that. 

Things have started to become, dare I say it, normal, again.  I stayed at my mom's for nearly a month.  I didn't intend to do it, but it seemed right at the time.  Kris's meds started to really take hold and the changes have been more than I can express in words.  Two tiny pills a day have not just given me my husband back, it's given us a fresh start. 

He has been taking Abilify and Prozac now for 6 weeks.  The transformation is amazing.  The Abilify is VERY expensive, as in $500 a month, clearly not something we can afford, and he has no insurance {Aiden and I do of course}.  Well, God blessed us.  I am certain it was all the prayers going up for us.  There was a scholarship put out by Abilify's makers for those who can't afford the medication.  Kris' Dr. signed some papers and we sent in an application.  He was approved for up to 3 years of free medication!  And the Prozac generic is of course like $4 at Target so we got that under control!  Such a blessing.  This medication has been a life savor and to not have to worry about the additional cost is a dream come true.  One less stress.

I came back home 2 weeks ago and have been more than surprised.  Of course I saw Kris almost daily while I was with my mom, but I was afraid it was all too good to be true.  Since I've been back home we are not fighting daily, hardly at all really - a mere bicker here and there but I blame that on my PMS.  :)  He hasn't been having any hallucinations or hearing things, no delusions or suspicions.  Really nothing.  He hasn't been depressed, he has been motivated to work on cars, eating full meals, he has energy and is flirty and laughs with me all the time.  Just like we are newlyweds again.  Our love life has improved too, I think with everything that was happening I was becoming seriously detached, but now it's like making love to my husband with new eyes. 

Not to mention we are ALL getting sleep!  Like, lots of it.  Aiden was waking up nightly around 2am.  It used to be a bother, but we just put him back down after a bottle and diaper change.  Then the last couple months it became playing for up to 2 hours in the middle of the night.  It was miserable.  He was cranky, I was cranky, Kris was exhausted from not sleeping before the meds and from Aiden.  Well, I moved back home and said "enough is enough!".  We let him cry.  No more rocking to sleep, rocking at 12am, 2am and then playing until 4.  Up at 6.  We were done.  The first night he cried 50 minutes, then slept most the night.  Within 3 days we were down to 5 minutes and sleeping from 7pm-7am.  Now it's like he was always this way.  For example, I gave him a bottle and then when it was gone I laid him down in his crib.  He blew me a kiss and waved - then grabbed a binky and I walked out and said goodnight.  He went straight to sleep and we will all wake up around 7am tomorrow happy and rested.

AMAZING what sleep can do for all of us.  Not to mention, him going to bed at 7 means Kris and I have some time together in the evenings to watch a movie, or our shows without being interrupted.  Or like tonight, I can sit and write a little update, he is working on a car with his dad.  Plus I have had tons of time to sew.  We also got Aiden down to 1 2 hour nap on most days.  Life is good.

Life is beyond good.  I can't thank you all enough for the love and support we have been shown.  By family, friends, my blog community and church, and complete strangers.  Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts. 


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Yay! So glad :)

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What wonderful news! I'm so so glad!!!!

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