Friday, October 28, 2011

15 things you may not know about me...

15 things you may not know about me.

1.   I have met Scott Hamilton, Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Sorbo, Jamie Kennedy and Stone Philllips.  Most importantly though was Vanilla Ice!

2. . I can't live without peppermint coffee with peppermint creamer in the winter.

3. . My weight has been my worst struggle, I've dealt with eating disorders and been as small as a size 6 in 2007 to a size 20-22 now.  Size 10-12 is my goal.

4.  . I still listen to NKOTB. And Nsync often.

5. . If I drink hard alcohol my face are Gin and Tequila... Most people hate both!

6.   I love snow storms.

7.   I live in yoga pants and sweats.  I wish I had a pair for everyday.

8.  I feel the need every month to redecorate or rearrange things in my house.  I'm never satisfied.

9.   Everyone wanted Eli to be a girl and thought he was, I always had a feeling in my gut he was another boy. 

10. . I skipped Kindergarten.

11.  I have never been out of North America.

12.   I don't have a passport either.

13. . I used to dream of having my own magazine, I wish I would have further pursued it.

14.   I'm a nervous pooper.

15.   I did the post so my mom wouldn't pester me to blog.


Nessa said...

You crack me up!

Katie said...

Love this! :) I may need to do one myself.

And I pee when I'm nervous, if thats what you mean by nervous pooper!

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