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Monday, July 5, 2010

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday

Here we go again.  More Ali drama.....

First up, Roberto.  She wants Roberto to be silly so they start out by taking funny pictures around town.  As dumb as it looked on tv, it was cute to watch then be silly.  The fact that Roberto is a true romantic and dances "every time he hears music" seems sweet now, but it may just be annoying the future.  Picnic in a castle.  Maybe it's just because I've watched every season on ABC, but these dates are super cheesy. 

Frank and Ty having a double date with Ali.  Sucks for Ty.  I don't feel bad for Frank because I still don't like him.  I feel bad for Ty because he has to fight for time with Ali.  I think they are a good pair, he's soo wholesome.  The start to dinner sure was really awkward, wasn't it? 

So Ty got the first time alone with Ali.  Talked about family of course, but at the end of their conversation they showed them just hugging, not kissing like you would expect.  Perhaps that shows us something about their connection? 

Next up was Frank.  I didn't fall for his whole sob story.  I do understand the whole living with parents thing.  Kris and I lived with my mom for awhile and now we are with his parents.  It's not that bad.  I think Ali knows that something is up wtih Frank, she said she's everything he wanted, but she has fears.... dun dun dun.

Time for some plaid, I mean Kirk.  I'm seeing a trend with Ali on dates... she needs to wear longer skirts!  She's a bit on the hoochie side.  I like how Kirk asked her how she was holding up with everything.  Not that I wanted to hear her whine, but I like how he responds to her and shows her he cares about how she really is doing.  He said he wanted her to be honest with him, good or bad.  She finally opened up how she feels like one day she won't be good enough for the guys one day.  Ali isn't going to find real love this season, because Ali isn't opening herself up.  I don't think she's ready for love.  She should have stuck to work.

Chris L.  I still think he is my second choice behind Roberto.  Ali is worried about him opening up before she goes to meet his family.  Poor Chris.  He didn't like the horse, and now he's stuck driving a scooter!  I'm glad the he did end up opening up a bit, but I think it's sad that Ali says it's too little too late.  Oh I LOVED the special bracelet that he brought her.  I want one! 

Rose Ceremony:  Chris L got the first rose which made me happy.  I'm glad she decided to give him a further chance. 
  Then it was Frank - boo.  Oh boy Roberto - you are going all the way to the end, and you'll be salsa dancing your way their!  Last but not least was Kirk.

See you around the hay Ty.  I liked him, so I am sad to see him go, but I don't think he was a good match for her.  Not like Roberto anyway.  He was too down home and easy going for her, she wants someone suave and who butters her up.  At least that's my take on it. 


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