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Monday, July 19, 2010

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday

Frank.  Going to talk to your ex while falling in love with Ali.  If you have doubt, it's not the real thing.  That's my theory.  If you have to go and see your ex-girlfriend to "find out" if you are still in love with her, then you are still in love with her, and are NOT ready to be in a strong committed relationship with someone new.  Especially not someone who is looking for marriage.  I'm glad that Frank is not right for Ali - he was my wild card this entire time and Chris L and Roberto were my top two.  Now I win no matter what!  At least Frank is honest enough to bow out now before he met her parents, or before he was in the final two.  Reality Steve says that Frank wanted out a few weeks back but the producers made him stay and tape the "get back together" bit for more drama.  I wouldn't doubt it, but it's sad. 
Roberto.  Oh Roberto.  You look a bit tired in tonight's episode.  Maybe that's just me, or baby they toned down the eye makeup in the islands.  You are still sexy though, but why oh why do you have your shirt on still?  Next question - why is Ali wearing a pink ruffled bikini bottom and a yellow bikini top - ABC couldn't spring to get her a matching set?  Way to scare Ali with his "there is something that's been on my mind".  I thought it was so sweet how shy he was to say how he feels, that's a real man for you.  I missed if Ali stayed the night with Roberto or not, but I don't know a single person who wouldn't want to stay the night with him!

Chris.  First off that water was such a beautiful green color.  I could NOT have jumped from that high off the boat.  how scary.  I could also NOT swim that far to get all the way to that island.  I agree with Ali, the best kind of love is the passionate kind where you laugh a lot.  Just last night Kris had be giggling up a storm in bed last night.  It's important to be able to have fun when you are with someone for the long haul.  OH MY GOSH - that was soo awesome they found pearls.  I'm beyond jealous about finding those, what a neat thing for them to share.  If they end up together he should put those into a ring or necklace for her for their anniversary. 

I love when the people go and talk to the host Chris.  It's like he THE one in charge on this show.  I don't get Chris saying "think about Ali, you are going to leave her an emotional wreck right before the biggest week of her life" - what was he trying to say to Frank?  Not tell her?  Let her down easy?  I may just be tired but I didn't get it.  Hey Ali found her pink bikini top - wonder if she was wearing the yellow bottoms under those short shorts when she talked to Frank?  I didn't take the talk too serious, I feel bad for Ali but I think a lot of the drama on this season has been really overdone.  They didn't need to tape Frank back with his ex, he could have just talked to Ali about his doubts, it's like they are really trying too hard to hurt people.

We end the episode with Ali feeling sorry for herself.  "Maybe there is something wrong with me".  You know she seems nice enough, but I have a feeling whoever she picks won't last.  She just seems to have too much internal drama going on about her love life.  I like how Ali didn't just trash Frank for hurting her to the remaining two guys at the rose ceremony, which she could have easily done.  I thought she looked pretty tonight though, very casual.  On to next week - THE MEN TELL ALL!  Then it's meeting Ali's family.


Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

haha! I was wondering the same thing about Ali's mis matched swimsuit! :)

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