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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I NEED HELP - 9 Months means NO sleep??

I have no idea what happened, but all of a sudden Aiden will NOT sleep at night.  We put him to bed, get a couple hours of out him and then he wakes up.  He usually wakes up right after we are going to sleep - perfect! 

The last 3 nights we have spent from about 11pm -4am trying to get him to sleep.  We take turns rocking him and putting him down and somewhere between 5-30minutes later he wakes up crying.  By 330-4am he is exhausted and finally sleeps until about 8.  It's killing us! 

I don't know if this is a 9 month thing - like the "wonder weeks" where he is learning new things, like trying to walk for him, or if it's this "separation anxiety" that the dr. said should hit soon.  He could be teething, but he just got 4 teeth a week or so ago {all 8 in front if you are keeping track} and he has never been this bad when sleeping during teething.  Tylenol keeps him pretty sleepy at night, but it isn't doing us any good this time.

We've tried letting him fuss a bit but that either turns into crying or jumping up and down and playing.  We've tried bottles in the middle of the night.  We've tried skipping a nap {although I'm going to try this again today}.  Kris suggested putting a shirt of ours in his crib.  We've adjusted the heat up and down in his room. 

After 3 nights of no sleep around here I am BEGGING for help ladies.  Is this normal?  Did your baby go through this?  What did you do?  What should I do? 


Amanda said...

The lack of sleep and the lack of answers as so why no one was sleeping was the thorn in my side Emily's first year of life, I swear. Ugh! :( I'm so sorry, I really don't think anyone could've prepared me for how difficult that part would be. Like you mentioned, it could be any number of things and only through trial & error (Tylenol, maybe additional sleep-training, moving bedtime up earlier in the day, a more strict daytime routine) will you figure it all out. VERY best of luck!!!

June Freaking Cleaver said...

My kids seemed to settle better after a nice bath - it became part of the routine leading up to bedtime, and I didn't vary it. And right before bed, books, then a snuggle. Then bed.

I'm Jamie said...

Jackson had never slept routinely through the night, but at 9 Months it became AWWWFFUUULLLL for us... he totally reverted to being a newborn (i.e. waking every 2 hours). I was losing my cool, so we started serious sleep training (with the book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child) at 10 months, and within 2 weeks Jackson was sleeping though the night!

I had no idea sleep was going to be SUCH a major issue with children... and it has been for us. Of course there are still "off" nights, and now the problem is shifting from 2 naps to 1, but I felt/feel so much more prepared to deal with it after reading up ;)

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...


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