Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've joined Weight Watchers again

So I finally got sick of this baby weight.  I tried losing weight, and lost 15lbs, on my own a while back, but it was short lived.  I don't even know how it happened, but I gained it all back AGAIN.  So I have the 50lbs of "Aiden" weight, plus the original 30-40lbs of extra weight I was just starting to lose {I lost 9lbs in 5 weeks before getting a positive test} with WW's when I got pregnant.

This month I hit a breaking point with this heat.  It's soo hot and I sweat under my boobs, my lower back, my upper lip, between my thighs.  It's gross and I know it's mostly because of my weight.  So I joined WW again, this time I signed up for a 3 month online program.  I figured if I paid in advance I would certainly stick to it.  I hate to waste money. 

I've mostly been eating wraps and baked potatoes, salmon and veggies.  I bought a lot of Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine meals too.  It's just easier and living with my in-laws, who don't really plan meals, it's not a big deal that I am only buying meals for myself. 

I've been on it now just about 2.5 weeks and I'm happy to report that I have lost 2lbs each week for a total of 4lbs.  It's amazing what just a few pounds can do for your spirit.  I dug out old pictures of me for inspiration.  I have gone through a bunch of old WW magazines to find snack ideas and quick meals.  I'm inspired.

If you have any recipes or WW tips or snacks you just love, please share them with me.  I weigh myself on Mondays and I don't plan to keep up a weekly post, but I will update when I feel the need.  I may even put a weight loss tracker on my sidebar for those who may be curious. 

Here goes nothing!


Anonymous said...

So proud of you! I know you can do it!

D said...

Great job on your progress so far! I did the 3 month online WW a couple of years ago and it really seemed to help me lose some weight. Just make sure you use your points wisely and not stock piling them up to go crazy later because that doesn't help you at all (I learned this one the hard way). :) Good luck! You can do it!!!

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