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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Planning Aiden's 1st Birthday!

We have started planning Aiden's 1st birthday!  By we I really mean me and a bit of help from my mom.  Kris thinks I'm silly to be planning something this far out, or to be even planning a party at all.  It will mostly be his family there and they don't really care for the details, they just get together and eat.  I however, want it to be special.  Here is some of the things I'm thinking and a little inspiration board of some photos I found....

Blues and Orange
Dole Pineapple/Orange punch with sprite in clear punch bowl
light blue plastic silverware and napkins
blue plates/bowls for ice cream
orange table cloth
blue and orange streamers
blue and orange balloons to mark the mailbox and porch
a big clear bowl of my moms on the table as a centerpiece full of satsumas
orange and blue dipped cake balls?? {bakerella} use white cake mix with dyed cream cheese frosting
orange and blue frosted cupcakes with blue and orange liners instead of a big cake {less messy, no serving needed}
0-12 wall mural - blue and orange circles with a 4x6 picture for each month
orange chicken & rice {panda sauce - mom makes this}
lumpia with orange sweet & sour sauce
I'm going to ask Aiden's aunt Estrella to make this cuban shredded meat
grilled or baked salmon
veggie tray
orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream cups to go with the cupcakes
I have a large blue plastic bowl I will put out filled with goldfish {good for all the kids to munch on}

I do want Aiden to have a nice "smash cake" and I think I'm going to decorate one of those popular Wilton huge cupcakes.  It can go in the center of all the small cupcakes and he can enjoy it.  Anyone made one of them?  Was it worth buying?  Was it easy to do, it seems pretty straight forward to me, but if you've made one let me know!

Lastly, here are 2 of the options I've made up to send out.  Which one do you like?  Or do you like neither?


I'm Jamie said...

Love them both, but pic #1 is my pick ;)

D said...

Cute color scheme! I like #1 best!

Ladee Melie said...

I like both pics, but #1 is good. What a cute theme and the party is in October which is just around the corner so you're not planning too far ahead. Plus, he'll never be ONE again. Make it memorable.

Nessa said...

love the colors! I can't believe he will be one!

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

So exciting. I cannot believe he is going to be 1!

Both pictures are adorable. I realllly like the 1st one, though.

Anonymous said...

u are so kind to post so good artical! i like it!..................................................................

Anonymous said...

I like the first invitation, so cute! And I loveee the party idea! I think I want to be invited. Especially if you make cake balls, which are the most amazing tasting thing ever.

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