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Monday, May 30, 2011

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday.

Okay it's time to get back into the grove of some non-sewing blogging.  The Bachelorette.... Ashley Hebert.  Yeah, I wasn't a fan of hers on The Bachelor last season, and I really am not starting off liking here this season.  Although I think the Brown hair makes her look a bit more intelligent.

The man in the Man.  What the F**k dude?  I mean I get the whole "I want her to see me for the real me, and not my looks" but seriously, he is taking it a bit too far.

First date:  William

Wedding Planning - how funny.  I mean this guy is pretty cute, and he totally played along with her on the cake smash.  He jumped right in at the ring shop too.  Props for that.  Then even though he was scared he gave her flowers to use down the aisle.  Then he even said I do!  Plus who doesn't like a guy named William - hello future Prince! 

Sob story.  Everyone has to have them on this show.  Although I really did enjoy his story.  The story about his watch being kept on the time it stopped when his dad died.  That's a sweet thing. 

Group Date: 

West -  His name is a direction?  I hope it's short for something like Weston.  He is okay looking though.

Constantine - cut your hair!  {image to left}

Ben F - cut your hair too.

Ames - not sure what is up with your forehead.... but I can't stop staring at it! {image left}

The Jabawalkeez was pretty neat.  I couldn't have the courage to get up on stage! 

Bentley -  I'm sorry but he is a big DOUCHE!  Did he just say she has a rockin' butt and he wants her to tickle his dick??  Yeah I think he did.  WOW.  This is like Wes from Jillian's season times 10.  And this is the guy who has a daughter names Cozy.  Where did that come from?  And she gave him the rose... *gag*.  "Can we just bag this and go play blackjack?" Sleezebag.  He will stay a long time of course, ABC likes drama. 

 {At this point I would like to share that my husband is snoring soo loudly next to me that I have to keep turning up the volume.  tee hehe}

Mickey - he looks better scruffy and in his glasses.  Stop with the head or tails though.  Goodness can you not make a decision without a coin?  His mom has passed away too.  Too many sad stories.  They are flipping a coin to decide the rose... that's sad.  He is lucky though.  Colbie Calet - lucky!  Seriously lol.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony:

JP - I liked that he just jumped right in to talk to her.  Good for him for putting the kiss up to a coin.
William - was he just doing a President Bush impersonation going on?  Not cool he took some one on one time though tonight - he had a date!
Blake - dancing one of one - good way to get touchy!

{insert commentary now - I LOVE the nickname DING DONG for William.  He's pretty decent SO FAR - but that nickname sure does suit him well.}

Jeff -  Here we go.  The mask is coming off!  I don't know who he thinks he is - Batman?!  More like Robin to me.  I know the brain hemorrhage story is sad, and it shouldn't be something to make fun of - but there is no reason for him to hide himself.  Then Matt came in... come on ABC - cut us a break!

Bentley - "I'd literally rather be swimming in pee" than be having dinner with the fountains around them or planning a wedding with her.  I can't wait for the after the rose with this one - she will have something to say to him!  Then he even insulted her kissing.  He said "it was kinda cool, but it kinda sucked at the end".   I can't believe the producers let this guy on.  I am all for ratings, but this is just completely mean to Ashley.

Okay - so far West, Mickey, and William are my front runners.  My wild card pick is JP.

Oh and does Jeff sleep with his mask on?  How does he keep people from seeing him all day?  He's cleaning though, kudos to him, I bet the rest of the guys are slobs. 

Preview for next week:  Bentley - "I'm totally gonna make Ashley cry.  I hope my hair looks okay."  DOUCHE!

SPOILER:  Here is what Jeff aka Mask Man looks like... I did some googling.  So don't look if you want to wait to see him. 


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