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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fabric Tuesday: Singer Party

I hosted a Singer sewing party this weekend, it was through Houseparty, and was a blast.  I was supposed to do these little roll up bags, like for makeup brushes, but that wasn't something that I found practical for myself or my guests, so we made dishtowels, which will be much more useful!

 I had little gift bags for everyone with patterns, threads, a little sewing pouch, a couple towels and fabric and coupons good for Martha Stewart craft supplies and Joanne's.

 The little sewing machine setup area.

 Here I was playing "instructor" and showing some of the features of the machine.  I showed off some of the stiches, explained how to use the self threader on the machine, the drop in bobbin feature and all of the wonderful feet and accesories the machine came with.

 I taught everyone how to make ruffles and how to make yo yo's - which everyone thought was easy and LOVED.
 Tiffany {above} and Kathi {below} in action making their towels.

 Tiffany's completed towel.  She used not only the ruffle but the yo yo too!

This was my quick little sample towel.  Everyone had fun being crafty, we spent 3 hours sewing and chatting.  We also all enjoyed some of my mom's homemade angel food cake and fresh strawberry sauce.  Yum!  What a neat little girls day, and a perfect way to spend time on a Saturday.

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Legal stuff:  Houseparty and Singer supplied me with a sample sewing machine for the party and a free box of goodies from Joanne's and Singer to share with my guests.  My opnions are my own and I will be purchasing the machine because I loved it soo very much!


MrsBro... said...

Damn you and your Craftiness! I try to like you and then you post this! :P

Great job and this looked like so much fun!

Jennifer said...

I love the whole idea of the party...how fun!! The towels came out great. You really have channeled your inner craftiness lately. Hope all is well :)

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

i wanna live by you and come and learn! my machine sits and waits...it only does basic stuff since it's operator (me) isn't fancy yet! haha

Spontaneous Threads said...

love the towel!

Rebecca said...

That looks like such a fun party!!!

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