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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

lou-LOU-thi giveaway post

Anna Maria Horner recently revealed her louLOUthi line at the 2011 Spring Quilt Market.  I can't wait to see some in person and get my hands on these beauties.  They are so full of color and pizazz! 

Pink Castle Fabrics is having a giveaway to win some of these as soon as they as available.  The winner will get to pick their top 5 fabrics from the line and will win a 1/2 yard of each!  What a great deal is that? 

Here are my top 5....

1.  21
2.  25
3.  19
4.  20
5.  22

I really love them all, but I think I love the retro colors of the ones I picked.  Would be a standout quilt! 

Juliana Palette

Eleni Palette

Isabela Palette

http://justabitfrayed.wordpress.com/2011/05/17/anna-maria-horner-loulouthi-fabric-giveaway/" target="http://justabitfrayed.wordpress.com/">


MrsBro... said...

I love them all! How in the world can you decide on just 1!!

You are totally inspiring me to bust out my machine and get crafting.

Nessa said...

Love these... All of them but especially the second pallette. That sewing party looks like such fun!

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