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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eli's Birth Story

Eli came into the world nice and quietly.  Here is his story....

We got to the hospital for my repeat c-section around 530am on Wednesday.  They got us all checked into our room and me in my fancy paper gown.  My biggest concern was my IV - when I had Aiden they blew 3 veins in my left arm before the settled on the right, and then the plastic IV clamp was on my wrist and left a scar still visible today.  Thankfully, the nurse who was in charge this time had no problems and got it first try with no pain.  I didn't even get a small bruise when it was removed! The nurse told me what to expect during surgery, they turned on my heating gown, shaved my incision site etc.  The anesthesiologist came in and took a look at my spine and said it looked like there would be no problems. 

Next thing I know our moms are here in the room, the nurse comes and gives Kris his surgery scrubs to put on and we are set to go.  I give hugs and kisses, they wheel me to the OR and help me to walk in and get seated on the table. It's really strange just sitting around waiting to have a baby.  I watched the nurse open and lay out all the sterile equipment, the nurses were counting things off out loud.  My Dr. is short, so I made fun of her when she asked for a step stool.  My spinal was quick and painless.  It really wasn't bad at all, the worst part was sitting on the cold table!  The numb and warm legs set in almost immediately.  They helped me lay down since I couldn't feel my lower half.  A few minutes after I was laid down my blood pressure went up really high and I got hot and dry heaved for about 2 minutes. The anesthesiologist was great, put a cold cloth on my face, got my blood pressure down really quick and I felt fine after that.  They got the paper partition up and Kris came in.  We were set. 

The surgery took what seems like no time at all.  I think we began about 10 minutes before 8 and at 8:09am my Dr told Kris to stand up and start taking pictures.  Eli was here.  Kris got some great pictures of Eli being pulled out and the first minute while he was being held by my Dr.  He only let out a little cry when he came into the world, but it was again the most beautiful sound ever.  On the way to weigh him the nurse brought him to me to see his feet - the were perfect to me.  He weighed 6lbs 5oz, and was 19.5 inches long.  He scored 9's on his agar's. 

Kris cut the cord, he got all swaddled up and brought him over to me.  The rest of the surgery was a breeze.  Kris and I just sat and looked at our little miracle.  We still can't believe that God helped us create this two amazing boys.  We are soo lucky.  We had an extra nurse in the OR who was just there to shadow, so she took our camera and took some first family photos.  In the recovery room all went well.  The moms were allowed in 1 at a time to see me and the baby.  Eli and I were holding our own without a problem, they brought in a bottle and my mom was the first to feed him since my arms were still numb to me and Kris wasn't in the room.  My father in law also came in to see Eli.  After 2 hours I was wheeled back to my room.

The rest of the day was exactly what I expected.  All of our family came to visit, Aiden was introduced to his little brother and he seemed to love him.  He wasn't sure about him, but was thrilled to see me for sure.  We took pictures, my dad and all Kris' aunts came that evening.  My friend Tiffany came in the evening and brought me some magazines to read.  She'd never held a newborn and she got to feed him and hold him and it was really fun sharing that with her.  It was nice being able to have visitors this time in the hospital {swine flu last time meant no visitors at all}.  Kris's aunts brought me a big bouquet of flowers too!

Over the next few days Eli was wearing preemie diapers and clothes because he was just soo tiny.  He passed his hearing test, no jaundice, and the pediatrician told us that he had "a boring case of club feet".  He said that because you can easily manipulate his foot now and almost hold it into a corrected position he appears that casts may be all he will need.  Our first appointment with the pediatric orthopedic dr is on the 28th so he will get his first cast and we will see what the outlook is then.
Going home - soo tiny in his car seat
The rest of the hospital stay was pretty typical, except for a certain nurse on Friday. The nurse from hell is a long story in itself, so I will put it in a separate post.  It is certainly worth a read though, she was one interesting character and I managed to put all the nurses on alert to her situation.... stay tuned. 

We were released on Saturday because we were doing so well.  Nurses couldn't believe I was up walking that same evening, I took a shower the next day and was trying to tidy up the hospital room.  The nurse told me I needed to relax that I just had surgery.  There was even one dr. who came in and thought she had the wrong room because I was up being so active and looked so good just 24 hours after my c-section.


kendascrafts said...

awwwww.....congratulations!! He looks so tiny! Glad everything went well with the c-section.

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