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Friday, March 2, 2012

Eli's first cast

last photos of toes before casts
Eli got his first set of casts on February 28th.  We had never been to Shriner's Children's hospital before, but it was wonderful.  I am so glad we were sent here for his care.  The people are spectacular.  I really did feel at home there.  Eli is a lucky boy!

His Dr. was impressed by how much he was able to rotate his little feet right away when he examined them.  The usual treatment of casting is for 5-10 weeks worth of casts.  Dr. Bower said that because Eli's feet look so promising he thinks we will only need 5-6 casts - {that's 5-6 weeks - a cast per week}.  What wonderful news, I was expecting 10-12 weeks going into this process.  He will most likely still need the minor Achilles tendon surgery after his casts, and then he will wear the corrective shoes.  None of this is new information to us, but it all seems very simple and we are thrilled.

Eli took to the casts very well.  He fussed a bit at the start, but I got to hold him and by the 2nd cast he was sound asleep.  That really eased my mind that it clearly didn't hurt him if he slept right through it!  I however did cry while the Dr. was putting his casts on.  I just had/have such a hard time with the idea of forever changing how his feet look.  I already miss his sweet feet.  So that was hard to watch the change starting right there in my hands.  Then Eli peed on my leg and hand and the moment was over. 

Now that we have been cast parents for a few days we have it down.  Diaper changes have become quick and easy and I have learned that baby legs are a God send!  The first 2 diaper changes after we got home from the Dr's he peed and pooped right on the top of his casts - they go right up to his diaper.  Putting baby legs on and tucking them in at the top of the casts is saving us a lot of stink.  I can't wait to tell his dr's on Tuesday - I'm sure many of the mom's would love to know this and no one at Shriner's mentioned this.  We were just told we could use a damp rag and wipe up the top of the casts to try and keep them clean. 

The casts don't seem heavy anymore either.  Now it just seems like his normal weight.  He weighed 6.8lbs before the casts and I think he's probably 7 and a half pounds now.  He can lift both legs up all the way and does so often.  He will have skinny calves but this kiddo sure will have some strong thighs when this is all said and done! 

on the way home with first casts on

Aiden and Daddy drawing on Eli's casts.


Nessa Bixler said...

What a trooper! (both of you!) Great news that things are going to go so much faster.

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