Monday, April 16, 2012

Best Easter Ever!

Having kids makes everything better.  Seriously.  Easter was great this year.  Aiden loved dying and finding eggs.  He loved his Easter prizes even more.  He got a big boy bike!  We had a small gift bag for him, with a movie, finger paint etc, but the night before Easter Kris decided he just had to buy Aiden a bike.  So he did. 

It was priceless when he saw it, he yelled "A bicycle!".  Sweetest thing ever.  He still doesn't have the strength to really push the pedals, but he can get on the bike and loves his helmet!

Eli of course is too little to understand like Aiden did, but he sure looked adorable in his bunny suit!  Here are some pictures....


Nessa Bixler said...

That bike is so neat! And oh my - Eli's outfit has a tail!!

Cheryl said...

LOVE the tail!!! I'm a little jealous. WIsh I would have gotten a bike from E. Bunny.

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