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Monday, September 6, 2010

Aiden & The Puppy

Kris and I have gone back in forth about getting a dog for Aiden and our future kids.  It won't be a long while, until we have a house with a yard of our own, but still it's something to think about.

The thinking is over, Aiden made the choice for us.  He loves dogs.  He pets them and plays with them and just squeals with delight when they lick him.  I have posted videos of him and my mom's puppy "kissing" before to show you.  Today I will share with you a few pictures that further prove his love for Gema.

He has now mastered the latches on the kennel at my mom's house, so keeping puppy locked up while we are there is tough!  She sometimes gets too excited and knocks Aiden over, so we limit her time playing with him until they learn to play together better.  This week he unlatched her cage and just got right in to play with her.

Too funny.  Sorry for the bad pictures too, I only had my cell phone.  Gema is looking at Aiden like, umm, what are you doing in my cage? 

He also happened to take some of his plastic cookie cutters in there to play with too.  He was trying to share and would shove them through the slots.


Anonymous said...

I just pray that our child gets along this well with our dogs. That is one of the biggest worries I have!

Also, my word verification word is snore...and I find that fascinating and had to tell you. haha

Ashley @ KiwisandCocktails said...

I love how he went in there!! He just wants a little buddy obviously! :) That is great that he likes dogs!!

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