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Friday, September 3, 2010


So here is my latest idea for a baby product.  A mobile {or in our case it's the mobile with a projector on it} that turns itself on when it hears crying!

I mean, they have "clap on" plug in hook up, why not invent something that turns on to the sound of crying.  I think it would a wonderful idea. 

Aiden lately has gotten much better about going back to sleep during the night without being rocked.  It's taking time, but it's working out.  The one thing that seems to help is turning on his projector mobile.  He will lay down, not cry, and watch it until he falls asleep again.  The only problem is, even with remote control we have to either be in the room or open the door to use the remote. 

If anyone is an inventor, can you get on this?  Kris just said "watch, someone is going to do that and you will get nothing out of it now!".  :) 

{if you couldn't tell this is not my son, just a visual of the mobile we have} image via


I'm Jamie said...

Genius! We never had one, but I know SO MANY women who have the same complaint! Market it! Make big bucks! And then give me a portion for being your motivational coach ;)

Care said...

I think there might be something like this out there. I cant remember for sure, but I think it comes on with ocean sounds or heart beat sounds when the baby cries. I am about 75% we had that with Addie. Ill try to search for it. Great idea though!!!

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