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Saturday, September 4, 2010

I've gone green....

So Aiden had a bad rash a couple weeks ago.  It was awful and we had to use a fungal cream to clear it up along with warm wash cloths instead of wipes.  Now we had switched to sensitive wipes and that has kept it away.  We accidentally grabbed an older pack from the floor of regular wipes and guess who got a rash immediately?  Yep!

So I happened to have a few Bum Genius diapers sitting around.  Let me explain my AWESOME deal first... someone had ordered a 2 pack on Target.com and then returned them unopened to the store.  They were priced 35.99 originally.  Marked down on clearance, since it wasn't a store sold item, to 9.06.  I had a gift card for 5 bucks, so I got 2 brand new bumgenius all in one 3.0 {twilight and grasshopper} diapers, for 4.06!!  I WAS STOKED!  Even though we've never used cloth diapers I snatched them up just because of the deal, and I have considered using some before.

Fast forward to now.  We have been using the 2 diapers religiously ever night for a week now.  I LOVE them!  Even Kris loves them.  Not only are they adorable, but his bum cleared up overnight and he is staying  much drier at nighttime.  I am hooked.

For his birthday my mother in love bought me 3 more because I am washing one everyday to keep using them.  Now I am waiting on a Clementine one, Moonbeam and a Ribbit green one.  I think I will continue with the cloth diapers at night only with Aiden, and put them up for our next baby.  I told Kris I am already seriously considering going 100% cloth for our future kids.  That's how sold I am on them. 

Too funny, it's the one thing I NEVER expected myself to love this much even though I was always willing to try it out.


Nessa said...

oohh what a deal! I wanted to use cloth and these are the ones I picked to use - but when we were in the apartment and had to feed quarters to the washer in the buildings basement ... not such a good plan.

Good for you!

I'm Jamie said...

You have me intrigued...
I have heard of numerous moms converted to cloth, all swearing that they never thought they would.
Perhaps this is something I will think about?

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about this...How is cleaning them/washing them out? I'm afraid our washing machine isn't powerful enough or it's going to be hard to clean out. I dont know lol.

Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

Hey Kerri!
I am in the same boat as you except we pretty much cloth all the time when we are at home (unless L has the runs, not willing to deal with that!) LOL.
We use pretty much the BG 3.0's as well.
You asked the kind in the pic on my blog, its chunky monkey I believe. Much to my sisters disgust when we were first considering cloth I bought some off of a consignment site. they were in excellent condition and I got a great deal ( I paid around $7 a diaper so not as great as your deal!) I got 10 for $70 a few different brands and that was one of them. I stripped them twice (once with Dawn and once with Bleach) prior to using them. I like that one a lot as well, its an AIO so no stuffing involved. I have since bought some new BG 3.0s since converting. We do disposables when we are out & for daycare still.
I am so happy with the switch and I never thought I would do cloth either!

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