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Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July

 Aiden LOVED the 4th this year.  He got to see his uncle Brock, or as he calls him "Bock" - you know, like the sound a chicken makes?  lol  Anyway, he follows him around like a little shadow, I'm glad he's going to be home for 3 weeks!

Okay, back to the 4th.  We spent the day with my family and had a nice family meal, we went to the pool which Aiden just loves and just enjoyed being together.  In the evening we went to my in-laws house to have a impromptu BBQ and fireworks.  Kris' cousin always buys at least $100 in some illegal fireworks.  It's always a big treat around here.

I wouldn't say the men in this family are very fire conscience though.  Fireworks just get lit on a piece of plywood on the grass in the backyard, you know, so all the sparks go into the trees and fall around us.  Thankfully we got lucky again this year and there are only 2 small burnt spots in the yard.

We had the big huge firework show type fireworks and Aiden loved them but kept covering his ears.  There was one that was extremely loud and he started yelling at his dad saying "bad, daddy" because he got upset over it.  Too funny.

He enjoyed the little sparklers, even held one on his own, with very close adult supervision of course, and liked all the little popper ones that you do on the ground.  Like the fountain ones. 

It was a nice family spent day, and we all were tucked in bed nice and late that night.


Nessa said...

Bad Daddy... that is too funny.

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