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Friday, July 8, 2011

A trip to the ER

I knew one was coming.  I mean I had a toddler, who is a boy, who is almost 2.  A trip to the ER was inevitable.  This trip was brought on by a boy who loves to smell like his daddy.

Aiden enjoys putting on deodorant like everyone else does.  So if you hand him one he will life his arm and do what he thinks is putting some on.  We all get the giggles and he is happy.  For awhile now he had one of his dad's old sticks, Old Spice as that becomes important later, and there wasn't much left on it.  It was at the point where you could see the little dial that twists the gel up.  He enjoyed pretend playing and putting it on himself and you. 

Well this turned out to be a not so smart move on our part.  The other day I caught him with little blue gel pieces all over, it was on his shirt, his hands, the futon in his room and of course - in his mouth!  I yelled, I finger swiped, and I thought I got it all.  Of course he did smell really strong all afternoon!

I didn't call poison control because I didn't think he ingested much and because I had called previously for dish soap {by previously I do mean months ago} and they said kids get into stuff all the time and for most things you can just push fluids and expect a little diarrhea and maybe a little vomiting.  So I just figured soup was worse than deo and he would be fine.  He seemed alright anyway.

Wrong.  3 hours later and Kris is feeding him dinner, out of nowhere he starts puking.  Not just a little either.  Like on the floor, himself, his Lola, the sofa, his table.  The puking wouldn't stop.  It wasn't just the puking either, he was acting like his chest hurt and his throat hurt.  Not just the typical little kid who pukes and doesn't understand what is going on either.  We've had him get sick before.

So off to the ER we go.  He proceeds to throw up in the small exam room where they just check vitals and symptoms.  Then in the actual kids place in the ER he puked again.  We finally get called back into a kids patient room {and I must say as slow as this hospital is with adults, they got the kids cleared out in 5 minutes and into rooms - kudos to them!}.  He was puking all down Kris in the room again too.  They called Poison control and guess what we all learned... Old Spice had a high alcohol content.

So the alcohol was making his poor chest and throat burn when he threw up.  Also they were concerned with obviously how much he ingested and about keeping his blood sugar level.  First step was they gave him some Zofran.  After about 10 minutes he stopped puking and we got him calmed down some.  Winnie the pooh got put on and he was given a Popsicle to help him. 

He played with the sink and the soap, the bed, a rubber glove, the computer monitor, the spinning thingy on the wall, and he found a cupboard he could hide in.  He also said "Mommy, daddy - go!" and pointed to the door.  He was ready to go.

The doctor came back in and because he was perking up a bunch and he kept down some water and a Popsicle they sent us home after an hour of watching him.  He turned out fine, went to sleep when we got in and was back to himself in the morning. 

Kris and I felt awful though, we now keep joking, after the fact of course, that we got Aiden drunk on Old Spice before he was even 2.  Come to think of it he did act really tipsy after the Zofran kicked in... lol   


kendascrafts said...

omigoodness! How scary! glad to hear he is ok.

Nessa said...

I am so glad he is fine - but this is hilarious!

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