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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bachelor Ben

So right off in the intro we learn that Ben thinks Jennifer is so far the best kisser... that's a juicy tidbit to share with his sister.


Climbing a bridge, yeah I would have freaked out too.  Kissing on top of the bridge sure is romantic though.  Emily seems really down to earth, and she is working on a PHD which is always good, shows she has commitment and motivation right?  I loved how at dinner Ben is so not bitter about Ashely last season.  That's a good look into his personality.  And how funny is it that she was "matched" with her brother.  The fireworks as they kissed though, some of these stunts are so darn cheesy. 

Group Date:

This whole "leap list" I have never heard of this.  Skiing on the streets of San Fran?  Hmm, okay Ben, that's a bit strange.  I love the guys standing on the side watching all the ski bunnies in bikinis.  Kudos to Jamie for being the only one not in a bikini!  I do give credit to Kacie B too - she would be me for sure, falling all over the place, but it won her points! 
I love how Kacie B took Ben to "sneak out" - at least other girls *cough, Blakely, cough* can't steal him away.  I think she won points though for being open about her feelings.  Ben said "she sparkles" - aww I really like her. 


I applaud her, I love when women make the right choice instead of staying for their 15 minutes.  I am glad she didn't go on her date before leaving too, way to give it to someone who really wants it.  Sad to see her go but she wasn't on my list anyway.


So she was the runner up for Brittney's date.  Ice cream cones and the trolley tour, these dates aren't too bad at all.  I have a feeling Ben has a lot of input on his dates instead of letting them all be decided for him.  I'm not really sure what to say about their date, they seem to  be having a wonderful time, but the only thing that stood out to me was them playing the red piano together.  I like a guy who can play piano.  Lindzi was on my top the first 2 weeks, but this week she just didn't bring it for me, I am not sure now if I want her in my top 3.

Rose Ceremony/Cocktail Party:

Jennifer is the only red head and she wears it well, and she's pretty sweet.  Plus he keeps saying she's the best kisser of the bunch, then he even told her and they kissed - now all the girls do know.  She just might be moving up.  Nicki played a card game with Ben, like a Q&A thing, that was a cute - but of course Courtney thinks it's juvenile.  I just can't stand Courtney and everything she says is just horrible.  I sure hope Ben finally sees it, there is always one who have a split personality - the girls see one side and the bachelor sees another.  So frustrating.  I don't like Elyse - she looks a bit goth to me tonight.

Courtney's crying fit was so fake to me "I don't need to find love like this!"  Oh geez, what's one more to her - she seems to think she is God's gift to men.  All these girls seem to think Ben has not talked to Shawntel before tonight, but it seems like they have had a connection prior to the show.  Erika passing out is classic.  She has hardly had time with Ben as it is - and she's that upset?  I don't get these girls sometimes.  And Jaclyn is crying and upset, again, she is just jealous, I think she's ugly anyway. 


Shawntel from Bachelor Brad's season!  Dun, dun, dun!  If you recall she was the mortician who put Brad on the slab.  "Holy Shit" is Ben's reaction when he sees her walk out to him.  That can't be good for the other girls!  I would have been one of the spying girls too just for the record.  I can't believe how speechless he is.  She is a better pick than some of the others left in the game. 

In the end he of course sent Shawntel home along with 2 others, good for him.  That's technically 4 gone today. 

My Top 3:
1.  Kacie B
2.  Jamie
3.  Jennifer maybe?


Lindz said...

I am quickly becoming irritated by the drama and how petty the girls are this season. I couldn't help but laugh at the reactions of the girls when Shawntel showed up. DRAMA! I'm on the same page as you regarding Courtney and especially Elyse.

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