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Monday, January 9, 2012

Bachelor Recap

Let's just jump right into the fun....

Kacie B:

How did I miss her last week?  She is adorable!  I love her personality and her smile is so genuine.  Her outfit for her first date, THE first date, was very appropriate.  Not too hoochie, but comfy and fun.  She seems like a fun person to be with too, willing to play the piano, marching down the street twirling a baton.  Such a perfect little date.  Then Ben makes it even better by taking her to this sweet theater and watching home movies of them.  What a great thing to do on a first date!  Then Ben and her got all emotional over watching his dad, *tear*.  Loved it, loved her!  Got the first date rose, and some good kissing.  She is up high on my list now!  We could have just ended the show after their date and I would be happy.

Group Date:

Great way for Ben to find out who is fun and can work well with kids.  Some of the ladies go a bit over the top of course, but if you can overcome the embarrassment then more power to them!  What the hell was Blakey wearing today - but I loved the little mexican boy who goes "she did good".  Lol.  Britney and Jamie failed on their turns.  When it came down to the costumes, I think it's hilarious - I would have about died doing this if it were my date.  Ben sure did a cute job acting...
If only I could have found a picture of Ben as the "naked sheep" this would have been a much happier post.  Jennifer's alone time in the hot tub, way to go her, he totally just shut her up and went in for a make out session.  Boo to Blakely getting the rose.


"Winning" oh boy, yes, looking up to Charlie Sheen is a great role model.  When she gets her date card she keeps saying things about kissing, spin the bottle - umm hello, he makes wine for a living, I'm sure that was the idea behind the comment.  Oh I love how she pulls the typical model line about being a model guys don't ask her out because they are intimidated.

*sorry - I missed the romantic dinner portion of Courtney's date and didn't start watching again until he was talking to Jamie again.  Aiden was awake*

Cocktail Party:

My dislike of Blakely is growing quickly.  I always hate the ladies who take over all the time even though they are safe.  It shows a lot of insecurity on her part.  Then she took him away for a 2nd time during the rose ceremony.  Oh geez, Blakely is stilling even MORE time with her hiding in a corner crying....Jenna is in bed crying.  Oh the drama has started early this season.

Glad Jennifer got a rose, not thrilled about most of the others.  Like Monica, could live without her moving on.  Glad Jamie is still holding on too.  Jenna is on her way out though.  So sad, after last week though I am completely fine with that.  She redeemed herself a bit this week, but clearly not enough.

My Top Picks:
1.  Kacie B pulled ahead
2.  Jamie
3.  Lindzi


Lindz said...

I feel like the girls this season are particularly MEAN. I cannot stand Blakely or Courtney or Monica. Our top three are the same though I was thrilled to see Jenna go, get a grip girl!

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