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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bachelor Ben

watching the wedding
Oh gee Ben's Latin "swagger" made me laugh out loud.  He look hilarious in his all white and cool columbian hat.  The wedding they stumbled upon the bride walked down to the aisle to Cannon, *sigh* brought back memories to me.  Nicki talked more about her past marriage and got the rose on her date.

Group Date:
Look how cute Jamie and Kacie B look!

Baseball game with Ben.  Again, these athletic dates wouldn't be for me.  Looks like all the girls are loving it though.  Lindzi got picked by Ben as the automatic evening date goer.  I'm not a fan of Courtney, but I did like her team better, after all Kacie B and Jamie are my two top picks.  Boy these girls turned out to be pretty good ball players.  Talk about sore loser though, Blakeley really took the loss hard.  Plus she got really upset that Elyse was the last solo date.  I mean being upset is normal, but Blakeley was all like "I hope you throw up" when the helicopter showed up.

Here is Courtney's opinion {and of course my own} of the girls on her group/team:

Lindzi has an annoying personality.... yeah it's called charisma - get some.
Jamie is just a hot mess.... yeah, she sure is hotter than you!
Casey S has lack of interaction.... because she's your little shadow
Kacie B is a threat - as she should be feeling this.  After all Ben gave Kacie B the date rose.  Yay!


First off, can I just mention her silky quilted purple suitcase?  Umm, yuck!  So Ben seems to be going into his date with Elyse hoping his feelings will change while on the water... hmm, I'm not thinking that is gonna happen.  She starts laying it on thick, about how much she gave up to be there, and they should "screw everyone else and just getting married here".  Ben's rolled up tuxedo pants on the dinner portion cracked me up.  She's just sick of being single - oh she's just digging her own grave.  She isn't mentioning her feelings for Ben at all - it's all about feeling left behind and how she really wants to have the next step.  Bye Bye Elyse.... I thought it was sad how he picked up the rose during his speech, that gave her some false hope.  ouch.

Courtney again:  about Elyse's bag leaving "Maybe she drank too much and the jersey shore came out".  Wow, she has no class.  On her going skinny dipping - gag me.  She is all like "I don't think he's ever skinny dipping with a model before".  Puh-lease!  Get over yourself, she is not that hot.  It made me happy that even though Ben does skinny dip with her, in his interview he said "In my head I'm thinking this is a bad idea".  And then afterwards he said "Courtney and I shared an intimate moment and I feel really crappy about it".  YES!  Best response.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony:

Blakeley calmed herself down and told Ben how she was feeling, and I think that was really good for her.  Oh Emily, she just couldn't let it go could she.  Not much went on, so right to who went home.

Jennifer.  Whoa - I'm shocked, I really liked them.  She was #2 pick. 

Emily better watch it and really focus on Ben.  She's on thin ice.

My top 3:
1. Kacie B
2. Jamie
3. Hmm... I guess I'll put Lindzi back on my list for now.


Carolyn @ Our Precious Jas said...

ha that's awesome you post about the show. My hubby and I (don't tell him i said that) love that show LOL I really think Kacie B will be one of the top 3 at the end.

I haaaaaate Courtney LOL

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