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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Bachelor is BACK!

So excited Ben F is the Bachelor this season.  I loved him last season, I hope he really finds a good one.  Now, let's talk about Ben for a moment shall we.... I think he is goofy and has this good look in a down home kinda way.  That being said.... what kind of cheesy posed photo is this thanks to ABC?

I mean really?  We all know he is a Winemaker but did they really need to go this far for the photo shoot??  I mean this is just as pathetic as Jake's "On the Wings of Love" we had to suck up and deal with for an entire season.  I will not be using this picture in my blog posts for the remainder of the season.  Instead I found a much more normal picture to use:

There were some really awful intros to Ben this season.  There were too many horrible ones to catch all the names, but here is my list of awkwardness... 

-  the girl who screwed up her quote
-  the girl who was all like "I'm nervous" and then just stood there {there were 2 who just stood there dumbstruck}
-  the lawyer who said he was "guilty of being sexy"
-  the one who brought her granny
-  the one who said to ask her a wine question but then couldn't answer
-  the one who just walked right past him
-  the one who said "I miss my dog"
-  who could forget the one who rode in on a horse {although she's from the NW!}
-  the one whose last name was Bacon, and he made her kiss "canadian bacon"...the "baconator!"

I'm sure there were more horrible ones, much less memorable good ones that's for sure...  Really smooth ladies.  Kudos to the girl who stole the first kiss - way to go.  I think they really tell these ladies to be as corny and weird as possible.  I was cheering when he said "I'm really feeling these brunettes".  Good for him.

Here are my top picks, usually my top picks stay similar all season, I also always pick a winner on night one.... here we go...

Jamie:  {my #1 as of night one}
What is not to like about Jamie from NY.  She took custody of her young siblings because she had no dad and her mom had dependency issues.  She's an OB nurse and she has a great personality and is beautiful. She didn't get the first impression rose, but she got the first rose at the ceremony.  Love her.

She had really good charisma.  She was "bubbly" as Ben put it.  She has a stable job, not some flaky model, and again, she's a beautiful brunette... what a smile. 

Lindsey {or Lindzi C as ABC spells it online?}

Her intro video wasn't bad, she's the best looking "blonde" in the bunch, and he apparently liked her riding in on a horse.  I just like her because she seems normal.  I'm a bit confused though, her ABC bio says she is from Florida, but she said Bellevue/Seattle on her tape and that's what the show caption said.  Hmph.

My NO list:

I do NOT like Courtney. I don't like how cocky she was from the start, I didn't like her little video interview, I don't think she is really THAT attractive, who cares if she is a model.  I have heard some rumors about this one, so we will see how far she goes.

What can we say about Jenna.  Cry baby?  Already having bad drama is never a good sign.  For goodness sake she locked herself in a bathroom to cry. Jenna isn't gonna get far like that. Who cares why Monica is here, Jenna needs to not worry about the others in the house.

The 2nd half of the drama club.  Not pretty, very immature and not worthy of staying.  I don't know what was going on with her and Blakely tonight, and I do NOT like her weird cackle/laugh.  She also admitted she felt absolutely nothing for Ben so far, I mean she should at least be intrigued or find him attractive if she is staying.

Random comments about tonight's cocktail party:

I don't think a single one of the blondes, or semi blonde's, is pretty.  Honestly, I think they all have weird noses or just look super fake.  He did a good job weeding some of them out tonight at the rose ceremony.  I also think Blakely has a long horse face.  Elyse reminds me of the Days of Our Lives actress Nadia Bjorlin {she used to play Chole}.   Monica and Blakely are acting like lesbians, drunk much?  Kickball in dress clothes is some good wholesome kind of fun. 

Season previews:

Lots of crying, it looks like everyone cries at least once.  An ex-girlfriend of Ben's comes back to ruin all the fun.  Courtney is a two faced bitch, I also think it was Courtney who went skinny dipping with Ben, looked like her for sure.  The rose ceremony is going to be a good one, doubts are never good.  Should be a good season. 

Anyone else have opinions? 


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