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Friday, September 18, 2009

Shout out to MOMS WITH PETS??

So to those of you who are moms, and also have pets, I have some questions.

Question 1. Did you animals start acting differently, more protective mostly, when you first were pregnant?

I ask because mine did. My cat started sleeping by my tummy before we even got the positive test. She NEVER did this before and she continued to do it EVERY NIGHT for the first month or two. Then she went on this kick where she sat with me as I got sick during morning sickness. I knew she was trying to be comforting. After the first few months she went back to normal and was just my cute kitty.

Now, Question 2...

Did your pets act differently when you got close to going into labor?

Now that I'm only 19 days away, and feeling more uncomfortable, getting more contractions etc, she is acting all weird again. I feel like my husband gave her a stern "don't leave mommy alone" talk. When I wake up she is half the time trying to lay near my tummy again, although now this doesn't work for her. She follows me from room to room and when I sit I often find her circling my feet or laying next to me or behind my head on the sofa. She just doesn't leave me alone. When I leave the room she will follow. She has been sleeping in the nursery (she loves the window ledge cuz there is a tree outside it and she watches squirrels and birds), but I have noticed the last 2 nights in a row that when I wake up in the night to go pee she comes running from her window and sits in the hall until I get back in bed. I took a bath a few nights ago and she, who hates water being a cat and all, sat on the side of the tub and waited for me to get out.

Is she doing this because the baby and me are releasing new hormones (the ones that signal the end is near) or am I just going crazy? Did any of you notice changes like this in your pets? I feel like she acted protective at the start because of all the new hormones and she just knew to nurture me. I am starting to think all the changes at the end are telling her to watch out for me again, and I know she is catching on to the change of the baby coming soon.

Lastly, here she is sitting on my lap today. She is NOT a lap cat, she will sit next to you and let you pet her a bit, but she will NOT be held, and doesn't like to be in your lap or lay on you. Yet, she jumped up on her own onto my lap today and laid there for 20 minutes purring....


Unknown said...

My kitty did the same things - laying on the on the belly - and she would sit beside me when I was getting sick. Now that my belly is getting a little bigger she "kneads" it and has even head butted it while purring up a storm.

I like to think that she is taking care of me.

Your fur baby is adorable.

I'm Jamie said...

First. That is so cute!
Second. Yes- my dog was another prime indicator that I was pregnant. She would not leave my side- even for a minute. When I would get up to go to the bathroom, she would get up and follow me in.
Third. I don't think she acted different towards the end, but then again I was acting so weird that I really don't know ;)

Rita Templeton said...

My cats and dog didn't act much differently when I was pregnant - but now that I've had the baby, they're all over me. Especially when I'm trying to nurse, which really kinda icks me out.

Rita Templeton said...

The cats, I mean ... not so much the dog. :)

Unknown said...

Hmm..that's weird. I thought they only sense a natural occurrences like storm, earthquake and the likes.

But it's pretty cute that pets regardless they are not humans can be thoughtful and caring :)

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