Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I have a muscular Arm!

Yep, just an arm. My right one to be exact. No one really warned me about it, but when you have a baby you tend to favor carrying them with one arm or the other. I also tend to do everything with my right hand, hence the right-handed-ness in me. SO here I sit, with a nice growing muscular arm and a wimpy still 100% flabby arm. It's cute, really, it is. I need to make an effort to carry him different and use my left arm more so I can even these babies out.

He is getting to be such a big boy, his personality is really coming through. He talks more, he is trying to roll over and decides to practice it almost nightly at 4am. Then he gets frustrated and whines. Who knows how long until he will finally roll over, but he sure does want to! He got what I like to call an "asian" blanket. It's one of those super soft but not linty Korean made blankets. We have been letting him chill on it on the floor lately, he really loves it. He didn't like being on the floor much before he got this blanket for Christmas.

The snow here is melting off - it was short lived, but boy was it fun to go out in last night. I am just LOVING my new camcorder/camera from the hubs. I have yet to upload anything from today, sadly, but don't you worry, there is a TON already filmed. We don't love to show off the little guy at all, no do we?

I spent today so far (it's only 140pm) cleaning the bathrooms, working on laundry (on load #2 so far) and catching up on everyone's blogs. I'm slowly getting back to the daily grind after all the holiday fun. I have soo much I want to get going on, still trying to prep a move to wordpress for the blog, set up and start using my new sewing machine, read my new book, find a boppy cover pattern and instructions online... *sigh* One thing at a time I guess. Oh and I still need to make my new years goals (we don't do resolutions, we like goals because they can't be broken only achieved!).

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Yay. We got a random snow today. I was super excited for Aiden to experience it. To make it soo much better my husband came home with my birthday present and let me use it right away! I got a new handheld Sony HD camcorder. So here is our first video attempt. It's sideways because I didn't know that we couldn't rotate it when we uploaded it. Whoops... I'll figure all the fun stuff out as I go. Here are a few pics of the snow too... it got to be about an inch or a little more.

uncle Jeff was over during the snow... look at Aiden watching the snow

Those are my glasses, for some reason they look like I'm wearing an eye mask like a super hero. He was hungry.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day! Pictures Galore!

Wow, what a first Christmas for Aiden! It should come as no surprise that he was spoiled rotten when it came to gifts. Kris and I got him 2 outfits (which I now have to exchange for a bigger size...) a set of bath toys, a push and go parade, some teething toys, a rattle with a monkey on it, the connecting links and his first ornament. My parents got him 2 more outfits, a classic pull telephone, a loud gumball machine, a fisher price people Noah's ark (it says 1-4 years but the little animals are perfect for teething!) and he got money to get his highchair from my dad. Kris' family got him like 6 outfits and his parents also bought a swing/seat for their house for when he visits.

We woke up early and he didn't really care for presents, he was more concerned with the bottle daddy was feeding him of course. It was still special. I got Kris a sweater, some new white gold hoops, and cologne, plus all his fun stocking stuffers. He got me a wood jewelery box that plays "what a wonderful world" and has a picture of him and Aiden in the front. Inside my jewelery box was diamond studs. They are princess cut to match my ring. I loved them and was very surprised. I also got my sewing machine! We surprised my mom was an ipod and then everyone else just got standard gifts. Still very exciting.

After presents at my mom's we ate breakfast and then headed to Kris' family for the afternoon. We had tons of food as usual and only half the family was there, still a large group. We did karaoke, well okay, I didn't sing, but Kris sang a lot - he is very good at it. Aiden just stared at Kris when he sang, I think he was confused, it was amusing to watch him try to figure out how his daddy's voice was being projected all around the room.

His family does a grab bag, a big bag filled with random gifts and we go around in a circle and everyone takes a gift and we repeat until the gifts are all gone. We ended up with a box of kleenex (hey I was out so I got excited about this) that had a lotto ticket on it. We won $9 bucks! We also got eggnog premixed with rum, 2 or 3 different types of packaged candy, a ramen noodle bowl, a mini kite, cans of juice, and beef jerky. Gotta love fun traditions.

My mom, dad, and brother all left early this morning, I took them to the airport at 4am, to go to New York for the new year. They will have a lot of fun, but it's weird that they are all gone! It was also strange to leave Kris in bed and Aiden sound asleep to take them to the airport, but I got a warm welcome when I returned to bed 30 minutes later! I can't wait to hear all the new york stories, and to hear about Brock (brother) going to Times Square for the big ball dropping! How fun! Maybe we will get some cool souvenirs too when they get back.

Now the official countdown to my birthday has begun as well. It's Jan 5th for those who don't know. I'll be a ripe 26. I only have one request for my birthday - a camcorder. I want one that is small so I can keep it in my purse or keep it with my cell phone so I always have it ready. I also want it to be easy to upload short videos to the computer - I'd love to start putting small clips on here of Mr. Aiden as he "talk" and learns to do new things.

Well I guess that is it for our Christmas Day. I'm sure I am leaving out a ton of stuff, but I'm sure you are bored anyway - if you even got to this point. Hope you enjoyed some of the pictures I included. I am going to try to get around to every one's blog tomorrow so I can see how all of your Christmas' are! Hope they were as wonderful as ours.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well tomorrow is Christmas Day and we are very excited in our house! It's Aiden's first christmas and we have gone all out. He has been wearing all his christmas clothes this week, he has on special jammies to wear that mommy bought him and he gets to put his first ornament on the tree tonight. He's been celebrating all week by sleeping! He slept 8hrs fri/sat, 6hr plus a bottle and then another 3 hours sun, 8hrs again then 6 hrs and then last night we got 9HRS! Yep, 9 uninterrupted hours of sleep. Love it - 10 weeks sits well with us!

Last night my mom took Aiden for a bit so that Kris and i could have some time alone. We got McDonald's for dinner (exciting I know!) and rented 2 free movies. We got The Soloist which was great and I almost cried through, and we also got Four Christmases which we had seen in the theaters. I forgot how funny it was.

We went to Peacock lane the other night. It was Kris' idea. It's a street that every house on it is required to be lit up. It's usually pretty fun, but it was kind of a dud. Half the houses were great and the other half were crappy. We could have done better with just our tiny apartment patio. Which by the way we won the apartment complex patio decorating contest! This complex is HUGE - I don't know how many units total, but let's see there is buildings a-z and then aa-zz and each building has 8-12 units. So umm, big, and we won first place. That's my Clark Griswald for you!

We have been working with Aiden to sit. He is doing soo well, he cries when you lay him down even, it's funny. So we have to prop him up or hold his fingers all the time now. He is getting really strong. He also is trying to roll over on his own. He will lay on his belly and kick and try to push himself over. He sleeps on his tummy as you all know and he will spend an hour in the middle of the night, still sound asleep, grumbling and grunting and kicking and rocking himself before he finally gives up. I have rolled him over a few times at 4am just to get him to stop grumbling. Of course an hour later and he grumbles to roll back to his tummy. Too funny.
I haven't blogged much lately and will probably not for the next couple days. Once the holiday is over I will get myself back on track. Until then, have a wonderful holiday.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Julie & Julia

So I have been meaning to see this movie for awhile. I got it last night and am only halfway through it right now as I type. I must say, I'm enjoying it. I didn't think i would, I honestly thought it seemed a bit boring. My mom suggested it, and I'd heard other bloggers say it was worth the watch. I agree - it's a great watch if you are a blogger.

Julie talks about how she had 57 comments and she didn't know who they were and she was soo excited. Boy that's how I feel. I know I got caught up, and I do still want more readers, but this made me giggle. There is just something special about a stranger finding your words appealing.

I do love how she had a goal, she made her blog all about one topic. I know mine is all about me, my son, my husband, my life... but I almost feel like i should do a mini blog, like a 1 day a week post, where I focus on something else. I am getting my sewing machine at Christmas, perhaps it will be a crafty segment. Perhaps it will be about being thrifty... who knows.

ANYWAY - my son is now calling - I would suggest you go watch this movie!

Aiden is 2.5 months?!?

Wow - I have a 2 and half month old. I know every week I act surprised, but really I am. It's just soo unreal to me that my son is growing up this quickly. Some highlights of our week include he is working on sitting up more. If you grab his little fingers he will try and pull himself up. Of course I help him and then he can sit holding onto my fingers (not my help) for a long time. Then he tries to push with his feet and stand. It's great to see how much he is trying to test his own strength.

Last night was AMAZING. After our 2 weeks of bad sleeping habits again (we were back to sleeping in the rocking chair, hello week 1) last night we GOT SLEEP. Now, this week we were getting 4-5hrs at a time which is much loved, but LAST NIGHT he ate at 11pm. We were all in bed, Kris and I in ours and Aiden in his next to us, by midnight. I woke up at 630am and looked over and realized that Aiden had not gotten up for his normal 330am bottle. Nope, he was still sound asleep. I closed my eyes again and figured he'd wake soon... we got out of bed at 810am! WOWZA! We got 8 hours of sleep. Now that's what I call sleeping through the night! I only hope we repeat this from now on. Okay I know that's a bit much to ask... but even once a week would be a nice refresher!

Also this week I won $22 bucks worth of Enfamil checks from another mom on thebump. Yay me. That's an entire can. I was very excited about that.

I guess that's it for mr. man this week. He's starting to outgrow some of his 3 month clothes and starting to fit in some 3-6 and 6 month clothes. Kids sizes really shouldn't even have months written on them, they really make no sense at all! *le sigh*.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've been MIA - sorry!

So I haven't really updated the blog the last few days. I'm trying to get Christmas cards done and we've been busy with visitors. Yesterday Kris' brother Jeff and cousin Romar came to visit all day (I made lunch and cookies!) and then today we helped my friend April move. Busy, busy!
uncle Jeff is funny like Daddy...

I've taken some ADORABLE pictures lately so I will share those with you now.
I also plan to do a giveaway still, but umm, well, i'm not done with the scarf yet. Hehe, so when I finish it we will do my first give away. It possibly will turn into a NEW YEARS giveaway.
I am also working on moving over to Wordpress. Now I'm not sure it will officially happen, but I'm playing around over there and trying to move this stuff over and see if I like it enough to really make the move happen. So yeah, busy busy. PLUS Aiden has given up naps this week. Boy that has made the day fun, we are always carrying him around, playing with him or listening to him grumble to his mobile in his room. Too cute.
Okay, I will get back into the grove of posting and commenting on others blogs real soon.... promise!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


VOTE HERE at PBD for my son Aiden's Merry Effing Christmas picture. He's #10. Just leave a comment saying #10. You can vote ONCE A DAY until the 18th... HELP A MOMMA OUT!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm a D-list blogger.

Woe is me. No one knows my name (blog), guess I should eat some worms? *sigh*

So last night on thebump some of us lesser known bumpies (I'm KMS1025 if you care) were talking about how we feel like our opinions and questions don't matter much. For example, I could post a very important question about say, a sick baby - is this temp too high, was that too much spit up, is this reflux etc. and get maybe 50 views and 3 comments in response. A more popular bumpie (for the record I like the popular bumpies, they just hardly know me lol) could post something like "ugh, nothing good is on tv" and they will get 500 views and like 30 responses to it. Seriously? For what it's worth, when I type random posts like that I still don't get the responses or views that they do, i'm just picking random examples here people, please follow along.

I still post often, but I hardly ever admit to things because I fear being "flamed". Now I can't figure out for the life of me why an almost 26yr old mom (my bday is Jan 5 if you are keeping track) and wife is soo concerned with what thousands of online ladies think of me. Perhaps it's because I was always fat and the outsider in school, I still have that need to be liked and fit in? Problem is, I don't fit in. I'm not always worried about a slight fever or the amount of poop or color of it for the day. I'm just not the type to call the pedi all day long for questions about if it's safe to let Aiden meet Santa this year. He did, and it was a mall santa, and I didn't think twice about it. Also if you read my previous posts, you'll see how I allow my son to sleep on his tummy, which *gasp* other ladies would NEVER let their child do. That's fine, I understand, but that's why he's my son. Hey, we need sleep in this house people and I believe God will do what he wants in my life no matter what I do!

SO I just don't share on thebump like I wish I would. When I started on thebump I was 15 weeks preggo. I think I was left out from the start because I never was asking if I could eat hot dogs, or saying how much I missed my one can of diet coke a day. I ate nothing BUT hot dogs for a week this summer, I had sushi, I had up to 2 cups of coffee a day (per my dr for my headaches) I used Tylenol PM to sleep every night etc. I just am not the type to call my dr all the time for a funny feeling etc. I just trust my instincts. I know that people 50 years ago didn't have all these restrictions about hot dogs - why should I stress over it now? I just didn't "fit" the normal pregnant lady on thebump. Oh, and I had a crap-ton of stretch marks before pregnancy, so I didn't whine "over 1 on my hip!", eh, I look like a cat used me for a scratching post people. Guess what, 2 month post baby and my hubby still loves me and dare I say it, makes love to me just like before I was all stretched out and flabbier than usual.

All of this led to another online factor of popularity... blogging. Yep, we all were being "sad and sorry for ourselves" as my husband would say. We were talking about how we blog for ourselves, and it's great to be read by ANYONE, but we always want more. One lady said she saw someone else have a D-list blog button. I need one! We all said "oh, i'll follow you if you follow me" etc. Sad thing is, even among the lesser-known fellow woe is me women... I followed 4 new blogs and gained 1 new follower. That is life, you give some and get less.

Now I do love my blog, I love sharing my thoughts, my photos, funny stories, or just have some place to vent. I do have some wonderful readers, active readers at that, who comment often, share opinions with me, and I've even gotten 1 award and 1 spotlight at BellyItch! I would have hoped the spotlight would have brought me more readers though...

I write this today because I am near my 200th post. I want it to be special. I want to have more readers. I want to be "popular". I want to have a giveaway. I can't do anything grand because I don't get, or know how to get for that matter (leave a message if you can help with this) free products to review for my readers. I would love to do some reviews, but I don't know how to get started. Point is, I want more blog love. My goal for the end of the year, which is fast approaching, is to go from 48 followers, to say 75. Is that asking too much? I want people to ACTUALLY read my blog too - you know, FOLLOW it.... if you read this, please don't just hit follow to help my numbers, that still wouldn't make me bump up to a C-list blogger.

So there you have it. My woe is me, I'm not popular, I want to be a "real" blogger post. Now, i'm off to hold Aiden - cuz I'm like, totally popular with him!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

A kind stranger - Writer's workshop.

4. Describe a time or moment when a stranger helped you.

Join in HERE at Mama Kat's weekly writer's workshop.

So I think this is supposed to be something more serious than the story I am about to tell you all, however, this is what comes to mind...

Safeway. You all know the club card they have, right? Well, I have one of them. Except, I never have it in the right wallet at the right time. Not a problem you'd think, but it really is a big pain in my ass! Here is a good example of what I mean.

I was probably about 8 months pregnant, I was big that's all I remember for sure. I was tired of being stuck in the house and I needed to get some panty liners because well, pregnancy is a bit messy if you didn't know already. Safeway was close and they had what I needed on sale. So off I went. I shop around, I remember I got a puzzle book for us to pack for our hospital bag, and I got my mom's birthday card that trip too. Now, after spending much time in the feminine hygiene aisle I picked what I wanted and in line I went. I'm not one to really be shy about my purchases so it didn't bother me one bit when I got a male cashier.

Now, he says "do you have a safeway club card?" Oh yes, of course I do.... *picture me flipping through all the cards in my wallet here*, but I don't have it with me. He smiles, "well most of what you have is on sale, I can look up your card with your phone number" great.... we've been through this drill before....I start with my old number, because I KNOW I had my club card that long ago. FAIL. I try my current number.... FAIL. Kris' mom's number, my mom's number, my dad's number.... FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. Great, he's done ringing me up and still no discount card luck for me. At this point, MOST clerks will say "oh it's okay, I'll just use this card *pulls out a generic number* and gives me the discount, because clearly I'm trying here. I really DO have the card you know. NOT THIS GUY! He looked at me and goes "sorry - your total is XXX".

Clearly I was about to cry, because now I think he thinks I'm a liar and I'm 8 months preggo and emotional and just need my items on sale, because frankly I'm poor. So I go to take out my debit card and just pay full price and leave, and this lady behind me goes "here hun, you can use my card - i don't mind". I know it wasn't like she gave me money or anything, just a discount card, but I just about cried I was soo grateful. Plus it made the clerk look bad, he was one of those people who don't help you out. Nice man I tell ya.

Point is, this lady did something VERY simple and NOT important, but obviously 4 months later I am still thinking of her kindness. It meant a lot to me, as stupid as it was. She did a very nice thing that took nothing from her, and it made someone's day. That is a kind stranger.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2 months!

Well here we are, 2 months. I can't believe I've been a mommy that long already, it seem unreal. Today we had Aiden's 2 month appointment and he did very well. Stats are great: 13.075lbs, 23 1/4 inches long, 39cm head circ. This puts him in the 65th percentile for his height and 88th percentile for his weight. That means that for example 88% of babies weight less than him, and 12% his age weight more. Dr. said he is a "sturdy" boy, but is healthy and moving right on track. He was pleased.

I of course asked a bunch of questions but received good answers and of course everything I mentioned was normal and just fine. Yay. Aiden had to get 3 shots today (and 1 oral medicine) and he was such a trooper! I held his little hands and was kissing his cheeks. The nurse was soo quick about them but he screamed bloody hell none the less. He did that face turns purple, stop breathing, kind of scream - made me sad! He stopped as soon as mommy picked him up though.
A bottle to wash down his Tylenol....

Fast forward an hour and we are home... poor little thing is just crying on my shoulder. Now it's not any cry we've heard before - it's not a hungry, sleepy, gassy, fussy cry, it was a flat out obvious "I don't feel good" cry. Broke both Kris' and my hearts. Tylenol kicked in finally and he's sleeping on me right now, but it was just soo sad to hear this cry. I don't look forward to his 4 month appointment where we get round 2 of shots. Not to mention he could be fussy or act hurt or be just fine the next day or two - we will just have to wait and see.

Us now, see his bandaids.....

Aiden wasn't the only one to get a shot today though. Mommy and daddy were both offered, and of course accepted, the swine flu vaccine from the ped's office. Only cost us $20 bucks each too, and no pesky line around some public building with a crap ton of others wanting the shot! Woot. We could have had the nose spray, but Kris said "If Aiden is getting a shot today, we should too". So a shot we both got. It was a family bonding experience.

*side note here - Aiden just smiled in his sleep (he always does this is nothing new) and it made me feel a bit better, at least in his nap his little thighs don't hurt him!*

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

200th post coming up.... a giveaway??

Okay so everyone these days does giveaways on their blogs, but not me... not yet anyway! I was thinking that since I'm at 191 posts (this post will be 192...) that I would do a giveaway for my 200th post! Wouldn't that be fun? I've never done one though, what do you guys think?

How do YOU do a giveaway?
What is the random number generator thingy people use?
Or would you rather the winner be based off of something like trivia or some sort of contest and not just a random number?
Would YOU as my reader be interested in a giveaway??
OH and I'm thinking something along the lines of maybe me knitting a scarf - I am trying to knit a couple for Christmas presents, but I have extra yarn....


So I'm starting to get Aiden into somewhat of a bedtime routine. It's simple really, sometime between 7-830pm we give him a bath. He gets a bedtime diaper on (Pamper's Baby Dry because this kid pees like crazy!) and we take some warm jammies, usually fleece footies of the dryer, on to keep him toasty warm! Then it's bottle and rock to sleep. Simple as that!

"This is fun mom, but don't show my boy parts on your blog please?!?"

Well, this weekend we decided to take the newborn sling out of his tub and try a big boy bath! He loved it! Now, he loved his baths before, and loves showers with mommy or daddy too, but he REALLY loved his big boy bath.

almost a grin.....

He just splashed and kicked and giggled a little and was in the tub for like 15 minutes - until the water cooled off. Oh and on another note... those rubber duck water temp takers are worthless for us. This kid likes it HOT! If the water is rubber duck water safe warm he screams. Kid is like me, if your skin isn't red, it'd not warm enough! I exaggerate a bit, of we don't get it that hot for him, but it would probably be warm enough for most people to shower in. Downfall to this is that he screams because he's cold when we take him out. Hence the jammies in the dryer, we are trying to make getting out of his fun bath not so umm, loud.

"...but i don't want to get out, it will be cold!"

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A light clicked on

Wow, today we had one of those one of a kind amazing moments. Let me give you some background...

My granny has Alzheimer's. It's really bad. She's been in a home for years now and was placed there after running away from "some old man in her house" which was of course my papa. She doesn't remember people, she can hardly talk, she eats her food only after it's been blended and that's only when she is even willing to open her mouth. My papa visits her every other day and feeds her and the rest of us have a hard time visiting regularly, it's just soo sad to see the shell of what once was my granny.

The last 2 times I have seen her was the day after my wedding, Oct 26th 2008 that would be, we showed her our rings and gave her the corsage that we had for her and she seemed to understand. She held both my hand and Kris' hands together and seemed to get that we were married. Then I went to see her when I was pregnant once and she didn't exactly seem to catch on that I had a baby in my tummy, but we tried to make her understand. The last true semi-coherent day that we knew she understand everyone who was there (she always seems to figure papa out of course since he goes daily, she at least knows he is someone who always goes to visit even if she doesn't always know it's her husband if that makes sense....) was that day after my wedding. It's been a long while since we'd seen her smile and laugh.

TODAY: We saw that light click on again. She hadn't seen Aiden yet, we wanted him to be a bit older before we took him to the home, today was the day. My papa brought her up to the front where they have a room for family functions to minimize germs and he opened the front door for us. I came in holding Aiden and walked around the corner to see granny and immediately she just LIT UP! She had the biggest smile on her face the moment she saw me holding Aiden and she started saying "Look at him" - now it was very stuttery, but I heard her saw it. I almost cried, it was such a moment. God gave us a great gift, he gave her a gift.
The rest of the visit was wonderful. I fed him because he was mid-bottle when we got there, and she just sat watching me. I asked her who he looked like, just to chat - not expecting a response, and she looked straight at Kris. Then she even asked Kris how he was! I also was asking my papa about a family friend and said "Do you remember Kathy?" and clear as day my granny looked up at the same moment papa did and said "yes". It was sweet. She really did seem to be there and understand our conversations.
When it came time for her to hold him I asked her if she wanted to and she lifted up her arms to get him. She doesn't use her left arm, most the time it just sits to her side, and in the pics you can see that she had her left arm wrapped around his waist, she just knew what to do, she always loved babies soo much. Especially baby boys...

The 2 nurses who came out to help and see the baby even commented multiple times about how "Cleta never smiles like this", "Look how happy she is", "She really knows what's going on". To hear them who see her daily even say how great this was just made my day, my week... We will be taking Aiden again for Christmas, because even if he may get germs and a cold, he helped Granny more than I ever expected. Giving her days where she understands and is happy for a few moments was worth it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

8 week post...

8 week update coming Wednesday... we have our 2 month check-up that day so I'll have official stats for you! Here is a pic to tide you over... this was a 0-3 outfit, clearly we have moved on to size 3 months... it cracks me up. Note the short sleeves, the pants riding low so they aren't short and the shirt that rolled up over hit little gut. His face says "seriously mom?"

Thursday, December 3, 2009

To the inventor of the heating pad...

I Love You. Seriously, I do. I don't know who you are (although some googling could find me that answer I'm sure...) but you have just made my day. Aiden has not been napping the last 2-3 days. I mean, he will sleep for 30 minutes and then wake up and be wide awake. Then he will get cranky because he really IS tired, but he won't sleep! Also we have taken a big step back at nighttime. Instead of sleeping 5-8hrs at a time, IN HIS OWN BED, he won't sleep unless we hold him. So 2 nights ago we had him in our bed with us again. Then last night it turned into taking sleeping shifts with him in the rocking chair - back to week 2 home for us. Yippie.

SOO... this morning Kris put the heating pad under Aiden's crib sheet (with the cord sticking out the foot not near him at all) and turned it on low. I rocked Aiden to sleep and then carefully placed him on the heating pad - IT WORKED. He has now been sleeping for 2hr and 15 minutes...and still going. I'm sure he'll wake up soon because I know he will be hungry again, but it's been wonderful. Perhaps if we get him napping again during the day nighttime will be better for us. Sleep begets sleep right??

Oh and yes we turned it off, but I'll be honest, it was only because he pees A LOT (we have to use Baby Dry diapers at bedtime) and he isn't in his nighttime diapers and I got worried of him leaking through and you know, that'd be a REALLY bad mom moment..... anyway, he is ASLEEP and it's all thanks to the inventor of the heating pad! Cheers to you sir!

Writer's Workshop - 5 Christmas Gifts Under My Tree

Mama Kat's Prompt.... #2) List 5 must have gifts you are purchasing for a loved one this Christmas.

Well, I can't list gifts for my mom because she reads my blog regularly... so I'll tell you about the gifts for my hubby and baby.

1. Usher Cologne. It's what the hubby wore when we started dating and boy do I love the smell. Now I just know it as my husbands scent and everytime he gets low on the bottle I go buy him a new one. I wouldn't want him to smell like anything but this! Plus he makes it seem much sexier than Usher himself does in that picture! :)

2. Fisher Price Amazing Animals Press & Go Parade. I believe it is 6+ months, but I think it's adorable. Mom picked it out and I agreed we had to have it. You push on the bird and it plays music and the animals move and the parade "rolls" by. I hope he enjoys it as much as we do lol.

3. Thin white gold hoops. My hubby wore gold ones when we met, then for our wedding day I bought him white gold ones to wear since it would match his tux better and his ring was white gold. Sadly they didn't last long, he took them off for work and the clasp eventually broke. So it's now been probably 7 months without him wearing earrings, I miss them and so does he. I am going to get him some new hoops to wear, hopefully I can find some nice ones.
4. Fisher price bath tub toy. We are trying to get Aiden into a bath at night routine, so far not so good, but I'm hoping that once he can sit on his own in a couple months he will really enjoy playing in the tub. He loves the water, especially when it's warmer than it should be, but just screams when we take him out into the cold air! So with all these cute animals to play with bathtime can become more fun!

5. Hallmark porcelain booties. These are one of their "first Christmas" ornaments, and I thought they were soo classic and beautiful. We have a family tradition of everyone getting an ornament that represents that past year and you get to open it and put it on the tree on Christmas Eve. So this is Aiden's first year and this is the perfect way to start!
Join in HERE! Oh and when did it become Writers Workshop Wednesday? I thought it was Thursday? Guess it changed since Aiden was bron...
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