Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It happened - he took a tumble - I cried.

So it happened.  Aiden fell.  Kris was off working on his car, and I was home with Aiden this morning.  We were doing good.  He was playing on the sofa, I was working on laundry... then boom.  I heard him hit the floor.  The little stinker either rolled from his back for the first time or he shimmed himself 180 degrees.  Whatever he did he was on his back on the sofa, and I found him face first laying the opposite direction on the floor.  I was soo upset.  He seems fine, scared himself, but fine.  No bloody nose, no bruise, he was smiling a few minutes later and laughing.  I however called Kris and my mom and cried for a good 30 minutes.  Now i'm all panicky and sad.  *sigh*  I didn't expect him to take his first tumble until he was walking. 
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Small Talk Six - 6 WORST MOVIES....

I haven't done a Small Talk Six on Saturday in a LONG time, so I thought I would do one this week.  Plus the topic was an easy one for me.....

6 of the worst films you’ve ever watched

* Strange Wilderness has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.  It was the ONLY movie I have considered walking out during in the theater.  I just laughed at how awful it was. 

*Napleon Dynamite.  Yup, I said it.  I think it's stupid.  I'll all for funny, dumb movies likes those of the Jim Carrey kind, but this one was just a waste of my time.  I know... "gosh".
*The Fifth Element.  Yeah, umm, what were they thinking?  I just don't get this one at all.  I'm not a big alien or outer space, futuristic fan at all.  The chick who wears like no clothes at all and doesn't speak any real language makes no sense to me.  Especially because Bruce Willis thinks she's hot.  WHAT-EVER.
* Matrix.  Okay so I know this was HUGELY popular, and even my hubs love them all, but I Don't.Get.It.  Simple as that.  It's just soo unrealistic to me.  The whole other world, strange powers, bad guys that mulitply.  Then the one of the movies where he is blind and flies some space ship through danger and she dies and yada yada - don't get all the hype over it.  Just sayin'... not my cup of tea.
* Anything Wayan's Bro's.  Think White Chicks, Scary Movie, Date Movie, Dance Flick... all soo very awful. 
* Half Baked.  Again, umm, i'm not into this kind of humor so I found no fun in it.  I don't find smoking pot funny or think it's something that a movie should be made about, so this was a big thumbs down for me.  I'll stick to the ice cream of the same name thanks...
Join in Small talk Six on your own!  The link is on my ride sidebar or simply click HERE.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The face behind the writing - a pic of ME for a change!

I never post pictures of myself.  I'm still holding a lot of weight and I just don't like the double chin most pictures give me.  This time the little boy is the one with a double chin.  Hehe

The hubs took a few pictures yesterday because he wanted a recent one to put in his wallet.  Isn't that just the sweetest thing?  So I allowed a few pictures, and what do you know...he got some good ones!  Here are a couple he took, me alone, and then the one of me and Aiden he put in his wallet.

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Aiden is standing?!? What?!?

Aiden is getting to be soo strong.  He wants to stand all the time.  He doesn't like when we lay him down.  He is okay with the whole sitting option, but it's not his favorite.  He can be standing on your legs (us only holding his fingers but not holding him up) and put himself into a squat position and then push himself up and stand all by himself!  He does it all the time - very impressive I think.

He is getting better at sitting by himself, he can sit for a like a minute at most without falling over too.

Today though was kind of sad.  He is growing soo quickly.  Kris put him up against the coffee table and the kid held his own weight and stood for several minutes, multiple times.  He even was reaching for his toys to play.  In one picture it looks like Kris is holding him, but I swear he isn't, and Aiden is leaning but not falling.  He leaned to the right leg and still held himself up.  Oh I was soo proud and yet sad to see him doing it by himself. 

Sure it will be awhile before he can really stand, but at 3.5 months he seems pretty young to be holding himself up against things like the coffee table and sofa edge.  That's my boy!

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Welcome to my Pantry!

So today I decided to get my pantry ready for Mr. Aiden's start of solid foods.  Our pedi told us at our 2 month that we will get the green light for solids at our 4 month appointment.  That is just 2 weeks away now and we are getting excited.  He is watching us eat, loves sitting in his highchair to play while we eat at the table, (see picture to left...) he is topping out on his amount of formula etc.  We are all ready (yes I know he doesn't NEED to start - my choice people).  Anyway, back to my chore of the morning. 

I dug into our stash of baby food and cleaned out a space and got to work.  In our closet stash I have 60 jars of starter foods that were 3 for $1 (not the 2 for $1 you see on that sticker) and I have some crawler snacks that were on sale too.  I figure it's all good until the end of this year if not longer, why not stock up when I can!

We have ourselves some baby mum mums, all your basic foods like rice cereal, carrots, peas, green beans, bananas, squash, pears, sweet potatoes and then some more exciting options like strawberry banana, summer peaches, and apple blueberry.  Yay.  I got a neat little baby food lazy susan too.

As you can see we also have some pear juice (yes I know people formula is really all they need...), but I don't mind giving some juice and water mixed to get him used to a sippy cup.  I also may use juice to mix with the rice cereal instead of using formula.  That stuff is much more expensive and I would have a hard time wasting formula if he didn't eat all the rice mixture... I got some new yummy looking juices to try including a banana yogurt one and some mango apple juices.  Way to go Gerber. 

It is now the most important shelf in our pantry - coffee for mommy and baby food for Aiden.  It's funny because our kitchen cupboard also has the baby bottles/bowls and mommy's coffee cups together.  Clearly we have our priorities straight in this house!

PS - on the new blogger version where is the darn spell check??  Sorry for any errors.
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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bachelor Talk Tuesday!

Where do I even begin! Let's see...

First off let's talk about the dates. So this RV trip they have going on... well I give ABC credit for finally coming up with new ideas (the rest of the show is still predictable of course...) but the RV trip is something new. Now I'm not saying it's a good idea, it's a bit odd if you ask me. I guess a trip like that would have to be fitting for the Bachelor for it to work. Like Byron (the pro fisher remember him?) but I certainly can't see all the Bachelors of the past going for this idea. Anyway, the girls seemed to play along with it pretty well. I think Gia was a bit scared out of her mind, but it was a good experience for her, she seemed to embrace something new. Yay for her.

Now the sand date had to be my favorite yet this season. Corrie and Tenly really went with it and showed us a new side of them, I loved it. Perhaps I'm partial because I like the two of them, but I think it was a great date. Very unique, much better than another picnic in a park date. At the end of this date was the evening portion - can you say hello to Ashleigh's coochie? I did! WOWZA. I mean she sat down and her entire thigh was showing, and then by the end we could see right up her dress, geez, she was laying it on really thick and she was getting nothing back from Jake - I kind of felt bad for her, it got to be a bit awkward! Last thing that happened on that date I want to mention is Vienna refusing her talk until she was the last one. Umm, shouldn't you be grateful that Jake wants to talk to you at all? A bit rude if you ask me, but yet again, Jake didn't seem bothered. I know Jake and her at the talk about her behavior around the other girls, but clearly she didn't catch on.

Now I was all for both Kathryn and Ella leaving the show, and the 2-in-1 date was a fine way to do it. Why drag things out if you know they aren't going to work? However, did he really need to get all dramatic and go back for the rose and then throw it in the fire? Can someone tell the producers how cheesy that was please!

At the rose ceremony/cocktail party I just need to mention that I loved Corrie's green dress - I liked how her and Ali are willing to step out of the black dress phase and show a bit of personality - they both pull it off well. I still claim Corrie is the prettiest of them all. Now Jessie's 4 strap dress was not my style, I kept wanting to pull the 2 straps that where "falling down" up onto her shoulder. Perhaps that is the style, but to me it just looked like her dress was coming off.

Once again Vienna brings up the other girls at her one on one time with Jake. Shouldn't it be a big red flag to Jake that all the girls talk about Vienna to him, Jessie did at this ceremony, and try to warn him of her personality and behavior, and then Vienna herself talk to him about how the girls are saying stuff and they don't like her. It seems like he hears it all and it goes in one ear and out the other - did he NOT learn ANYTHING from the whole Wes thing? Really? I thought he was the one who came back to tell Jillian just how much of a douche Wes was and that he had been playing her, umm... can you say VIENNA? Geez, it's really sad he doesn't catch on.

Lastly I do appreciate how he is letting the girls go left and right. It was cheesy again of course, but poor Chris Harrison needs more air time. He let 2 girls go instead of just 1, the shocked look on their faces were great. One thing no one can dispute about Jake is he doesn't waste time. I appreciate that in him, no playing games or leading them on. Kudos to Jake for that....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Holy. Big. Boobs.

Like for serious, big boobs! I've always had big boobs, I've mentioned this before. I just recently ordered me some new bras thanks to my Mother-in-Love at Lane Bryant. Well they didn't fit, I got a 40D which is what Victoria Secret said I should get. I was a 40E while breast feeding and was a 38DD before baby so this sounded about right....WRONG.

So I took all 4 bras to the store today (I ordered online) and they helped get me into 4 bras that really did fit well. It was such a complicated process. I guess I don't really "fit" any size. I have one bra that is a 40DDD (geez!), and I got 20 40DD bras, one fits well, the other needs a band extender but the cups fits. Goodness what a trip. I did walk out though with a pearl color, a white sports bra, a beige bra and a black one. Sadly none of the lacy sexy ones fit well. Oh well, isn't it sexier when the bra is off anyway?!? Teehee

I also used the rest of my gift card, plus extra from the Mother-in-Love, and got a few new shirts - 2 tshirts, a clearance sweater and a long sleeve grey shirt to wear under things until spring. I'm a fan of layering clothes you see.

So there you have it - Lane Bryant helped me get some well fitting bras. It is soo nice not to have a bra on that has a flip down panel lol.

Coffee Disappointment!

I must say I am a big coffee drinker. I often spend a little time in the morning before Kris and Aiden get up drinking my coffee and blogging. It's my time alone before the day gets busy. During the holiday's my favorite coffee treat is Millstone's Holiday Peppermint coffee pared with the oh so yummy Coffeemate Peppermint Mocha creamer. It just makes my morning (and evening for that matter....). I was beyond thrilled to find out that the creamer would be out year round from now on! I stocked up on my holiday coffee (bought some to put in the freezer to enjoy all year) and now I can't find the creamer! I am very disappointed. Now I just see my holiday peppermint coffee sitting around with no cream to enjoy it with. Sure I could just use regular 1/2 & 1/2, but it's just not the same. There isn't the creamy chocolately taste to go with it.

This morning after weeks of watching ALL my local stores, I finally write to Coffeemate expressing my sadness. I am hoping they tell me that my local store JUST put an order in for some. I have asked at the dairy area at the store before, but I just get blank stares from the pimply faced clerks. *Sigh*

At least I have my other Coffeemate flavors to rely on for now. I just don't want to wait until November again to enjoy my Peppermint Treat - things so yummy shouldn't come just once a year in my opinion!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weekend Update - pics of FOOD!! lol

As you can see in these pictures taken on Friday - we have a cute little assisted sitter. He wobbles, but he is doing much better.

We had a busy Saturday! We got up and went to our first professional pictures taken! My dad had a free session for us at Olan Mills, it included 1 10x13, 1 8x10, 4 5x7's, and 16 wallets (I can't remember it it has any 3x5's...) anyway, AWESOME deal. We didn't know how well Aiden would do, so I was glad it was a free package as a trial run. We plan to do professional pictures at 6 months. Anyway, he took a 20 minute power nap before the session and was awesome. He smiled, he laughed, he stood and sat for us, we ended up buying a bigger package for another $60 bucks. Whoops... lol Now we get 2 different style photo collages, both are 10x13's too! Plus 8 sheets of other poses. I can't wait to get them back!

Then in the afternoon we went to Kris' aunt's house. It was his Lola's birthday, she is 89. It was a dessert party, because Lola likes desserts! I took 2 chocolate cookie pies, one with nuts, one without - thanks to my mom for making them for me. :) I expected to be there a couple hours, but we ended up being there for like 5 hours. Most the family was there, Aiden was the big hit. Marcus (who is 8 months old) isn't very social and had a very strict routine (like naps at 4 even if he isn't tired, takes a friggin' hour to eat etc...) so there isn't much chance for him to be social really. Aiden on the other hand naps when he wants and eats every 4 hours (takes 20 mins). We are baby led, thankfully he has put himself on a nice schedule anyway, but if he doesn't nap oh well. So he was passed around and giggled and played with all the aunts and he found his uncle Joe and uncle Jeff to be really funny. He even napped for 45 minutes in MaryAnn's arms (someone he'd never even met before). He slept through 2 hours of very LOUD karaoke too. Kris loves to sing the strangest songs! All in all, everyone enjoyed themselves.

Saturday night wasn't very good. I had a feeling he'd be really tired because of the very long day. I did NOT anticipate that he would hit the high point in his teething this night! We still got sleep, in 4 hour chunks, nothing to complain about at all. He was just really uncomfortable, you could tell he wasn't feeling well. We gave him Tylenol and rocked him etc. We woke up Sunday morning and we can see teeth coming in!

He fell over from sitting propped up here and then promptly fell asleep - thanks to Tylenol!

The teeth aren't through yet, but I can feel a hard rough spot on the back of his gums. You can very clearly see white spots as of Sunday morning and his fussiness is at an all time high. I can't wait for the little tooth to pop through. Should be soon, we will get a pic when we can of course!

Kris made the best breakfast ever. He loves to make breakfast. Sunday was our usual coffee, then he added pancakes, hashbrowns, eggs, sausage and toast. He was soo proud of his food here is a picture to share with you all!

The rest of our Sunday was spent doing dishes, 4 loads of laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, the kitchen and garbage. We just spent the day in sweats taking care of cranky pants.

OH - Poop in the tub! We got our first poop in the tub Saturday night, too funny. The joys of being a parents.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blogger BFF Award...

This award came from Mrs. Muffins!

1. Thank and link the person that sent it to you

I already put her link with her name above, but Thank You for this little treat!

2. Present this award to at least five people and explain why you chose them for this award
When I "give out" awards most the people don't ever pay attention or pass it on. SO I want to give this to you ladies who haven't had this one before OR even if you have had it then to someone who will PASS IT ON to other bloggers.

3. Copy and past the award on your blog

Writer's Workshop - Strange Dream.

2.) The strangest dream ever…

So this is a dream I started having when I was young, like 9yrs old. I think it started because of Outdoor school... I have had it SEVERAL times since then. It's like a bad dream that won't go away.

I am at some sort of camp, to give you a visual there are outdoor cabins all around, people are wearing those silly wood name tags etc. There are adults who are counselors and kids. I was a camper. It was dark outside and we are standing at a swimming pool. I went for a swim and my shoe came off and floated to the bottom of the pool. I was afraid to dive to the bottom and get it so I get out and ask for a counselor to go get my shoe.

A counselor decided to jump in for it. As soon as she hits the water her head snaps off! The head sinks down to the bottom of the pool and sits right next to my tennis shoe. Everyone standing around starts blaming me and telling me I killed her. Her body is just left floating.

That's it. That's how the dream ends. I never get my shoe back. I don't know why her head snaps off as soon as she jumps in. I don't understand any of it. It is really weird, it used to scare the crap out of me as a child, and now I just wonder why I have it every few years.

Want to read about other weird dreams? Or any of Mama Kat's other prompts... go to her site for Writer's Workshop!
Mama's Losin' It

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Good Start Formula GIVEAWAY - HUGGIES too!

I have $16 worth of Good Start Formula checks. We don't use good start, we use Enfamil. I could go to thebump.com and post this and someone would nab them instantly, but since I have fellow mommy readers I thought i would offer them up to you ladies first. Any of you mom's use Good Start formula? Need some checks?

I also have a few huggies coupons, we use pampers. They are for the natural diapers and wipes, snugglers and gentle care. I have a total of $9.50 worth of coupons. A few expire on 1/31 so I would send them out ASAP if you can use them.

Let me know. Just leave me a comment here telling me what you want, if you want them all or just the diapers etc. I will reply back to get your address so you don't need to post it on here.

Of course if you have Enfamil or Pamper's things to trade awesome, but otherwise just pay it forward and keep me in mind!

Cookies & Coffee - that's how I roll...

Er... I mean I roll my toilet paper under. That's right - we are back to toilet paper talk - because folks I was one of the first 200 posters and I won a month supply of Cottonelle toilet paper. Thanks to Mom Blogger's for this chance. I just had to share. I know it's silly, and well, it's just some good old fashion TP - but when you are pinching pennies you learn to appreciate the value of free toilet paper. Plus it's not crappy (haha) kind, it's the soft nice kind. So that's my excitement of the morning.

Oh, those cookies & coffee are exciting though. They are just the break and bake Fred Meyer brand cranberry, oatmeal, walnut kind - but they have quickly become my favorite. So very yummy, pick some up if you can. You won't be disappointed - well you will if you don't like oatmeal, or nuts, or cranberries... but if you are a fan of the above mentioned, then you will LOVE these as a treat.

Last random blurb-it of the morning - I should be getting a UPS package today. 4 new bras (they had a buy 2 get 2 free deal) from Lane Bryant. A little back story on my giddiness here... I have a big chest. I mean the ladies were coming in at a size 36 or 38 D before the baby. Then during pregnancy I got up to a 40 E. I was seeing visions of Dolly Parton in my head. Well after the HORRENDOUS engorgement that took place (I am telling you they were as big as my head, it was horrific even to my hubs) they settled in at roughly a 40DD. So here I sit, I stopped nursing after a month, so like 11 weeks ago, and I am still wearing my nursing bras. It's all that fits. Kris doesn't mind the peek-a-boo action, but I personally have a fear that the sheer weight of my gals will make the "snap" feature weak and it will break open when I'm wearing a white shirt in the checkout line at Target. I'm ready for a new bra.

My mother in love introduced me to Lane Bryant. My mom had mentioned it before too, but I just it as a big ladies store and didn't want to admit I belonged there. Well, I do. I'm a big lady. My mother in love has been more than generous with her LB credit card and bought me 3 pairs of jeans that fit well, some shirts and for my birthday I told her I needed bras. She gave me a very generous gift card so I could get some. Normally the bras run about 35 bucks each, some are 28 some are 40, but you get the idea. They were having a great buy 2 get 2 free sale! I didn't feel like going to the store, it's kinda far away, so I went to the much closer mall and got myself sized at a bra shop, then went online for some shopping! I picked out 2 sports bras (they appear to be great big girl support which I can wear to work out and also have one for under sweatshirts), a back shaping expensive bra, and a then a pretty black lacy number, which I am hoping the hubs likes. I also happen to have a 20% off coupon thanks to it being my birthday and their snazy email list - so I walked away with 4 bras for $72 bucks - that included shipping and tax! Woot! I should get them via UPS today. I am sure I will rave about my new bras later.

Bachelor Talk

Seriously, Vienna didn't get sent home yet? Oh my! Okay so I guess I should have started by saying how much I love bad reality tv and I am addicted to Bachelor even though Jake isn't my favorite. Let me take a few minutes, for you fellow reality junkies, and tell you my predictions and my thoughts on the remaining ladies....

Vienna - wow, she is umm... well, not MY type lol. Maybe she is someones type, but I think she is too young, or at least she is acting it on this show. She seems to create a lot of drama, and I know some of this is probably the way everything was edited, but it seems like she is up to no good! Not that the girls really have to consider every one's feelings, but I think her non-stop talking about her kiss and date and turning every. single. conversation. about her shows how lack of consideration for others. This to me is a negative trait.

Ali - she is my personal favorite and has been since the moment I saw her get out of the limo. Oh how cheesy I sound, but she didn't do anything corny that night to get his attention and she continues to be pretty wholesome. She has done a bit of talking about people, but nothing that doesn't appear to be true from what we see, and she has also tried to gently inform people, like Vienna, that she needs to be more appropriate and considerate. Good girl, she's cute, she'd get my rose.

Jessica - who is she? I don't know. She never shows up in the episode until the rose ceremony, and then she gets a rose? She's just a filler - don't worry if you don't remember her either.

Corrie - she is another of my favorites! I think she happens to be the prettiest in the house. I don't know why, but I do. She has that "I don't try to hard, but I know I'm beautiful" vibe. Her comedy routine cracked me up - it was based on truth, and the truth is always funny! I hope she makes it to final 3 - then she can be the next Bachelorette - because as i said - Ali will be the final girl in my opinion.

Gia - she's pretty in that I have thick hair and big lips kinda way. It's easy to see she is a model. She does win points in my book though for being honest with Vienna and trying to explain to her that people don't like her and she should evaluate herself in the house. She hasn't done anything to upset me yet so she can stick around.

Ella - okay I get that she has a son and she has an accent - but umm, not my type either. I feel like they put her on the show to recreate that one chick who was with Bachelor Jason. I was soo shocked to see her son show up for a birthday surprise!! NOT! I mean that was not very original of the producers now was it. We all saw it coming, they should have drawn it out longer so we thought "oh, maybe the son WON'T be a surprise" and then WHAM - he shows up at dinner or something. Oh well, she is nice enough, and I think she means well, but I don't think she will make it to the final 3.

Tenly - I like her - she is from Oregon (yay!) and seems to be a wholesome character. My mom pointed out that on the commercial she says to Jake "I'm pregnant" but it wasn't on the episode last night. After much online follow up - it turns out she was just "joking" with Jake. Stupid producers took that and made it part of the ads this week. Click HERE if you want to watch the deleted scene where you see her joke with him - it was in the first minute of the video.

Ashleigh - okay I felt bad she was soo scared to go and do the comedy thing, I would have been scared too, but well, I think they overdid it just a bit. It made her seem annoying. I don't really have further opinions about her, she's not my favorite, but I have nothing strong against her either.

I THINK that is all the current girls. All I have to say is I'm soo very thankful that Michelle, aka Bat Sh*t Crazy, is gone. Also Elizabeth with all her "kiss me, kiss me not" needed to go as well. Glad both of those worked themselves out - i didn't want another couple weeks of her teasing Jake. Or to continue watching the train wreck that is Michelle who really just wants to be married, I don't think she cares to who!

In conclusion, as I told my friend Tiffany last night, I think the show is getting to be a bit crappy. At least in the selection of ladies. I think the show is more appealing when the ladies/or gents don't know who the person is going to be. It's more enjoyable when there is a surprise element and the ladies are applying for the show in hopes of love, not because they stalked the runner up guy from last season. Don't you think it's creepy when they come on the show knowing all these facts and personal information about the guy? Go back to a random pick - find that hottie who no-one knows, not the runner up from the previous season! Oh, except Corrie can be the next Bachelorette please!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Update.

Hmm it has been a pretty mellow weekend. The highlight was today's baby dedication of Aiden. That is a separate post... see below.

Friday we went over to Kris' parents house for just a big, has us some yummy Burger King for dinner. It wouldn't be a trip to Kris' mom's unless we went and bought something for Aiden, he's kinda spoiled like that. I had been mentioning that we need to start saving up for a new carseat because his infant one (we have the Graco travel system) is only good until he is 29inches and last we checked he was around 25! Kris' parents said "let's go to Target" and if you know me you know I would NEVER pass up a Target run! I found a carseat I really liked, it's this one pictured by Graco, and his parents just up and bought it for us. I did NOT intend for that, but his dad said to get it now. I am soo excited. It will hold him rear facing until he is 40lbs and front facing until he is 65lbs! That's awesome, it will save us from getting him a booster seat at all!

Also included in our Target trip were a new toy for Aiden, some clearance bibs, more socks now that I FINALLY found some that stay on his feet (Hanes baby socks 6-12months if you want to know the MIRACLE socks...), a Britta water pitcher, and Kris got a baby carrier. It's much like the expensive ones, but it was only $30 bucks instead of $80. Works like a charm and Aiden loves it just around the house. He isn't one that needs to be held a lot, he liks to be on the floor or his jumperoo, but he certainly did like this! As you can see Kris looks like Dr. Evil and Mini-Me. Aiden and him were watching some figure skating on tv too - Kris had to sit and said "I know what it's like to be pregnant now, I understand why you had to sit down after being on your feet".

Saturday was a day spent with my mom. Kris went and worked on his cars for most the day, 930am-5pm. I went to my momma's. She hadn't seen Aiden much this week because she can't walk up our stairs with her cast. I let her babysit for a couple hours so I could shower and sew a blanket I'd been trying to finish. Then my friend Tiffany and I got together for our usual coffee catch-up date. Once Kris got to mom's we all enjoyed some homemade shrimp pad-thai. I love me some thai food!

Then Sunday other than the dedication our day has been spent cleaning and doing laundry. I did get a call from a good friend of mine who just found out she is pregnant! I was her first non-family call, the news was still like 10 minutes fresh! It was great to hear her excitement, her and her hubby are wonderful people (she was in my wedding) and they will be great parents. PLUS, her baby will only be about 1 year younger than Aiden, yay for new friends! I already am thinking of all the things I can make for her before the baby comes... a set of burp clothes, a boppy cover, one really nice blanket and perhaps a nursing cover. Oh how fun.

That about sums it up, now it's time for a Popsicle.... please excuse me.

Aiden's Dedication

Aiden was dedicated this morning at my childhood church. It's the church I grew up in, Kris and I were married there, and we felt it was only right that it be where Aiden was dedicated. It was just a short little speech and the pastor prayed for us and presented Aiden/us with a little baby blue leather bible. It is the cutest thing ever. Aiden was great through church. We had never taken him before and he fell asleep at the beginning during the music. He was awake and all smiles before the service, and he woke up right after the service just in time to meet people. Perfect little guy. Here is a picture of us with the pastor.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Over or Under? That is the question!

Cottonelle is hosting a poll/giveaway asking that all important question! Do you like your toilet paper to roll over, or under? I'm all for under personally, and I often will flip the toilet paper if it get put on wrong at my or other people's houses! lol

Click HERE to go to Cottonelle.com for yourself and vote. If you leave a comment here on my lovely post you yourself will be entered to randomly win 1 of 10 Conttonelle gift baskets! Winners will be picked on Jan 29th from all the entries!

I am posting about this huge debate as a member of Mom Bloggers to enter for my chance to win a month's worth of Cottonelle toilet paper! You know with a newborn we try to pinch pennies where ever we can!

Aiden's new "lovey"

So now that Aiden is holding things more he has a lovey. It's Mr. Bear and here are pics from yesterday with him. He was attached immediately and I actually had to *GASP* give him Mr. Bear in the middle of the night to get him to sleep.... it worked.

Writer's Workshop - What's In Your Name...

3.) What’s in YOUR name? What does it mean? Why was it given to you? etc..

This is simple - I was named after my grandpa. My papa to be exact. My mom said that she had always known she wanted to name a girl Kerri, she said that she would name her dolls Kerri. Let me explain how the name came to be...

My papa's name is Kermit Carey. My mom used the KER from Kermit and didn't want it to be spelled like the brand of lotion, so another R was added and tada. Kerri. The meaning of Kerri if you look it up is dark or black haired, beauty. It's Irish Gaelic.

Now, my middle name is another story all together. Throughout my mom's pregnancy she decided on the name Kerri Dione (hope I spelled that right mom...). She liked the name, but it was also sort of a tribute to her sister Kathy. Her middle name was Diane. So that was the plan all along. Where did Maria come you ask from? She doesn't know lol. I mean, she has an idea, but it just came out of her mouth in the hospital.

My mom's grandma I believe it was, was named Ava Marie and she wanted my mom to name me "holly" because I was due near Christmas. She kept saying no, but she passed away shortly before I was born. Mom thinks that it just came out of her mouth because it was kind of in the back of her mind.

So there you have it, the planned Kerri and the spur of the moment Maria - both names come from family.

If you want to read more about other names, or any of this weeks prompts - head on over to Mama Kat's...

Monday, January 11, 2010

Love Swap - hosted by Loves of Life.

Loves of Life
An awesome blog swap is going on ladies! It's over at Loves of Life - Katie that is - and I had to share it with you all! She is hosting a 2-14 swap as she calls it, inviting you all to fill out a little form and then you will send and receive a little box of things you, and the other person, love. It's a great way to share some Valentine's Day love with a blogger!
Click the link above to go join in on the fun for yourself!

Awards. That's right - plural, I got TWO! TONS of nominations inside...

1) Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
This was from Ashley over at Kiwis & Cocktails - she gave it to everyone, but well, I will take it!
2) Copy the award & place it on your blog.
3) Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
Did that in step 1...
4) Tell us 7 interesting things about yourself.

  1. I hate, Hate, HATE wet hairs on me in the shower. I seriously spend half my shower every day, or every other day now, taking the wet hairs off me. I can feel them instantly and they drive me insane!
  2. I like candles, but I never lite them. Not sure why, I have them on the coffee table, fireplace mantel, window ledge, kitchen etc, yet I always forget to lite them.
  3. Root Beer is my favorite pop - especially ice cold Barq's
  4. I'm a neat freak, but I'm too lazy to keep things clean. So instead I have a freak out every few days about how messy the place is. *sigh*
  5. I love a good deal. I love finding clothes on sale and I currently have 60 jars of baby food for my son, who doesn't even start solids for another month. What can I say - they were 3 for $1!
  6. The only wine I enjoy is the fruity Arbor Mist kind. Sad I know, but it's just soo darn yummy, and like $4 a bottle.
  7. I eat a piece of chocolate everyday. I clearly am NOT on track for losing this baby weight. Whoops!

5) Nominate 7 bloggers.
I'm going to be lame here - it seems to be a trend lately. I'm too busy to go pick people and then link them and then tell them - I have a baby on my hip right now people... SO... If you read my blog, don't have this award yet, and leave me a COMMENT on THIS post... the award is yours! Small price to pay isn't it??
6) Post links to the 7 blogs I nominate

So here are the rules.
1. Get nominated.

I got nominated for this award by Alisha (&Matt) over at A Day In The Life of Okie Rednecks!
2. Tag 7 other totally awesome bloggers.
Again I'm gonna cheat on this one - if you read my blog and leave me a comment on THIS post... you get the award! Simple. If you haven't had this award yet please take it, just pass it on!
3. Tell TEN completely honest facts about yourself in your blog.

  1. I don't shower every day - mostly because of that annoying wet hair thing... lol
  2. I don't know how to cut a lot of different fruits (pineapples, mangos, cantaloupe) even though I love them. I also make Kris peel all my oranges, I hate the stuff under my nails - I tell him I don't know how to peel them, whoops...
  3. My hubby kicks my ass in Monopoly EVERY TIME we play, yet I secretly love it, and I feel really bad the few times I get ahead in the game.
  4. I'm still behind in making my aprons for friends for Christmas - they know I'm working on them though, oh well.
  5. I have a ped egg - and love it.
  6. My son had his first big poop up the back today. We hadn't changed him in 2 hours, which is never a problem, but clearly today was a bad day. I couldn't help but laugh but I kept telling him I was sorry I didn't notice sooner - we are sick in this house and have no sense of smell!
  7. I was afraid of pooping during delivery - this was all talked about before on my blog - and I made a joke during my emergency c-section about how at least now I won't poop and never will during labor the rest of my life. It still makes me giggle, and very happy!
  8. I hate watching MonterQuest on tv with my hubby, we have watched a crap-ton of it lately - I don't believe in Aliens, Lake Monsters or Big Foot... bleh.
  9. I hung up a big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" banner above our sliding door in August for Kris' bday - it's still hanging up today. We used the excuse it stayed up for my bday this month, but that's a load of crap and well, it will probably stay up until his bday now lol.
  10. I have sock monkey slippers and am wearing them now.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Book Review: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

This book was in my Christmas stocking from my hubby. There is always a new book in my stocking, I love it. So of course I wasted no time reading this one. I haven't really read a book since before Aiden was born - I missed reading. I actually picked this book out, I have not read any of Nicholas Sparks books, but I have loved all his movies. The Notebook is my personal favorite.

This book didn't disappoint, although it wasn't my favorite story. In short it's about an Army guy and a young southern girl. She is naive' and he is tough. They have a summer fling and it turns into a long distance romance when he goes back from leave.

I won't ruin the book for you, but of course there are trials and hard times in their new love. Going months apart makes the heart grow fonder - isn't that the idea? Well, near the end of the book I cried - due to a sub plot - not the romance I will say. I didn't cry at the end of the book, but it did leave me wanting a different result. I was okay with the result, and I saw it coming well before the end, but still, it left me wanting more. I wish there was at least one more chapter.

I hate when books just end and I don't get a follow up. I want to KNOW what the author sees as the characters future, not just guess it. Silly isn't it? Oh well, I enjoyed the book. I think I may have to find another of his to read - probably another one I haven't seen the movie to yet. I had watching a movie first - I would rather read the book, then see the movie.

Overall I'd give the book a B. It was an easy quick read - took me less than a week and that is with a newborn in tow. It wasn't as sappy and wonderful as A Walk To Remember or The Notebook though.

Sick Family & Random Tidbits....

Boo to being sick at the start of the year. What luck! At least I wasn't sick on my birthday. Aiden has RSV and Kris and I just have a common head cold we picked up from my mom. I think our head cold has started to get to Aiden though, he has a tiny runny nose and it makes me sad to wipe his little boogies. He is being a trooper though, he is still giggling and for the most part a happy boy.

My mom and I went to the dollar store the other night to get a few random odds and in's, a birthday card, I needed black pepper and chicken noodle soup etc, and we found the best deal ever. I was super excited! They had Gerber baby foods, expiration date 2011, for 3 for $1. So mom and I got 60 jars. Crazy huh? I got a pretty even amount of things including peas, green beans, carrots, squash, sweet potato, mixed cereal with bananas and apple, mixed cereal with applesauce, plain bananas, apple sauce with summer peaches, pears, apple strawberry banana and apple blueberry.... to name a few! I was soo thrilled. It will save us a lot, and we were told we will get the go ahead with foods at 4 months. I know some people say wait, but like I've said on here before, my child, my choice.

His highchair came in this week too, so far he doesn't show interest in sitting in it, but I think once he starts trying foods and matches his highchair to foods he will enjoy it more.

Kris and I had some down time while baby was sick and sleeping and watched 2 movies on tv I'd never seen. We watched The Pacifier, which I thought would be stupid, I actually thought it was really cute and I found myself laughing and enjoying it. It reminded me of Cheaper By the Dozen, which I love both movies. Then we also saw Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones on AMC. Neither of us had seen it before and it was old, but it was a good movie too. I actually found myself getting nervous.

My last random tidbit is that my mom and I broke her foot. I don't think I ever mentioned that. She fell before Christmas when it was icy and then went to New York for a week. All the walking she did broke the bone on the top of her foot. She is in a full cast, walking boot though which makes it easier for her. I had to take her for the cast on my birthday so she let me pick the color - I picked purple! We got back Tuesday to have it removed and get a new x-ray.

That's all for my random tidbits. No time to upload pics or videos, but I will add another post tomorrow.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sick Baby & Rolling Over!!

Well Aiden is sick. First little cold. We took him to the pedi yesterday and he actually has RSV, a virus, and could be coughing for up to a month he said. It's a pathetic sad cough too. Thanks to my new camcorder from Kris we caught his cough on tape to show the Dr. - since they never act sick when you take them in - and the Dr said it was very helpful! Woot.

This morning little sick boy was laying on our bed, and I was talking to him and next thing I know he rolled over! I couldn't believe my eyes! He is 3 months exactly today too, what a special way to remember his first roll. So I rolled him back over, and he did it again! Kris grabbed the camera (again a lifesaver!) and we caught rolls 3 & 4 on camera. He did it once more but not the rest of today. Still very exciting. Here is that little snipit.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Aiden's First Giggles on Camera

We have heard it, and we have enjoyed it, but thanks to my hubby buying me my camcorder for my birthday now EVERYONE can enjoy Aiden's little giggle! Sorry it's dark, I wasn't planning to record so the lights weren't on, but you get the point.

My Birthday Recap

I think this was my best birthday yet! I got my camcorder early from Kris and that has been a wonderful gift! We even caught Aiden's first giggle on camera! I'll post it. My mom got me a sewing box and some stuff for my new sewing machine. She also got me the Rain Forest Jumperoo from Fisher Price. I had been wanting one for Aiden who wants to stand 24/7 and we found one in MINT condition at the local consignment store we love for 45 bucks instead of 90. I was THRILLED. Happy Birthday to me - Aiden just loves it!
This was the best pic I could get that wasn't blurry from him jumping!

My hubby made me a steak dinner which was soo very yummy. The only thing better would have been to get sushi, but we can't afford sushi in the quantities I want. My dad gave me a gift card and some money to buy a camera bag. Also a specialty Carmel apple.
My neighbors made me a plate of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and the 3 boys yelled loud enough I heard it while I was in my 2nd floor bed "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" as they walked to the bus stop at 730am. I loved it.
I also got a lot of birthday wishes - some solicited like on here where I announced my birthday, and on facebook where the sidebar reminds people and a lot that were close family and friends. I just felt soo special with all the love.
These pics were from my birthday too - as you see my boys match and were being cute - made my day to get these pics.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yep - It's my birthday! I'm 26 today. After having Aiden last year I don't know how this year can possibly beat being 25, but as I sit and watch my little guy giggle in his bouncer I look forward to all the new things to come this year!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Goals

Yep, we don't do resolutions, we set goals for ourselves. This way it can't be "broken" you can only achieve it. If you don't achieve it you aren't disappointed, it was just a goal you were trying to reach. I like it better this way!

So here are a few of my goals for the new year:

1. Read 12 books this year. I joined a small reading group where instead of all reading the same book and talking about it, you set your own reading goal and just talk about the books you read and suggest them if you want. It's nice because you can set your own pace and don't have to read something you aren't interested in. So I figured 1 book a month (approx.) is a good starting goal - I read 19 in 1 summer once, so I hope I can manage this. I'm already 100 pages into book # 1.

2. Be a better blogger. Seriously, not ramble about Aiden TOO much and get back into writing about a variety of topics - including my books being read!

3. Being a better wife. Lately Kris and I have bickered over the dumbest things and it's getting frustrating. We have no need to fight over dumb stuff and I need to learn to not have such an attitude sometimes.

4. Be a good mommy. I just want to help Aiden continue to thrive and to encourage him to grow strong and learn new things and have new experiences.

5. Take a family trip. As in, Kris, me and Aiden. I don't care where we go, I just want to take our first planned trip as a family. I'll aim for end of summer for this goal, but we will see.

6. Take a mommy day once a month. I need to remember that when I get worn down I get stressed and that shows. So I need to take 1 day for myself to do whatever - take a bath and read, paint my nails, go shopping, sew or scrapbook - whatever it is, uninterrupted!

7. Lastly, I want to get healthy again. Now I'm not gonna set a weight goal for myself, but I want to feel good about my body again. I want to fit into at least a size 14 again so that all my clothes fit. If I happen to get back to a wonderful size 10 that'd be awesome too, but really I just want to FEEL good. I will try to join weight watchers again (I had to quit after 9lbs and 6 weeks cuz I was pregnant last year) but financially that just may not be possible. I have Wii Fit Plus and a free small gym (at the apartment complex) that I can use to reach this goal.
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