Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Sunday, June 28, 2009


So yesterday mom and I went shopping at Spanky's for clothes for Aiden again. Found like 4 cute outfits, tags still on of course, and I was getting really thirsty. So mom and I went to Walgreens.... as we were checking out the lady goes "So when is your baby due?". I was completely surprised and stumbled to say Oct 13th. It was really exciting. I know that's silly, but it just means I'm very obviously pregnant looking now and not just the in between belly stage. I've been getting stares and smiles for a month now, but you can tell people aren't sure. It made my day.

I've been packing up a storm. We are supposed to move on Tuesday but the office gave me a key today! This apartment complex just loves our entire family so they were like here, you can get started early... yippie! I'm so excited! Daddy is going to come over from 8am-1pm before work and help me move a few smaller things and then Kris and his family/friends will move the rest on his days off. I figure I can at least get all the kitchen stuff and clothes on hangers and Aiden's clothes moved over on my own without lifting anything over 20lbs! I'll update with pictures once we are moved in.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I still can't believe what I just heard.... MICHAEL JACKSON has died. I just am shocked. I assumed Patrick Swayze would be next as my post this morning said, I don't think anyone saw this coming. He may have been a bit creepy, but he was an amazing artist and will be a huge part of history. I will be listening to his music today...

The sad thing is his death will now overshadow Farrah's death, but for some reason I feel like her and Ryan O'neal would rather have a quiet family time with her passing. Maybe it's the best. Heaven is very lucky today with them both there...

Random Day...

Well today is kinda a random entry. I woke up to learn that Farrah had passed away. Mom and I knew it would be soon, we also said that Patrick Swayze will be next. We believe that death comes in 3, but we had no guess as to who the 3rd would be, it was Ed McMahon just the other day. Very sad news indeed. She was a great actress and I feel soo badly for Ryan O'neal.

Kris has today off, and on cue after my breakfast (lucky charms today) and glass of orange juice Aiden started his moving around. Kris isn't always patient waiting for him to move, but I told him it won't take long and so he sat down and started touching my belly. Then he moved his hands and waited... it took less than a minute before he saw my stomach jump twice in a row. He said "is that you?" I said, "nope, that's your son!". It's sweet, he knows Aiden moves and kicks me and he's felt it, but I think it's hard for him to really believe that is in fact his son wiggling around in there. It's still hard for me to believe it when I see it! I just love it. I'm glad that Kris got to experience seeing my stomach move the day after I saw him dancing around. Yay!

We are moving in like 5 days and I'm getting stressed. I feel like we don't have nearly enough packed and ready to go. I think it's because we have all the furniture around it's hard to see that it's mostly big stuff left that won't be going in boxes. Today's job is dishes though and we will just use paper from now on.

That's about it for now, and then start the packing! I can't wait for our move to be over, I hate boxes. I do love unpacking though!

OH - tip for the day: Glidden.com is giving away a free quart of paint in your color choice from June 25th-July2nd. I am excited about this, we picked Candy Apple Red, hopefully when we get it it will work for the nursery and we won't need to buy any.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Aiden dancing...

I was just reading someone else's blog, trying to catch up, and all of a sudden I saw my stomach jump. I mean Aiden really stuck out of it for a second. He did it twice. Now he is back to his normally wiggling around. It just made my day! I can't wait to see my stomach moving all the time. Shouldn't be too much longer...

This morning I turned the tv on in bed and spongebob was on really loud. Aiden instantly woke up. It was cute, he'll be just like his daddy!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Massages, Sushi, Pediatricians and Talent Oh My....

So today was a busy day! It started out by taking Kris to his Father's Day massage. He'd never had one and I treated him to a 30 minute massage with Margret which he seemed to enjoy. It was something he wouldn't buy for himself, but he works really hard and needs to take time to relax!

After his massage we had a little time to kill, so Sushi lunch it was! Oh boy was it yummy. We just went to the place right by the massage office. I had 3 rolls with smoked salmon and or crab, but I did enjoy one 3 piece roll with raw salmon. Boy was it yummy. Dr said it's fine so long as it's not often, after all Asian women eat raw fish all the time when pregnant. Anyway, it was such a wonderful treat! Aiden better love him some sushi...

Then we went and interviewed Dr. Porter who will be Aiden's (and our future kids) pediatrician. He was a really nice guy, very friendly and I liked his opinion on all topics. Also the office was very clean and welcoming and has someone, a nurse or dr. on call or open for advice calls 24/7 365 days. So no matter when Aiden needs a dr. we won't have to take him to the ER. That will save us money. Dr. Porter seemed to really like that I am going to be a stay at home mom and nurse, he gave me props for those choices. That made me feel like a really good mom already.

Now to finish off our evening Dad brought ice cream over and we are watching America's Got Talent. Let me tell you this show is AWFUL, but listening to Kris giggle is the best thing ever. I just love how much he laughs. I hope Aiden has his daddy's laugh, that would make me soo happy!

24 Weeks! V-DAY!

Maternity Clothes: You betcha! I'm still loving the comfy black dress the most, and I can only sleep in my silky nightie I actually got for my honeymoon. It's the only thing that is comfy and easy to wear over the bump.
Stretch Marks: Yup, my old tummy ones are growing just a little bit more each day. You can see them.
Total Weight: Well hopefully it hasn't changed in the last week, but I don't think it has. I'm feeling good, eating my veggies like usual. I'm drinking more water this week since it's been hotter weather.
Aiden's Measurements: Aiden is now about 1.3-1.5 pounds and about 11.5 inches in length. He's getting so big these day, I'm starting to feel him more in my ribs when he stretches out. Oh and his home (my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball - creepy huh?)
Sleep: I've actually slept pretty well this week. It was a nice treat.
Movement: Well Aiden is getting a bit more active, I'm for sure noticing a pattern... he wakes up when I do in the morning, he moves around for lunch time and dinner time and then around 9 at night he gets active again. The other day I actually woke up in the middle of the night because of his moving around! I'm feeling him up above my belly button now too.
Cravings: Well the Lipton Green Tea with Citrus is still a huge hit this week, and mom cut some baby cucumbers which were yummy! Oh and strawberry jam, mom's homemade!
Belly Button: It's getting less deep these days. Who knows if it will pop out or just get flat....
What I Miss: I miss being comfortable. I feel full all the time, but hungry. I am getting aches in my sides/ribs, and grunt when I get up from the sofa.
What I Look Forward To: Well, I was looking forward to today. V-Day...this means that if Aiden were born anytime after today the Dr's would try to save him. Of course, he'll be in there for a while, but this was a big milestone.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away?!?

Wait, maybe you should stick around....

Ugh, what a day. I couldn't sleep at all last night, I feel like the bed got smaller, I just couldn't get comfy! Then I was going to try and find boxes somewhere today so I can pack up some more stuff, and go to the post office. It has been pouring down rain most the day and I am NOT going to go out in it. Sure, it's the northwest and half the year it's like this. I love the rain, but I just don't want to risk getting a cold right now. My nose is stuffy enough as it is!

Just for some fun, here is my view down for the day. I noticed when I was in the kitchen that I see boobs and belly as I look towards my toes.... it's kinda funny. Love it.

So now I have to find other things to keep me busy. Here is my list:
- make coffee or tea, still can't decide which sounds better.
- fold clothes in dryer
- dry sheets in washer and put pillow cases back on!
- unload/reload the dishwasher
- start looking up question for our peds interview next week

In other news, a girl on the bump has received some very sad news about her baby. Keep DairyGirl in your thoughts and prayers.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Madame Zaritska's Birth Reading....

What she senses for you
The day you deliver, outside will be rainy. Your baby will arrive in wee hours of the morning .

After a labor lasting approximately 4 hours, your child, a boy, will be born. Your baby will weigh about 6 pounds, 8 ounces, and will be 21 inches long. This child will have hazel eyes and a little patch of brown hair.

But there is more. I get the impression that you have some questions -- unresolved concerns you have been too shy to address with your caregiver. This is quite typical. You might appreciate some of the advice to some of these seemingly embarassing pregnancy questions.

With love,
- Madame Zaritska

Edit: 4 hours is nice, early morning is good, and it is a boy. That baby size would be nice too!! Oh and I am afraid of pooping during labor so i guess this is pretty good!

Take it yourself CLICK HERE

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

23 week pic....

Since I didn't get any weekly pics done last week thought I better get these up today. That's the first "bare bump" picture (besides the button shot from 2 days ago).

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

23 Weeks....will add real 23 week pic later...

Maternity Clothes: Absolutely. I got a new yellow and grey shirt at Target this week, even tried on a swimsuit, but I'm holding out on buying that!
Stretch Marks: Okay, it's official... my old stretch marks are growing now! You can see pink and purple spots starting to show up at the end of my old marks. They are growing upwards on my belly, goes along with baby growing. Oh well, what's a little more? It's love.
Total Weight: 22lbs. Bleh. At least I know it's all going to baby and my darn boobs. They are seriously starting to pull me down these days, a 40 E, really??
Aiden's Measurements: His heartbeat was 150 today, healthy as usual. He is about 11 inches, almost a foot from head to toe, and he is just over a pound or so. He's getting big...
Sleep: Geez, I miss it. Some nights I feel like sleep okay, but for the most part I'm tossing and turning all night and always tired during the day. I'm exhausted right now.
Movement: Yep, he's a mover and a shaker! He startd to move this morning and I told Kris to come feel, he put his head on the baby bump and he got a nice little jolt in the face. He even asked "was that you?!" I said "no hunny, I can't kick you with my own stomach!" He smiled, it was cute. Also this weekend I THINK I saw him kick from the outside...not 100% sure.
Cravings: The tomatoes and avocados mention in the previous post.
Belly Button: It's getting kinda wide and shallow. Sometimes it's a bit sore too.
What I miss: Umm, not having heartburn even when I take Zantac!
What I look forward to: His little movements getting stronger, I can't wait to see him really kick from the outside!

Yummy Snack!

Seriously yummy. Big fresh vine ripe tomato with salt and pepper and an avocado with lime juice! Mommy made it for me last night, this is now my fav. It's even healthy so I can enjoy it without guilt!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lanterns not a Mobile... YAY!

Okay so I have been trying to find a sock monkey mobile (the only ones I find are UGLY!) or trying to find a way to make one. I'm not having much luck and have lost excitement over the idea. Well I stumbled upon someone else's blog today with a picture of their nursery. I am BEYOND excited now, because I have the solution! I am going to do Chinese paper lanterns instead of a mobile. I found a website (in case craft stores don't help) where I can get paper lanterns in reds, browns, tans, and cream in sizes from 4 inch to 42 inch! This is perfect. I can do a cluster of like 6 or so above the crib putting them high enough we can still do his name on the wall in the wood letters. With the awesome art idea below for a shadow box.... with little brown monkey's instead of butterflies, this will be perfect!

Oh, and I had another great idea.... we will do his name above the crib, with the lanterns. We will have the monkey shadow box art probably by the wall with the book shelf, and then we can do a mural of scrapbook papers (see pictures I found) above the changing table. I'm thinking 4 big squares would be good for the space, but it depends on the papers I find in brown and red patterns. I also like the mounting scrapbook papers in red and black idea for our main living room art as well since gluing scrapbook paper to a white canvas is super cheap! Wow I'm feeling crafty!

Okay, I'm super excited now. I'm opening this up for comments.... I don't care if people say shit, I am happy and want to hear who read this and also what people think of my current nursery ideas. Oh and I'll add a picture of our bedding to this so you can get an idea of the browns, just add a deep red for the main wall and accents.....

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Oh my goodness! I am SOO excited right now! I have been trying to find monkey art work pictures to hang up in the nursery and I've had NO LUCK, except ugly things and $70 pictures. So I was trying to find something I could be crafty and make.... I found it! This is just a shadow box, they painted a piece of cork and then used those foam sticky dots to attach cut out shapes. She used free paint chip samples from home depot, she just picked up a ton in the color scheme of her nursery. Then she just put her daughters name in small wood letters in the middle. Now I plan to not put his name, since I am going to do big wood letters above his crib, but I can easily do some sort of paint chip or patterned scrapbook paper in the browns and reds. I may even be able to find Sock Monkey scrapbook paper to use!! Now, i just have to come up with a pattern or idea. See the pictures on the side for inspiration!

Katy's Graduation Party

So the day started off with mom and I going to Costco to pick up a few things and then of course since we were there we went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast! Two doughnuts and a medium coffee for like $2.50. Yummy! Then we went to the graduation party.

The party was more adults than anything, but it was still very nice. They had a BBQ in their backyard and had a little shrine set up to tribute Katy. Boy she has a lot of awards. She was the Senior Class speaker at graduation so they had her put her cap and gown on and repeat her speech for us all to hear. The cake was yummy too, it was just a costco cake, and in the pics it looks blue and green, but really was purple and green frosting. Go Heritage!

After the party, we stayed for about 3-4 hours, mom, me and Brock went to Party City to look at baby shower stuff. We picked out our party favors and the banner to hang up. We didn't buy anything yet, but it's fun to start planning. I didn't mind the invites they had, but I still wasn't WOWED by them.... perhaps I'll find some elsewhere. Mom and I even started talking about the menu. Anyway, here are some pics from the graduation party to enjoy....

Friday, June 12, 2009

April's Baby Shower 6-10-09

Since April didn't know if she was having a boy or a girl the baby shower was postponed until after baby was born. April 28th she had a healthy baby boy - Ezekiel Aaron. They shower was hosted by Geri and had a great turn out of good Alaska friends. The pasta salad Geri made was amazing and so yummy. It was great to hold the baby and see how well April is doing. It was also kinda fun being the only pregnant lady there. I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed some of the attention and can't wait to be having my own shower! Here are just a few pics I took and from Jen!

Reminders to myself....

Since I've packed up all my scrapbook stuff I have to remember which baby pages I need to do once I get settled so they don't get overlooked...

-19 week ultrasound/appointment
-belly progression pics (17, 19, 21, 22, 23-26 or 27 depends when I unpack!)
thing to be sure to write down in book...
- first movement 20 weeks exactly in the am
- daddy felt Aiden twice a few days later (but not since... yet!)

Other pages to do ASAP:
- car show
- tulips
- April's Shower/baby Ezekiel
- Memorial Day

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I went to Spanky's today and found this jacket that was originally $94 bucks with the tag still on it. It's a suede 0-6 month gymboree jacket. Now I would NEVER buy this otherwise but I got it for only $2!! Can you believe it?? I was soo proud of this little find. It will be super cute with a little pair of jeans. Here are pics of my super deal of the year!

22 weeks...

22 Weeks! Start of my 6th Month!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, of course. I tried wearing a new pair of jeans this week and Aiden gave me a sharp jab where the waistband was. He really hurt me to the point I had to lay down. Needless to say those pants didn't get worn and probably won't be.
Stretch Marks: Not that I know of, but my linea negra is getting more noticable.
Total Weight: Again not sure until next Tuesday when I go to the dr's. My belly is getting bigger but my clothes still fit...
Aiden's Measurements: Well the little guy should be a pound now. And about 11.5 inches or so.
Sleep: Well I am still getting up a lot to pee, but I feel more rested in the morning and worn out by bedtime.
Movement: Still not feeling him on a regular basis or really strong. I feel little goldfish flops here and there throughout the entire day and can always tell when he is sleeping. He likes to lay as low as possible and puts a lot of pressure on my very low stomach. It almost hurts having this cute boney lump there.
Cravings: Fried egg sandwiches!
Belly Button: Not as itchy right now. It's still in but I feel like the middle of my stomach around my belly button is starting to stretch.
What I Miss: Still miss Sushi. I just can't bring myself to spend money on sushi but boy do I still want it! I also miss being able to get up from sitting without grunting and needing to push myself off the sofa.
What I Look Forward To: Tomorrow is April's belated baby shower. I am excited to see some of the people that will be there and to see her little boy. Plus I get to wear a dress Annette brought me for the first time. Yippe. I just may post pics from tomorrow later this week.

Who reads this anyway?

I'm kinda curious... due to old comments I've changed the blog address and not reposted a link anywhere and disabled comments, yet in the last few days my views of this blog keep going up by quite a bit. I wonder who is reading it and how they found it. I am ALMOST tempted to allow comments again just to see. Perhaps on my next post I will.... who knows, I don't need anymore shitty comments.

Not much going on. I've been packing and our little apartment is being taken over by big boxes. I have some errands to run today but I thought I'd do my weekly baby update here first. Kris' foot is doing better, but the hole is still very impressive. He also ended up with a lovely cold the day after his foot incident. He has been working anyway of course, being a gimp and feeling sickly. He even came home yesterday and said he probably shouldn't have gone to work. I asked if he was going to take his day off today and rest. He looked at me like I was crazy and said "no, it's overtime - I'm working!". That's just how he is. This is him climbing up a telephone pole. Not his best smile but he said he was trying to balance and not fall!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Poor Kris!

So yesterday Kris was at work and he was in someone's backyard. Next thing he knew he heard a "pop" and felt instant pain in his foot. He stepped on a rusted nail sticking out of some board! It went right through his rubber soled boot and put a nice hole in his foot. He ended up going to urgent care and getting a tetanus shot and had to have a bigger hole cut into his foot so they could get the rubber from his shoe out! They numbed his foot too and the poor guy couldn't even walk on it! Today he stayed home from work because he couldn't even get out of bed without yelping!

Now I get to play nurse and clean out the wound and even made him fried egg sandwiches for breakfast and bought him a chocolate bar for later. Mom also came over for breakfast, it was really nice making it for all of us, normally mom does the cooking. Mom and I started making plans for Kris' birthday, and deciding Thanksgiving and Christmas plans. Very nice morning so far considering Kris' foot "hurts like a crapper" as he put it. :) Oh boy do I love his silly phrases!

Friday, June 5, 2009

21 weeks!

21 weeks!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, but nothing new. I'm already tired of my clothes.
Stretch Marks: Again, not sure.
Total Weight: Well I'm not sure. I feel like I have put on a little more weight, but I don't go to the dr. for another 2 weeks. I don't weigh myself at home.
Aiden's Measurements: Well the little guy is getting close to a pound. He's probably around 11 inches and 11 ounces.
Sleep: What's that? Lol No really i'm doing much better at sleeping lately. I've been waking up earlier, around 830 but then I fall asleep easier MOST nights.
Movement: Well I have felt him everyday since my 20 week mark. It hasn't been anything super strong or regular yet, but I feel him at least a few times a day. Kris did feel two tiny thumps one night, but we are waiting for him to get stronger.
Cravings: Well I've been eating Everything bagels with cream cheese non stop this week. Arizona green tea, citrus flavor. Oh and I rediscovered golden grahams this week!
Belly Button: Well it's still in and flat on my bump, but boy it has been itchy the last couple days. I'm not sure if that means it's growing or stretching or what.
What I Miss: Sushi. I really think I NEED to have it again soon. I also miss having multiple bras to rotate. I really only have one that fits to date and I dread going to buy more as I know I'm going to out grow them again soon!
What I look Forward To: Well I am going to the Rose Parade tomorrow. I'm kinda excited about that. We started packing today, looks like we ended up with an upstairs fully upgraded place! So now i'm even more excited!

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