Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bachelor Ben

watching the wedding
Oh gee Ben's Latin "swagger" made me laugh out loud.  He look hilarious in his all white and cool columbian hat.  The wedding they stumbled upon the bride walked down to the aisle to Cannon, *sigh* brought back memories to me.  Nicki talked more about her past marriage and got the rose on her date.

Group Date:
Look how cute Jamie and Kacie B look!

Baseball game with Ben.  Again, these athletic dates wouldn't be for me.  Looks like all the girls are loving it though.  Lindzi got picked by Ben as the automatic evening date goer.  I'm not a fan of Courtney, but I did like her team better, after all Kacie B and Jamie are my two top picks.  Boy these girls turned out to be pretty good ball players.  Talk about sore loser though, Blakeley really took the loss hard.  Plus she got really upset that Elyse was the last solo date.  I mean being upset is normal, but Blakeley was all like "I hope you throw up" when the helicopter showed up.

Here is Courtney's opinion {and of course my own} of the girls on her group/team:

Lindzi has an annoying personality.... yeah it's called charisma - get some.
Jamie is just a hot mess.... yeah, she sure is hotter than you!
Casey S has lack of interaction.... because she's your little shadow
Kacie B is a threat - as she should be feeling this.  After all Ben gave Kacie B the date rose.  Yay!


First off, can I just mention her silky quilted purple suitcase?  Umm, yuck!  So Ben seems to be going into his date with Elyse hoping his feelings will change while on the water... hmm, I'm not thinking that is gonna happen.  She starts laying it on thick, about how much she gave up to be there, and they should "screw everyone else and just getting married here".  Ben's rolled up tuxedo pants on the dinner portion cracked me up.  She's just sick of being single - oh she's just digging her own grave.  She isn't mentioning her feelings for Ben at all - it's all about feeling left behind and how she really wants to have the next step.  Bye Bye Elyse.... I thought it was sad how he picked up the rose during his speech, that gave her some false hope.  ouch.

Courtney again:  about Elyse's bag leaving "Maybe she drank too much and the jersey shore came out".  Wow, she has no class.  On her going skinny dipping - gag me.  She is all like "I don't think he's ever skinny dipping with a model before".  Puh-lease!  Get over yourself, she is not that hot.  It made me happy that even though Ben does skinny dip with her, in his interview he said "In my head I'm thinking this is a bad idea".  And then afterwards he said "Courtney and I shared an intimate moment and I feel really crappy about it".  YES!  Best response.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony:

Blakeley calmed herself down and told Ben how she was feeling, and I think that was really good for her.  Oh Emily, she just couldn't let it go could she.  Not much went on, so right to who went home.

Jennifer.  Whoa - I'm shocked, I really liked them.  She was #2 pick. 

Emily better watch it and really focus on Ben.  She's on thin ice.

My top 3:
1. Kacie B
2. Jamie
3. Hmm... I guess I'll put Lindzi back on my list for now.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Finished Quilt

I have managed to start and complete 2 quilts this year already and finish up Eli's.  I'm very proud of that.  Hoping I can continue to get sewing in once Eli is here! 

So here it is, quilt 3.  I'm in love with this quilt.  I love the colors and the binding, and it's the perfect lap size, yet again.  It measures 42.5 x 38.  Lap size seems to be my favorite to make, so quick and easy and perfect to snuggle with and read!

This quilt is for my dear friend Andrea.  This shade of green is soo very her, I made her a knit scarf years ago in almost this same shade.  So when I dug out the Pillow & Maxfield fabrics I decided it had to be for her!  This is a Christmas/Birthday present for her.  Her birthday is tomorrow actually!

I simply quilted straight lines on the edges and then along the sashing and snowballs.  Very simple, and I wish I would have used green thread on the back, but live and learn.  I was too excited to start quilting it to wait and buy more thread.  *sigh*  Scrappy binding of course!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fabric Tuesday: Eli's quilt!

I finally got Eli's baby quilt finished up!  This will be Eli's coming home blanket.  I just LOVE it to pieces.  It's Lily & Will 2 fabric with a brown fleece on the back.  I did simple straight line stitching and alternated yellow and aqua thread.  The binding is the same line, but it's a brown polka dot I didn't use on the front.  I can't even tell you how perfect the size is, I think it's like 36x40??  Great for a baby, and super soft!  We will probably use this as his carseat/travel blanket. 

Joing up at Quiltstory for Fabric Tuesday.

Bachelor Ben

So the first date goes to Rachel.  Poor Kacie B was sad.  She said "I wish this were just over and done with and we were just going to the grocery store".  I love it.

Ben rode in on a horse, he sure looks good riding a horse.


A date on a lake.  What a beautiful postcard view they were in.  The colors of the trees were great.  Maybe it's just me, but I don't like the nose ring on her.  I also doing think she is really attractive.  This date seems to be very boring, there isn't much talking going on.  Even when she was talking about how she has a hard time talking and opening up it was this awkward conversation.

Group Date:

Horse back riding and fly fishing.  This wouldn't be a date for me I'll tell you right now.  I'm afraid of horses and don't like touching fish.  Anyway, this isn't about me....  Courtney really annoys me.  I understand her wanting to use her opportunities when she can, but come on.  She's just soo freakin' annoying!  I'm glad Lindzi snuck in on their time, but I can't believe that Courtney caught a fish.  Gag me.  Courtney talks like a baby.  Oh geez, I'm sorry all these posts turn into Courtney bashing. 

Nicki's chat with Ben I thought was well spent.  Samantha just jumped right in and was like "what's the deal with the group dates".  She shouldn't have done that.  Ben pretty much shot her down and I thought it was kinda funny.  I'm surprised she didn't burst into tears right then and there when he just let her go.  Ben took Kacie B to his room to spend some quiet uninterrupted time, and even admitted he wanted to kiss her in the river.  I'm telling you she's the keeper in the bunch!  He even admitted "I'm in trouble with Kacie B, it's early and I'm feeling a lot for this girl".  Eee I'm happy.  Then Courtney's claw came out and the night was stolen by her and she played the pathetic card and the bitch got the rose!  She keeps saying "winning, winning" - seriously doesn't she realize that Charlie Sheen is NOT a good role model???


The picture above doesn't do Jennifer justice, she really is adorable, and the red is good on her.  The crater date was fun though, what an adventure.  They got right down to the "nitty gritty" and talked about relationships, then they were stormed on.  Nothing more fun than rain on a first date.  Clay Walker?  I don't know who that is, but how fun are these dates?  It's not the cheesy typical dates on the Bachelor, they are more homebody down to earth fun.  Ben was singing along and they were dancing. 

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony:

Well here goes the real drama....  So Emily bit the dust and told him about Courtney being different around the girls than him and as expected he told her that it may backfire on her own demise to focus on other girls and not her and Ben.  Then Casey S defended Courtney when Emily was talking to the girls.  Gag.  Of course I don't like Casey S either, so she can just go fly a kite if she is friends with Courtney.  Then of course Casey S went and tattled on Emily - this is really catty and pathetic.  I agree Emily shouldn't have spoken up, but this is all just dumb.  Then Courtney and Casey sit around and bitch about Emily right behind her, seriously this is just horrible.  Courtney is acting like such a bitch, I wish Ben could have been a fly on the wall to hear how she talks to the girls. 

Emily was saved in the end, she better make the best of her time with Ben!  Monica got the boot.

My final 3 remain unchanged:

1. Kacie B

2. Jennifer
3. Jamie even though there wasn't much of her this week.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

My name is Kerri & I'm a book hoarder....

So I think it's time to admit I'm starting to have a problem.  I have always been a book reader, I love books of all types.  One year in college I had an hour bus ride each way to campus/work and in 3 months I read 19 Danielle Steel novels.  I was so proud of that, it clearly still makes me proud.

The last 2 years, this will be my 3rd year, I have been doing a reading goal with other stay at home moms.  2010 I completed 26/25. My original goal that year was 12 and I had to up it half way through the year to 25.  Last year I completed 30/30.  My goal again this year is 30.  It was a tight finish in 2011 but with a newborn this year I think 30 is still a good tough goal.  So far in 2012 I have already completed 4 books... I'm on my 5th already in 21 days!!

Well my bookshelf doesn't hold all my books, my mom has probably 5 or 6 of my books on her shelf and today, today I rented 2 more from the library and mom and I went to goodwill and bought more books!  How many more?

This many more....

Plus there is a book for Aiden we bought too that didn't make the picture.  In my defense, the Tom Clancy books were cheap and new for my dad.  The My Sergei is a figure skaters memoir for my brother and the rest are for me to read, and mom to read.  I've read all the Twilight series, but for 2.99 and 3.99 each I got them, now I just need the last one to have the set.  And Memoirs of a Geisha and A Million Little Pieces have been on my to read list for awhile.  So I'm thrilled with my new lot. 

Best part?  We spent $53 on the books and I totaled up the original price, using the ones listed on the book covers themselves, and it was at $205.26!  We saved 150$ on these books.  Woot!  I have a problem, one day there will be a show called "BOOK HOARDERS" and I'll be on it...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bachelor Ben

So right off in the intro we learn that Ben thinks Jennifer is so far the best kisser... that's a juicy tidbit to share with his sister.


Climbing a bridge, yeah I would have freaked out too.  Kissing on top of the bridge sure is romantic though.  Emily seems really down to earth, and she is working on a PHD which is always good, shows she has commitment and motivation right?  I loved how at dinner Ben is so not bitter about Ashely last season.  That's a good look into his personality.  And how funny is it that she was "matched" with her brother.  The fireworks as they kissed though, some of these stunts are so darn cheesy. 

Group Date:

This whole "leap list" I have never heard of this.  Skiing on the streets of San Fran?  Hmm, okay Ben, that's a bit strange.  I love the guys standing on the side watching all the ski bunnies in bikinis.  Kudos to Jamie for being the only one not in a bikini!  I do give credit to Kacie B too - she would be me for sure, falling all over the place, but it won her points! 
I love how Kacie B took Ben to "sneak out" - at least other girls *cough, Blakely, cough* can't steal him away.  I think she won points though for being open about her feelings.  Ben said "she sparkles" - aww I really like her. 


I applaud her, I love when women make the right choice instead of staying for their 15 minutes.  I am glad she didn't go on her date before leaving too, way to give it to someone who really wants it.  Sad to see her go but she wasn't on my list anyway.


So she was the runner up for Brittney's date.  Ice cream cones and the trolley tour, these dates aren't too bad at all.  I have a feeling Ben has a lot of input on his dates instead of letting them all be decided for him.  I'm not really sure what to say about their date, they seem to  be having a wonderful time, but the only thing that stood out to me was them playing the red piano together.  I like a guy who can play piano.  Lindzi was on my top the first 2 weeks, but this week she just didn't bring it for me, I am not sure now if I want her in my top 3.

Rose Ceremony/Cocktail Party:

Jennifer is the only red head and she wears it well, and she's pretty sweet.  Plus he keeps saying she's the best kisser of the bunch, then he even told her and they kissed - now all the girls do know.  She just might be moving up.  Nicki played a card game with Ben, like a Q&A thing, that was a cute - but of course Courtney thinks it's juvenile.  I just can't stand Courtney and everything she says is just horrible.  I sure hope Ben finally sees it, there is always one who have a split personality - the girls see one side and the bachelor sees another.  So frustrating.  I don't like Elyse - she looks a bit goth to me tonight.

Courtney's crying fit was so fake to me "I don't need to find love like this!"  Oh geez, what's one more to her - she seems to think she is God's gift to men.  All these girls seem to think Ben has not talked to Shawntel before tonight, but it seems like they have had a connection prior to the show.  Erika passing out is classic.  She has hardly had time with Ben as it is - and she's that upset?  I don't get these girls sometimes.  And Jaclyn is crying and upset, again, she is just jealous, I think she's ugly anyway. 


Shawntel from Bachelor Brad's season!  Dun, dun, dun!  If you recall she was the mortician who put Brad on the slab.  "Holy Shit" is Ben's reaction when he sees her walk out to him.  That can't be good for the other girls!  I would have been one of the spying girls too just for the record.  I can't believe how speechless he is.  She is a better pick than some of the others left in the game. 

In the end he of course sent Shawntel home along with 2 others, good for him.  That's technically 4 gone today. 

My Top 3:
1.  Kacie B
2.  Jamie
3.  Jennifer maybe?

Quilt Finishes

First up is a baby quilt I made for a friend at Christmas.  I just call it "Brielle" aka the baby's name.

Next up in my mom's surprise quilt.  This quilt started out as a Kaleidoscope quilt last year, I had all the pieces cut up but just did NOT like how it looked on my design wall.  I put it away and finally just made something up with the fabric I had.  Turned out I LOVED how it looks, and mom just adores it.  I made her a rice heating pack to match.  She curls up with both nightly.  I call her quilt "Soul Blossoms Love Triangle"

This is Brock's quilt I made for his birthday.  He was surprised as well and had even seen this quilt in various stages on my design wall.  I also made him a matching heating rice pack.  I don't have any official completed photos, he was supposed to take some and send to me, but well, that hasn't happened yet.  I also failed to name this one...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A little Aiden Photo update

It's been awhile since I have really updated on Aiden's life.  He is just growing up so quickly and getting soo smart if I do say so myself.  He talks A LOT and it's all so clear that most people assume he's 3.  Here are some of his latest pics I just adore.

He told me "I drew an E"... sure looks like an E to me....and a heart!

He's very into taking self pics on my phone now

And lastly Aiden fell asleep on Eli. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Bachelor Recap

Let's just jump right into the fun....

Kacie B:

How did I miss her last week?  She is adorable!  I love her personality and her smile is so genuine.  Her outfit for her first date, THE first date, was very appropriate.  Not too hoochie, but comfy and fun.  She seems like a fun person to be with too, willing to play the piano, marching down the street twirling a baton.  Such a perfect little date.  Then Ben makes it even better by taking her to this sweet theater and watching home movies of them.  What a great thing to do on a first date!  Then Ben and her got all emotional over watching his dad, *tear*.  Loved it, loved her!  Got the first date rose, and some good kissing.  She is up high on my list now!  We could have just ended the show after their date and I would be happy.

Group Date:

Great way for Ben to find out who is fun and can work well with kids.  Some of the ladies go a bit over the top of course, but if you can overcome the embarrassment then more power to them!  What the hell was Blakey wearing today - but I loved the little mexican boy who goes "she did good".  Lol.  Britney and Jamie failed on their turns.  When it came down to the costumes, I think it's hilarious - I would have about died doing this if it were my date.  Ben sure did a cute job acting...
If only I could have found a picture of Ben as the "naked sheep" this would have been a much happier post.  Jennifer's alone time in the hot tub, way to go her, he totally just shut her up and went in for a make out session.  Boo to Blakely getting the rose.


"Winning" oh boy, yes, looking up to Charlie Sheen is a great role model.  When she gets her date card she keeps saying things about kissing, spin the bottle - umm hello, he makes wine for a living, I'm sure that was the idea behind the comment.  Oh I love how she pulls the typical model line about being a model guys don't ask her out because they are intimidated.

*sorry - I missed the romantic dinner portion of Courtney's date and didn't start watching again until he was talking to Jamie again.  Aiden was awake*

Cocktail Party:

My dislike of Blakely is growing quickly.  I always hate the ladies who take over all the time even though they are safe.  It shows a lot of insecurity on her part.  Then she took him away for a 2nd time during the rose ceremony.  Oh geez, Blakely is stilling even MORE time with her hiding in a corner crying....Jenna is in bed crying.  Oh the drama has started early this season.

Glad Jennifer got a rose, not thrilled about most of the others.  Like Monica, could live without her moving on.  Glad Jamie is still holding on too.  Jenna is on her way out though.  So sad, after last week though I am completely fine with that.  She redeemed herself a bit this week, but clearly not enough.

My Top Picks:
1.  Kacie B pulled ahead
2.  Jamie
3.  Lindzi

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Bachelor is BACK!

So excited Ben F is the Bachelor this season.  I loved him last season, I hope he really finds a good one.  Now, let's talk about Ben for a moment shall we.... I think he is goofy and has this good look in a down home kinda way.  That being said.... what kind of cheesy posed photo is this thanks to ABC?

I mean really?  We all know he is a Winemaker but did they really need to go this far for the photo shoot??  I mean this is just as pathetic as Jake's "On the Wings of Love" we had to suck up and deal with for an entire season.  I will not be using this picture in my blog posts for the remainder of the season.  Instead I found a much more normal picture to use:

There were some really awful intros to Ben this season.  There were too many horrible ones to catch all the names, but here is my list of awkwardness... 

-  the girl who screwed up her quote
-  the girl who was all like "I'm nervous" and then just stood there {there were 2 who just stood there dumbstruck}
-  the lawyer who said he was "guilty of being sexy"
-  the one who brought her granny
-  the one who said to ask her a wine question but then couldn't answer
-  the one who just walked right past him
-  the one who said "I miss my dog"
-  who could forget the one who rode in on a horse {although she's from the NW!}
-  the one whose last name was Bacon, and he made her kiss "canadian bacon"...the "baconator!"

I'm sure there were more horrible ones, much less memorable good ones that's for sure...  Really smooth ladies.  Kudos to the girl who stole the first kiss - way to go.  I think they really tell these ladies to be as corny and weird as possible.  I was cheering when he said "I'm really feeling these brunettes".  Good for him.

Here are my top picks, usually my top picks stay similar all season, I also always pick a winner on night one.... here we go...

Jamie:  {my #1 as of night one}
What is not to like about Jamie from NY.  She took custody of her young siblings because she had no dad and her mom had dependency issues.  She's an OB nurse and she has a great personality and is beautiful. She didn't get the first impression rose, but she got the first rose at the ceremony.  Love her.

She had really good charisma.  She was "bubbly" as Ben put it.  She has a stable job, not some flaky model, and again, she's a beautiful brunette... what a smile. 

Lindsey {or Lindzi C as ABC spells it online?}

Her intro video wasn't bad, she's the best looking "blonde" in the bunch, and he apparently liked her riding in on a horse.  I just like her because she seems normal.  I'm a bit confused though, her ABC bio says she is from Florida, but she said Bellevue/Seattle on her tape and that's what the show caption said.  Hmph.

My NO list:

I do NOT like Courtney. I don't like how cocky she was from the start, I didn't like her little video interview, I don't think she is really THAT attractive, who cares if she is a model.  I have heard some rumors about this one, so we will see how far she goes.

What can we say about Jenna.  Cry baby?  Already having bad drama is never a good sign.  For goodness sake she locked herself in a bathroom to cry. Jenna isn't gonna get far like that. Who cares why Monica is here, Jenna needs to not worry about the others in the house.

The 2nd half of the drama club.  Not pretty, very immature and not worthy of staying.  I don't know what was going on with her and Blakely tonight, and I do NOT like her weird cackle/laugh.  She also admitted she felt absolutely nothing for Ben so far, I mean she should at least be intrigued or find him attractive if she is staying.

Random comments about tonight's cocktail party:

I don't think a single one of the blondes, or semi blonde's, is pretty.  Honestly, I think they all have weird noses or just look super fake.  He did a good job weeding some of them out tonight at the rose ceremony.  I also think Blakely has a long horse face.  Elyse reminds me of the Days of Our Lives actress Nadia Bjorlin {she used to play Chole}.   Monica and Blakely are acting like lesbians, drunk much?  Kickball in dress clothes is some good wholesome kind of fun. 

Season previews:

Lots of crying, it looks like everyone cries at least once.  An ex-girlfriend of Ben's comes back to ruin all the fun.  Courtney is a two faced bitch, I also think it was Courtney who went skinny dipping with Ben, looked like her for sure.  The rose ceremony is going to be a good one, doubts are never good.  Should be a good season. 

Anyone else have opinions? 
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