Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Monday, August 31, 2009

Ten On Tuesday!

10 Things You Hate About Traveling

I can get on board with this topic! I may not be a huge traveler like I'd like to be, but I worked for an Airline for 3 years and I think I can put that experience to work here.

1. Pee Breaks. This is a personal one, I always have to pee, it was bad even before I had a baby sitting on my bladder. This is really bad when we are driving (like we did to Reno this month) and I am constantly wondering if I should "try" at this rest area or if I can make it to the next. However, this is a problem when flying too. Do you go before security? Do you hold it and hope you get through security quickly and will have time before you board the plane? Then once on the plane there is always the fact that you have to stand in the galley and wait, and the space is soo small. Bleh.

2. Security Lines. Working for the airline I personally have no problems with them wanting me to take off shoes and baggies of small liquids yada yada. I DO have a problem with people who think they are better than the TSA. I mean seriously, why would you argue with the TSA about keeping your coffee. There are signs clearly posted and unless you haven't traveled in 20 years you should know better. You are no more special than someone else just because you look cute in those $400 heels... you still must take them off! Ugh, it just irks me soo much. I can't tell you how many people told me they could get through with their bottles of wine and expensive beauty products. Only for me to go behind them and collect them and get to keep them myself because you wouldn't listen in the first place!

3. Security Lines part 2. LACK OF CONSISTENCY! Half of the problem mentioned in #2 is because the small airports like Spokane don't enforce the rules as strictly as places like LAX because obviously LAX not only has many more travelers, but they deal with a ton of international flights. It's just frustrating when people say "oh well I brought this here in my carry-on" and I have to fight with them and tell them they shouldn't have been able to get through security with it and they won't make it through here.

4. Passengers on cell phones. Just because you must say goodbye to everyone you know before your 1hr flight doesn't mean you should hold up everyone else. People on cell phones talk loudly, they don't pay attention to announcements, they don't watch where they are pulling their luggage.... seriously, call before the airport or call after you have made it to the waiting to board area.

5. Rude flight attendants. If you don't like serving nuts and drinks in the air and dealing with people's puke and rude attitudes then find a new job. Just smile and nod or I might trip you when you come down the aisle!

6. People who poop in airplane bathrooms. Come on man, if you feel like you are going to need to sit in the bathroom for 20 mins just to poop it all out, buy some pepto and take it before the flight. Or Imodium or something. It's awful to be the person after you.

7. Talkative people on the plane. I didn't buy my expensive ticket just to make friends on the plane.

8. Packing. I can't pack well at all. I always want to over pack. I mean a girl needs options right? And what if the weather changes from what it was the last time you looked it up. My bag always ends up heavy and I never wear everything I packed. Then I never have room for the things I bought while on vacation. I just hate packing.

9. Getting lost. I hate not knowing where I am and where I am going. Driving in circles drives me insane. I like traveling to towns that I know or small places where it's easy to find your way. Thankfully the hubs had his GPS on our RENO road trip.

10. When it's over. As much crap as there is when traveling, it's always sad when vacations are over and you have to try and pack everything up again and come home!

Join in on the fun over at Ten on Tuesday!

The randomness on my mind today....

So that cold I was getting, I'm doing pretty well, haven't even been taking medicine! I wake up with sinus pain and a sore throat but after a while and some tea for breakfast it seems to go away. My hubs on the other hand is SICK! S-I-C-K! He coughs all night long, he can hardly talk in the morning, he went to work yesterday and today got a call when he woke up saying not to come in. His boss said he needed him on Wednesday because they are busy and he needed to stay home today and rest and enjoy his day off tomorrow as well. So What does the hubs do? Rolls over and says "I want french toast and scrambled eggs, in bed". I'm just glad that his boss told him to stay home, Kris doesn't believe in taking sick days, he would rather just suffer through and get work done!
I like taking care of him though, so I didn't mind the breakfast request. I made a huge spread of french toast (3pieces each!) scrambled eggs, bacon and a huge glass of apple juice. He was a happy camper. Now we are just being lazy and watching bad tv. I made him some tea too, i'm hoping he kicks this cold soon, I don't want to pick it up again!

In non-sick news...

This morning Aurora was laying by my stomach, the only space on the bed she could find, and i'm pretty sure she felt a kick from Aiden. I felt him kick and I was watching her and her ears immediately bent backwards. Then it happened again. She got up, turned around and licked my bare tummy, then got down. I still don't know if she understands, but I thought this morning was cute.

The shower, which I have yet to get all the pics from, I'm trying to be PATIENT and wait for the rest from my brother before I post about it, went wonderfully. I just finished writing all of my thank yous and I am soo proud of myself. I never get thank you's done. I think it took me 6 months after my wedding to get them sent out. I have one more shower on Sept 26th with my in-loves and all of Kris' family. I am just as excited for that one because I get tons of Filipino food!

Lastly, I heart Big Brother. I really do. I wanted Jeff to be the one to win all the money and take Jordan to Hawaii with him. I am very sad that poor Jeff is on the block, and unless something AMAZING happens, he will be sent to the jury house this week. So now I don't know who I want to win. Jordan I guess, but honestly, I don't think she'll make it to the end without Jeff. Perhaps Kevin, he hasn't been too evil this whole game. Michelle annoys the crap out of me and I think Natalie is a spoiled this twit. I guess only time, and my website that tells me what happens days before tv does, will tell.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Woe is Me.

I had a sore throat last night, but it wasn't that bad. Really I thought nothing of it. Well I was wrong. Woke up this morning with a bad sore throat. It is just getting worse. I can't swallow. It's making me tired and feel worn out. It's making my heartburn even worse. I have been sucking on cough drops (strawberry halls!), I have made me some Earl Grey tea with lots of honey. I even took a 1.5hr nap, which if you have been following my pregnancy updates you know I haven't been able to sleep well. Seriously, I can be falling asleep sitting up and as sure as I lay down I am wide awake. So to lay down and just pass out felt great, but didn't help my throat! I've been sending horribly sad woe is me texts to the hubs, who seems to also have a sore throat.

What great timing. This evening, in about 4hrs, my good friend Andrea is going to be here and will be staying at my house all weekend. Tomorrow is my shower too. Perfect. I just hope I don't get Andrea sick, that would make me feel soo bad. Plus, the only cold medicine I have in the house is Dayquil and Nyquil, which does me NO GOOD. The hubs can enjoy it but I need to go get me the Dr. approved Sudafed (sp? know that isn't right and I don't care to fix it) or Tylenol stuff. Bleh. I soo am not wanting to leave the house feeling like this.

At least it's gray and raining outside. I love this weather, oddly it makes me feel better. Perhaps it's because it matches how I feel. I haven't even played Farm Town, that's how bleh I feel. I'm gonna go read my book.

Woe is me. Thank you for listening to me whine. And if you could send some cheese over for me to enjoy with my whine I'd appreciate it. I like cheddar, not this fancy smell bad crap.

Baby Hiccups.

Aww, I feel bad. Aiden doesn't get hiccups very often, or at least not that I feel. He had them on Monday for a few minutes, then he had then yesterday for just about 2 minutes, and right now he's been having them for 4 minutes (that's i've been counting) and still going. I feel awful cuz I can't make them stop! Poor little guy. I hope they stop for him soon. I also hope that I don't start feeling them all the time. I know a lot of women say it happens all the time and lasts a while, but I haven't had that problem yet. We will see I guess. It just makes me feel helpless. The best I can do is to comfort him by rubbing his little butt that is sticking up.

Oh and I'm sitting at my mom waiting for the carpet cleaners to show up and all I can see is her BBQ grill outside - i want to go scrub it clean soo bad. Came out of nowhere, but the sun shining on it shows all the dust. I won't though, I don't feel like getting up. Can you say NESTING??

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mama Kat's Writing Assignment

Well I missed last weeks so I feel this weeks should more than make up for it. Unfortunately I don't really have a lot to say on any of the topics. I have, however, had some experience with topic #4 and will enlighten you with a few things that I have broken. Click HERE to join in on the writing assignment fun!!

How Did You Break It?

I have broken a lot of things over the years, and have decided a short list will best do for today. We will start with my 2 most recent broken objects and finish off with 2 of the first things I recall breaking. Take note that of the oddball out in my 4 examples.

My Toe: Yep, I posted a blog all about it. I was getting up in the middle of the night to walk out a leg cramp, and to pee, and my entire left leg gave out from underneath me. It was awful. I fell hard on my butt and somehow managed to land smack onto my left foot. My poor little pinky toe really had no way to escape. It broke. It was ugly. It became all purple and blue and the colors ran down the side of my foot. It's been a month now and it is still a little tender if I put pressure on it. At least the color has returned to normal and I can wear shoes again!

Our New Sofa: Yep, NEW. I seem to break chairs a lot. I will give 2 examples next, but a sofa? We got a lovely new black leather sofa earlier this year. It is kinda overstuffed and the arms are very "fluffy". Meaning when you lay down they are like pillows built in for you head. It's great. Well, there isn't much to how I broke it. I can't put shoes on very well anymore thanks to my growing belly, so I naturally just sit on the arm of the sofa closest to the door where my shoes generally are. After who knows how many times I had done this, it gave way. I sat down and all of a sudden heard a nice "crack" and felt like I sank down a little. After my husband inspected it we learned that the piece of wood that sits under the fluffy pillow part is what broke. Lucky for us it has another support for the arm itself, but well, you now have to lean against that side carefully. And I am no longer allowed to sit on the arms of the furniture.

A Recliner Chair: So back in middle school my best friend Tori and I always used to settle into a reclining rocking chair that was in my mom's living room. Somehow we would both fit, but we would be at odd angles and putting weight on both arms of the chair. Well, one glorious day we were sitting in our favorite chair, most likely watching some *Nsync concert tape, and the chair split. The arm that my butt was nicely resting on snapped away from the rest of the chair. So the entire side of the chair was just dangling off to the side. It was pathetic. Of course we all laughed at the time, but I am not so sure my mom was thrilled I broke the comfy chair.

A Porch Swing: So Tori and I were again in middle school, perhaps 9th grade, but we were young and still in love with *Nsync. It was a lovely evening and we were swinging on the wood porch swing. We weren't goofing off, or doing anything other than 2 girls rocking back and forth and enjoying our gossip of the week. Out of nowhere a nice loud break was heard and then an even louder "SPLAT". That's right folks, this was the start of all the chair breaking. The entire swing came undone from the wood planks it was hanging from (I blame my uncle) and fell right onto the concrete porch. Mom came running out and there was a mix of laughter at the two of us still sitting on the swing, on the ground, with the chains and wood plank still attached sitting around us. The swing itself thankfully wasn't broken, but I never sat on it again.

There you have it, a few things that I have broken. For a girl who struggled with weight all my life and had low self-confidence growing up, breaking chairs is bad. I'm surprised I can still laugh at these stories. However, the fact that I continue to break chairs (or sofas as the case may be) I have a healthy fear of being the lady who sits down in public and the chair gives way under her. I think I'd rather keep breaking my toe...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

*sigh* Oh Wednesday!

I don't know why, but I'm just soo not in the mood to do my usual Ten on Tuesday or Way Back When-esday and Wordful Wednesday. I'm tired. I got hit by the nesting bug today too. I had Kris hang up the pictures and shelf and Aiden's name on the wall today. I cleaned our bathroom and sorta cleaned the spare bathroom. I cleaned off our window ledge in the dining room which was a nesting ground for crap. Kris is bringing home a book shelf to go under our tv so I can FINALLY organize and unpack our DVD's and movies. I just haven't had the desire to sit at the computer. Now I'm here and I'm just tired. I don't have any good pics (I posted the RENO ones earlier this week) and I didn't really feel inspired by the subject for Ten on Tuesday.

I'm not even super inspired by Mama Kat's writing assignment for tomorrow. I will do it though, but it just may not be as thrilling as my past posts have been. I'll apologize now for that one.

I didn't even spend a lot of time on Farm Town today! That just proves how soo not into sitting at the computer I am today!

Kris got off work really early today and came home for a while, he is now working on his cousin's car and will be home soon. His boss told him today that he is one of the top workers and when he goes to switch his days off (in Oct for the baby - he currently has Tues/Thur off) that he can take Sun/Mon off because he deserves partial weekends. I thought that was awesome, we were just wanting him to have 2 days off in a row. We were expecting Wed/Thur or MAYBE Thur/Fri. This will be wonderful. He really does have a great job, I'm happy he is soo happy there and his boss just loves him.

In other news my baby shower is this Saturday. I can't believe we are to this point. I am excited! 3 out of my 4 bridesmaids will be in town, and one will even be staying at my place all weekend! I am sure you will get lots of pics of the shower and my friends this weekend. Should be a lot of fun.

Welp, that's it. I'm out of exciting news. I'm going to go back to drinking my coffee and waiting for Kris - I am sadly very excited to work on the DVD case as soon as he walks in the door.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

33 Weeks!

So in 6 weeks, yes 6 not 7, I will be a mommy. I will be holding my son. I can't wait!!

Maternity Clothes: You know it. I should be able to wear what I have until the end. *crosses fingers*
Stretch Marks: They are just getting longer and longer going up my belly. Oh well, that's life.
Total Weight: 38lbs. I thought it was 39, but I was wrong. Today at the Dr. I didn't gain a single pound. Even after that cake in Reno (see pic in below posts) I didn't gain anything at all. Yay!
Aiden's Measurements: According to books he is about 4.5lbs and about 18 or so inches long. It's crazy to think he is that big inside me. Of course he feels that big stretched out in there some days.
Sleep: Boy do I miss a good nights sleep. Even taking Tylenol PM I toss and turn all night, I get up to pee all the time. I had a great nights sleep in Reno, 6hrs straight!, but not since then.
Movement: Yeah he moves all the time now, I feel him stick his little butt up and down most the time and his little feet on my middle and upper left. This morning Kris was talking to him about where the "exit" was and he started shoving his head and hands down hard on my pelvis. It hurt, I told him it was NOT time to exit!
Cravings: Nothing too much really. I don't seem to "crave" things, but I enjoy my usual more often. Like good tortilla chips and cheese dip, or bagels and cream cheese.
Belly Button: I'm starting to think it may stay in. It looks threatening sometimes but still doesn't stick out.
What I Look Forward To: My shower! My shower being thrown by my mom is this coming Saturday. It seems like it will be a small affair, but that's fine with me. My closest female friends will be there and that is what I can't wait for.
What I Miss: Sleeping well. Being comfortable, I feel like I'm constantly shifting even when just sitting here on the sofa trying to get more comfortable. I can't bend over very well either.
Highlights: Besides Reno last week, we got the crib all set up. So now his room is ALMOST finished. I just need to do all the decorative stuff, but I feel much more prepared for bringing him home now.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A giveaway that I WANT to WIN!

So over at Mama Kat's she is having a giveaway. It's for a new blog layout by Jessica over at This, That & Your Blog. I'm not gonna lie, I'm posting about this because it will give me another entry into the contest, and I'm desperate. Point is, you should go check out Mama's Losin' It most importantly, but also you too can enter in the contest! I should warn you though, I have a leg up on the competition. ;)

Click HERE to read about the giveaway!

This, That & Your Blog

Why a lack of Posts??

Well besides the fact I was gone all last week and spent the weekend resting and cleaning and doing all the laundry from our trip.... I have a confession to make.


It's a silly little application on Facebook and I used to be addicted to Mafia Wars. Then I found this cute little Farm Town. Now instead of fighting and robbing people I get to harvest my fields and play with pigs and cows and build up my farm. It's very silly and yet I just spend 3 hours this morning on it! 3 HOURS. I didn't mean to spend soo long on it, but well I sat down with my coffee and bagel and my morning tv and here it is noon and I need to shower and do something REAL for a change.

I'll try to post a more entertaining blog later on today (perhaps along the lines of Big Brother). I can't wait to get back in the swing of blogging, I missed all my fun weekly memes! I haven't even read my book that I am halfway through and can't wait to finish. Maybe I'll put the computer away and read too. That might be stretching it though.

PS - If you are on Facebook and have FARM TOWN, we should be neighbors! ;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm not even sure where to begin. This may get long and I apologize now. We have 106 photos too so I'm going to do my best to stick to a FEW that really sum up our trip.

The car ride was good going down to Reno. We left at 5am and went to Krispy Kreme, too bad the first one wasn't open yet and we had to go to the next one down the freeway. Got our sugar rush on and watched the sunrise. We didn't stop for lunch going down, we had packed snacks like pepperoni and cheese and crackers, apples and tangerines. The Shasta's were pretty, but there was a 2hr stretch of highway with no rest stop, towns, or anything. Kris had to pull over to relieve himself behind a tree, but I somehow managed to make it until our next town. I was a bit worn out that night around dinner time but otherwise the drive wasn't as bad as expected. 9hrs.

During our stay we spent time at the pool which had sand around it like a beach. We ate lots of food, my fav was Claim Jumper and my cake which was on Food Network's top 5 most decadent desserts list. It was HUGE and YUMMY. It took me 3 days to eat! We gambled of course, I only played/lost $40 bucks of my hubby's and he actually won $100 bucks on a penny slot. He rubbed my belly for luck all week which I thought was super cute. Aiden wiggled a lot to the slot machine sounds, I think he'll be a gambler like his daddy! We went bowling and played 2 games. I got a strike and was celebrating and slipped on the floor! I landed on hands and knees and scuffed up my left knee really badly - I didn't hit my belly though and baby is fine. I'm soo not graceful! I started crying and Kris looked around and told me that no one saw. I thought it was sweet he knew my pride was hurt more at first than anything. Then later he helped me doctor up my wound.

Kris and my brother went on this ULTIMATE RUSH ride and loved it. After 2 times in a row though the hubs felt a bit sick. I slept soo well on our trip too. We had a king size bed (we got a free room upgrade!) and I had 5 pillows just for me! One night I actually slept all night (6hrs) without waking up at all to take tums or go pee! It felt soo amazing. So good in fact that I stole the pillow when we left in hopes i'd sleep as well at home. I got my toes painted and got an hr long massage. The table was heated and Aiden hated that so I didn't get to enjoy that part of the experience, but the lady was great and it felt really nice. She told me that my hands and feet aren't swollen at all, but that I have water retention in my back?!? I had NO IDEA that such a thing could happen, but now I know. The robe they give you to put on didn't really fit around me. I had to hold it at the bottom of my belly in order to cover up my cooter.

The drive back wasn't as enjoyable as going. I spent a good amount of time reading my book, The Time Traveler's Wife, which I am in love with and half way done with now. The drive took 11 hours coming back which sucked a bit. We did drive through the hours of Mt. Shasta nothingness quicker since we now were going downhill so the pee problem wasn't as worrisome. My mom felt sick halfway home which made me feel bad. It also got dark since we drove back in the evening and I couldn't read. So I just sat (I don't sleep in cars, just can't). Kris did had a mini plastic recorder that he got in the arcade and he blew that and sang on the drive. We all got the giggles for about 20 minutes for no reason too. It wasn't soo bad, it just took soo much longer and we were all tired and a bit cranky.

Overall the trip was wonderful. I enjoyed having time away from home, I enjoyed playing in the pool with Kris, I enjoyed the king size bed and my chocolate cake. I even enjoyed losing my money!

Post 100!

I'm back from Reno and notice that this is my 100th post! I can't believe it. I think I have too much to say, cuz it didn't take long to get to 100! I have lots to say today as well. I am going to start with a non-reno post because that will be a long one. So my 100th post is going to be all about....


That's right, I finally have some pictures to share with you all. Our changer/dresser arrived just a few days before we left on our vacation, and our crib was waiting for us when we got back! Kris put them together very lovingly and I finished doing the name letters for the wall. Today my in-loves took me to get the crib mattress. Now we just need to hang up the art and get the glider chair from my dad probably next month. It will be in the corner by the window. We are just down to the little details and organizing clothes and such. Yay! Now, for the fun stuff... the pictures! Enjoy!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

You're Gonna Miss Me...

.....When I'm gone!

I'll be leaving tomorrow morning at, oh, about 430am! We started packing and we are trying to get the house cleaned up (no one likes to come home to a messy place!) and are hopefully going to bed early tonight. Our crib is due to come in while we are gone too, so when we get back we will have to set that up - super excited about that!

I will not be logging onto the Internet at all while I am on vacation in R-E-N-O, so I'll have to spend Friday catching up on posts. Don't miss me too much when I'm gone, and I promise to fill my blog with photos and tales of the 10hr drive (each way!) when I return.

Much love bloggeroos. Keep me in your thoughts and wish me well on the long drive being 8-months preggo and all. *sigh*

Saturday, August 15, 2009

6 on Saturday

This weeks topic is: 6 things you do, used to do, or would like to do to relax! Join in on the fun over at 6 on Saturday.

1. Read a good book. I just finished A Thousand Splendid Suns and loved it. I want to read The Kite Runner now. However, starting Monday as soon as I get in the car (at 430am!) I will be reading:

2. Nap. Who doesn't love a good nap to relax and refresh! I could nap all the time.

3. Painting or getting my nails painted. Now, being pregnant painting my toes isn't very relaxing anymore, but I love taking time for myself and then having pretty fingers for a week.

4. A bath or a long hot shower. I love to turn the water really hot and then open the window by the shower ledge and let the cold air in. It's a great combo, I love the fall air and how it smells and then having hot water keep you warm but you don't get overheated. Oh, I wish to do this right now!

5. Speaking of showers.... use this lovely product on you in the shower. It was a random find but I love it. It smells yummy and it makes your skin all tingly when you get out.

6. Lastly, if it were a perfect relaxing day I would be sitting on my patio in a sweater and jeans watching the fall leaves turn colors and fall off with a cup of coffee or tea and it would be crisp and cloudy and it would be drizzly and my husband would be sitting next to me reading the paper or something. *sigh* It sounds soo wonderful.

Saturdays' To Do List:

Okay here we go, my plan for the day:

- Finish my second cup of coffee while writing this blog.
- Shower and get out of my nightgown and into something decent for the day
- Do the dishes
- Separate and start laundry
- Start packing for the trip we are taking on umm, Monday morning? (why to slack here...)
- Go with my mom and bro to visit my granny this afternoon
- Eat lunch, something healthy would be nice, but who knows what i'll find.
- Start googling how to change my blog up.

Now, let's see if I accomplish all of that. So far I'm still sipping on my coffee which means I should start googling how to change my blog layout now instead of later! ;) Anything you lovelies would like to suggest I do? I'm tired of the right side bar and want to make this a 3 column layout. I need a new bigger and snazzier header too. I made a random one but every time I try to use it the whole page gets screwed up, so I just need to redo it all. My brother made this awesome layout for me, but I don't want to bother him to make me a new one again, I need to learn on my own. Wish me luck...


My brother posted this on my facebook page - this is soo not okay with me! I told you in this post about my fear of Orcas and how people pick on me for it! This is proof.

Sorry, I don't know how to make the video actually show up on here...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bleh day....

So today is one of those bleh kind of days. It shouldn't be, we have a vacation coming up after all, but it is. I couldn't sleep all night, I took some Tylenol so my hips didn't hurt as much, but I woke up every 1.5-2hrs to go pee. I only had like half a bottle of water with dinner so I don't know where all this pee came from! I was soo very frustrated by 6am. I mean really, 5 pee trips 8.5hrs? So by 7 once Kris had gone to work I tried my best to steal all of his pillows and get comfy. I hunkered down and with only 1 more pee trip around 8 or 9 I managed to sleep until 11! I'm very tired and even started yawning at noon!

Then I ate breakfast, cereal, lucky charms to be exact. I watched some tv and got a tummy ache. I know right? Like not sleeping last night wasn't bad enough! So I finally managed to shower and I decided I will not do ANYTHING today, and proceeded to put on my favorite oh so ugly sweats of Kris'. These sweats I should explain have holes in the butt, the crotch, the pockets, the thighs, and thanks to me living in them the entire morning sickness phase of my pregnancy look very old. They hardly fit me today, but I don't care, they made me feel better.

So here I sit trying to decide what to eat for lunch. Do I make some passion tea? Do I have some root beer? Do I even get off the sofa or just wait all day until Kris comes home and asks why I am soo starving? lol Don't send hate mail, of course I'm going to decide to eat, not only do I have to feed this alien in my tummy who is contorting my stomach into many odd shapes today in his attempt to escape, but well, I love food too much to pass it up.

*sigh* okay off I go for now, yawning in the process. At least I have my soap opera to keep me company for another 30 minutes. I wish Kris were home. I know he needs to work, but I feel needy today and just want to curl up with him and do nothing but nap. Woe is me.

Friday 5

Okay I did this once before, click HERE to join in.... the topic this week is


1.What’s so ugly it’s kind of cute? I have no idea. I'm sure there are plenty of things I have said are soo ugly they are cute, but I can't think of any right now and I don't feel like trying to think of something. Sorry.
2.What’s the ugliest article of clothing in your wardrobe? That's easy - the sweats I'm currently wearing. Now I must admit, they aren't MY sweats, they are my hubby's, however from the first few times I stayed at his place I started wearing them, and I LIVED in them last winter and through the morning sickness phase of my pregnancy. They are darker gray, Starter brand, but I have worn huge holes into the pocket seams, the butt seam (to the point I should no longer even get the mail in them) and they also have a nice quarter size hole in the crotch. They hardly fit me this late in my pregnancy but I'm wearing them today because I didn't feel good!
3.What’s the ugliest car on the streets today? All those hybrid really small cars. Not all hybrids are ugly, but I'm talking about these... 4.Under what circumstances are you most likely to whip out your ugliest behavior? When I feel like someone is out to get me. I get defensive easily and if I feel like someone is trying to be rude to be I will let it all go. It doesn't happen often, but I have said some mean things and am also known to cry and throw a fit. It's really attractive behavior I'm sure.
5.Which of the United States of America has the ugliest shape? Well isn't this a dumb question. I'll play along because I'm bored, but the ugliest shape? Okay, I googled a map and I'll go with Maryland just because it isn't really one shape it's a hodge-podge of a couple shapes and it looks funny.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mama Kat's Writing Assignment.

Okay so there are actually 2 this week that speak to me. I will do the shorter one now, and may come back and write again on the weight topic. Of course I may just make the weight topic a personal one for me later in the week too. Okay so without further ado... Click HERE to join in on the writing fun, and don't forget to comment on mine!

1.) Your trip to the ER...spill it.

I only know this story from hearing it over and over from my mom, but I don't actually remember this event. I'll do my best to recreate.

I was 2, my dad was off to work (he was in the NAVY) and my mom and I were left alone at our apartment for the day. I was obsessed with the book....

I had been jumping on our sofa like the monkey's on the bed did in the book and was told to stop doing that so mom could go make dinner. Well being a 2yr old why would I listen to her? So as she left the room to make dinner I continued jumping on the sofa. She kept telling me to stop but did I listen? No! You can all see where this is going.... I fell. And I cracked my head open on the coffee table edge. So here runs mom to find blood all over and me crying. She took me and laid me down on her bed so she could get shoes on and turn dinner off and then off to the ER we went.

Now that I've started this story, let's take a moment to imagine my dad when he got home to find dinner halfway made in the kitchen, blood on the sofa, carpet and coffee table. And then continued to find blood soaking through on my parents bed. Great scene to come home to....

So mom and I are at the ER and of course I need stitches. They wanted to shave my hair in the front because it was soo matted with blood, but I had only started growing hair (seriously, i was a bald kid until 2) and my mom would NOT let them shave it. Now of course they had to follow procedure and when a 2yr old is brought in hysterical and with a cut open forehead they have to ask the parent what happened and investigate. So they had my arms strapped down on the ER table and were starting to clean my wound and hair up and had my mom step out while they questioned me (and her outside the room). I was crying and told them "I was jumping on the sofa like the monkey's on the bed, and mommy told me to stop, but I fell and bumped my head". The dr. went out laughing and got my mom and said they were all pretty sure that things happened how I said they did.

In the end, I got stitches, kept my hair and to this day I have a lovely little scar on my forehead from those darned monkey's. Oh and on a side note, my Dr.'s name in the ER was Dr. Patty. I was OBSESSED with singer Sandi Patti and thought my dr was the singer. I guess everyone at the ER just thought I was too funny.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A personal Shout-Out!

So the other day I got a lovely comment from someone who had stumbled upon my blog. She made my day and then made it even better by telling me that she had featured my blog on hers!

It seems silly, but I feel like a real blogger now! lol So I wanted to say a big thank you to JJ over at Bellyitch and point you all in the direction of her little feature of me. Click HERE to read her little feature on me and my blog, and click the link below to go check out JJ's site!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Way Back When-esday & Wordful Wednesday!

I love combining this each week. Okay so this picture isn't super old, but it's a reminder to myself, this was Dec of 2007. It was when my mom, brother and I went to Honolulu at Christmas time. We had a blast, and I can't wait to look good and take my hubby there one day.

I was tan, and this is my ideal weight. I was about a size 8 here, probably about 165lbs and I felt and looked great. I was even still curvy, you can't deny that, I love having my curves! Plus, this was my long hair that I stupidly cut this past January and can't wait until it's this long again. My husband misses my hair this length too, it was this long when we met only a month after these pics and he was sad I cut it. Not to mention this was how I looked when I met him and by our wedding I was a size 14 again and prebaby was a size 16! So after baby, it's back to weight watchers, keep growing out the hair and enjoy my fake tanning again. Cheers to getting back to looking like this...

31 Weeks!

Yep, 9 weeks until our OFFICIAL due date. Once again though the Dr. said something about "this baby needs to be out by the 9th, so we may induce!" Yay. And for those of you who are against induction just remember, my body, my dr., my baby, and I won't do anything that would risk my child. So really, I like thinking i'm down to 8 weeks, I gotta make sure I am ready for his arrival! Pics later in the week as usual folks.

Maternity Clothes: Oh you know it.
Stretch Marks: Yeah, they are still growing, nothing new to me.
Total Weight: Oh my GOODNESS. So I'll start by saying my nurse and dr. are totally fine with my weight gain and both have said I'm totally healthy and having a great pregnancy, HOWEVER, in 2 weeks I gained 9lbs! I was shocked. Even yesterday I took a 1.5hr walk around the mall, I went swimming last week, my appetite is small because of the heat lately and because well, I have no room in my stomach for food anyway! Other than my 2 medium blizzards in the last 2 weeks I haven't even been eating junk. Anyway, like I said the dr. didn't even say anything and my nurse was saying she thinks some of that is water weight because i've been swollen in this heat, she said that the baby probably gained too AND if I've been walking it could be muscle or even the muscles that hold my uterus up. Point is... *sigh* total weight gain is now 39lbs!
Aiden's Measurements: Oh little boy is growing away! He is about 3.5-3.8lbs and about 17.5-18inches! I can't believe it.
Sleep: Well it's not been too bad this week. I shouldn't complain I know it could be worse.
Movement: Yep, he's moving. Earlier this week it felt like he was giving me a massage from the inside. It wasn't kicks or hiccups, it was like a rolling ball it was nice. Also you know how people (my hubs especially) shake their legs when they sit down and it tends to shake the entire seat or car or bench? Well I hate that, and I swear to you that Aiden was shaking his little feet on me. It made me laugh, he is going to be SOO much like his daddy.
Cravings: None really. I went on a Chocolate Explosion Blizzard made with swirl soft serve at DQ earlier but after 2 I am over that. Root Beer is back with a vengeance though.
Belly Button: I'm starting to think it just may stay in. No change in sight.
What I miss: Being able to breathe well. I seem to be out of breath very quickly these days which I know is normal but it sucks.
What I look forward to: Umm, RENO hello! We are leaving in like 5 days now. I'm super excited, but a bit nervous about the long drive. Anyone taken a 10hr drive while 8 months pregnant to the desert? What should I bring? A pillow? Take Tylenol before we get on the road? I have a book and snacks and drinks and pee/walk breaks planned already.
Highlights: Well we painted the nursery wall with a 2nd coat, it looks great. I am in the process of painting Aiden's name letters for the wall. Hope to finish them tomorrow. I finished a nursing cover. We got our stroller/carseat and we should have our changer/dresser on Thursday!! Lots going on in the baby/nesting front and I'm thrilled about it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

10 Fads You Just Don’t Get
Now I guess I should start by saying I really enjoyed this week's topic and I think I thought about it way too much. However, if any of my readers fall victim of these fads I apologize if I have upset you with what is merely my opinion. Without further ado... ENJOY. Click HERE to join in on the fun, or the link on my right sidebar.

1. Skinny jeans. Now I guess my REAL beef with skinny jeans is when guys wear them. Not that I like them on a lot of girls, but my #1 & #2 on this list go hand in hand. Here are a few examples...

2. Boys who dress like girls! Now I don't have a good image of this in this post, but the skinny jeans pic should give you a hint. I saw a kid yesterday in the mall who had chin length hair that had obviously been straightened with a flat iron. He had on a tight little tshirt and purple, I kid you not, like Barney purple, tight skinny jeans on. He was walking with a group of other teen girls and until he turned around I, along with my dad and hubs, thought he was a girl. Why? Why would you want to wear girl jeans and dress like a girl? Is that supposed to be a sexy look? I know my dad would kill me if I brought home a guy to date in high school who liked to wear my jeans and use my flat iron and who had painted finger nails!

3. The whole depressing is cool thing/look. I think this would be called "goth" as well, but I just don't get the whole black nail polish, greasy hair, all black clothes, woe is me trend. When did it become cool to be sad? Really, what do teens have to be SOO depressed about? I mean a few do, but this is now just becoming a trend to be Gothic and depressing and I think it's awful.

4. Uber-baggy jeans. Why do you want to wear your pants at your knees? I don't need to see your boxers - maybe an inch or 2 of boxers is okay, but really, it's like you are just pantsing yourself idiot.
5. Skirts over pants. Umm? I mean perhaps a skirt over leggings, that CAN be done cute, but I see teens wearing skirts over jeans and I don't get it. The only real reason I see for this fad is so we don't see your cooter when you sit/bend, as skirts are micro-mini these days.
6. Grillz & Gold Teeth - you slobber and slur and look like you need a dentist badly. Why would you want to have gold teeth, so you can pull them to sell when you need money later?
7. Stirrup pants. Yep, I thought they were cool and wore them with long sweaters all the time. *sigh*
8. Uggs. Now, let me say that I think they are cute, with jeans and a hoodie or a thermal when you live somewhere cold. I DON'T think they are cute when you wear them with a skirt in California. Seriously? What, do you ankles get cold in the 75* winter you are having?
9. Dreads - sure it's not really a "fad" but enough people do it and I don't get why not washing your hair and letting it tangle itself up is cool looking?
10. Backwards clothes. Yeah, I'm talking Kris Kross style. It was popular and I didn't get it then, and still don't get it today. Not that it's popular today, but I found it to be a useless fashion fad.

Blurbs of the Weekend

So I've had several blog drafts going this weekend. Each one turned REALLY LONG, and I lost interest in posting them. So now let me go over a few topics... I'll summarize.

I wrote about how I miss working around airplanes. Not working at the airport per say, just the planes. I love the jet engine sound, I love the jet fuel smell (I'm not crazy, like those people who like the smell of gas, I think it's because that's smell I knew my husband by for the first year we were together), I loved standing alone in a jetway with a plane coming towards me and then waving at the captains as I moved the jetway (the sky bridge if you will that connects the plane to the airport for you people to walk on) to the plane and knocked 3 times to open the door. I just loved it. I miss those things. I do NOT miss the job so much, just the planes. They sure are beautiful. I sat and watched some take off and land this weekend, Aiden was wiggling, I think he liked the sound too.

I was supposed to write the 6 on Saturday, the topic was things people do you think are beyond lazy. I had a nice list, but it stopped at 4. So I gave up. Not to mention the things on my list were all things that I and or my hubs do. An example was putting dirty clothes ON the hamper instead of lifting the lid and putting them IN the hamper. Yep, totally lazy thing to do, and I'm guilty. Only because with my hubs clothes on it it's easier to just leave mine on top than to lift the lid without spilling clothes on the floor. lol That makes it sound worse.

I went to Blue Lake Park yesterday for my mom's work picnic/bbq. It was okay. We stayed from 1030am until 3pm. Much longer than we expected, so I guess that says something for the picnic. We played mandatory BINGO (I lost), my mom and brother took a walk down to the water. I didn't go on the walk because after my massive plate of food I had no room to breathe and thought a walk may be overdoing it. Not that I know too many of my mom's coworkers, but I knew enough to chit chat, plus I was the only preggo there so I was the topic of most conversations. Anyway, it was pretty fun I suppose.

I made my first nursing cover! Yay! I'd post a picture of the finished project, but well, umm...., yeah at the picnic I sort of dropped the hubs fancy expensive Nikon camera and broke it. He fixed the lens, but now I'm not allowed to touch said camera. I'll make him take a picture to share. It's not perfect, but it will serve it's purpose.

I bought two huge super soft fuzzy monkey's for Aiden. They both were on sale, I just HAD to get them! The hubs wasn't mad though, he just shook his head and said "they are cute". :)

One week until RENO! Yes, I can't WAIT! It will be soo nice to get away, and above all else spend time with my hubby. Sure, my mom and brother will be there too and sometimes we all get annoyed with each other, but it will be fun.

I think that about sums up all my random blogs I planned to post. Now I'm hungry and am going to finish my book today! I am determined, and I will post a review of the book once I'm done with it. I'm loving it.

Random Question... BIZYMOMS.COM??

I got an email about joining bizymoms.com and promoting my blog. It seems a bit strange to me, but the website seems pretty normal. Anyone use BIZYMOMS.COM to promote their blogs?

Friday, August 7, 2009


Okay so I have a new little button/link thingy my brother made me to use elsewhere. I would like to be all cool and put a picture of it and then the link to copy on my sidebar in a little scrolly box. Not that a lot of people would want my "button" but whatever, who cares, it'd make me happy. How do i do this button boxy thingy? Anyone??


On the note of changing things on my blog, I'm not smitten with my header anymore. I want something to match my new button thingy and something a bit bigger (takes up the entire top) and more personal. Perhaps adding a picture or two... A lot of you ladies have AWESOME headers... can you make some suggestions of sites online to try and make one? I've heard to try online scrapbook sites, but I haven't the slightest idea where to begin. Please help me revamp my blog!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Your Assignment - Mama Kat's Writing Prompt!!

So Mama Kat at Mama's Losin' It is at it again, boy do I love her weekly topics! This week I picked the one I felt might entertain my readers the most. It just stood out at me as the perfect one for me to write about. The prompt was "what are you afraid of" and boy do I have a BIG FEAR of.....

Orca Whales.

Yes, you read that right, I'm afraid of Orca Whales. They scare the crap out of me. I have nightmares about them, I hate seeing real ones on SeaWorld commercials. When Wheel of Fortune goes to Orlando and they have the Orcas in the background I hate it. I think this fear all started when I saw Free Willy. The first one. You remember the scene when Jesse is spray painting the side of the tank? Then lightening strikes and lights up the tank and you see nothing but scary whale teeth?? Yeah, that did it for me. Then later in the movie the tank breaks and the whale is free. Seriously scary. Oh and the real "star" of Free Willy came to the Oregon Aquarium, so yes, I even saw the scary bent fin whale in person.

This fear has haunted me in many forms growing up. I used to think the dark shadows on the other side of the pool were possibly whales, so I would'nt swim over there unless others were on that side of the pool. I already mentioned I have nightmares about them..... one I have regularly is when I'm on a ship, like a big cruise ship, and it starts to sink. As the ship sinks and goes further and further under water more and more Orcas surround the boat. By the time I'm the only one standing on the tiny tip of the ship sticking out of the water there is no water to be seen, just whales packed together. Waiting to get me. Last time I went to SeaWorld my younger brother thought it'd be funny to make me stand next to the tank. So there I am to amuse him and "face my fear" when the whale pops up out of nowhere. I screamed like a child and jumped back. A bunch of kids started laughing at me. You'll never catch me on a whale watching Alaska cruise either that's for sure. I mean just look at the picture below - that whale is out to get someone.
The worst part is the noises they make. My friend Derek once downloaded Orca cries and put it on a random mix on the overhead stereo system at the coffee shop we worked at. All of my coworkers knew and waited for the fun to start. So there I am doing inventory and started looking around when I heard all the whale cries. I seriously started freaking out. They thought it was great, I will never forget that.

So many people find my fear amusing that for my black and white wedding my mom's boss planned to dress in an Orca Whale suit and step in on the dance floor and tap me with his fin during our first dance. No one was able to find a full Orca costume in time for the wedding, which was surprising since we got married 6 days before Halloween. I didn't know the plan until after the wedding was long over, I was glad it fell through. Not funny to see a scared bride run from a 6' something whale!
One last note about my fear. I have tried to get past it many times. I even watched the horror movie called "Orca, the Killer Whale". Look it up, it's old, but the whale kills a bunch of people. Scary!

So there you have it, my fear... laugh, go on, it's okay I'm used to it. Comment too...
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