Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writer's Workshop

3.) What is going on in the bedroom? Describe a memorable sleeper.

Our bedroom is full of fun... yes, that's kind too, but there is never a shortage of laughs.  I mumble in my sleep, Aiden talks in his and has even been known to point, but Kris, he is where the real fun is.

{Image below is old - it's Kris and Aiden when Aiden was only 5 days old.}

We had only been married a little while and he always went to sleep before me.  He was sound asleep and on his side facing me.  I'm just watching TV in the dark curled up cozy.  I look over and he opens his eyes, stares me straight in the face and says in the most sultry voice I think I've ever heard from him...

"Hey handsome!"

Now, how do I reply to that?  I was just a tad confused as to why my husband is addressing me as handsome, not sexy, or pretty etc...

I said "who's handsome?"

Kris:  "You are..." again being super flirty and sultry with me here.

Then he closed his eyes again!  He had no idea in the morning, but to this day I can't stop hearing that voice.  I crack up every time.  He called me handsome... I still can't get over it.  Thanks dear.

One other time he again was sound asleep and I was up late watching TV in bed.  All of a sudden he screamed out "TAYLOR SWIFT".  I very quickly smacked him awake and started grilling him.  "Are you dreaming about an underage blond?"  "Do you think she's hot?"  "What KIND of dream was it..."  lol  Poor guy. 

He talks often in his sleep, but those two he will never live down from me, or my family for that matter.... Very memorable sleep around here for sure!

Join in for yourself over at Mama Kat's

Wordless Wednesday.

I'm playing catch-up.... here's a handful of recent pics. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fabric Tuesday

Well it's Fabric Tuesday again at Quiltstory {link below, because my blogger is having a cause of the Monday's still...} and I wanted to share a quilt I made this week for my husbands grandmother.  We call her "Lola" which means grandma in Tagalog.  So this quilt is named "Lola".  It's just a lap quilt, small, but I really love this one.  Plus this is only my second attempt at hand stitching the binding and it turned out great. 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a great Easter.  Woke up early, and brought Aiden in to wake daddy.  He opened his Easter basket in our bed, we later found presents under the covers!  He got a new bath tub toy, a big dictionary book from Dr. Seuss, a color book, crayons, a magnetic Handy Manny play book thingy {that's it's technical name of course...}, some gummy candies and a new mug. 

We hid foil covered hollow milk chocolate eggs for Aiden and he loved finding them.  He just didn't want to put them in his basket!  He dug into dinner before it was even ready and later played bubbles in the backyard.  Here are some of my favorite pictures....

Oh and he had Hawaiian punch which is why Aiden has a red face.  :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Phone Call I'll Never Forget....

Describe a phone call you won't forget....

It was my last year in college, June 2006.  It was officially just 3 days before I was set to walk across the stage for my Sociology degree diploma.  I was graduating, after 5 tough years at the University of Washington.  I was excited.  My family was going to drive up to watch the ceremony and help celebrate.  It was a wonderful time in my life.

Until the night I got the call.  I was fast asleep and the phone rang waking me up.  It was almost 1am and my mom was calling.  My mom does NOT call in the middle of the night, I knew instantly something was wrong.  I thought it was my granny, she had/has been dealing with severe Alzheimer's and I thought her time had come.  I was wrong. 

The first thing my mom said through her quivery voice was "hunny, I need you to sit down and listen to me."  I was sitting on the edge of my bed in the complete darkness trying to wake up to listen.  I started crying before I knew what I was crying for.  Then the words came, I will never forget them "Your daddy was in an accident".  Silence.  Sobbing. 

She went on to explain that he was hit by a drunk driver on the way to church.  Him and his mom were in the small Saturn and were hit head on by a very large Explorer.  The Saturn was completely totaled, my dad took all the impact.  He was in the hospital.  Then the worst came...

"Hunny, they told me to call you, they don't think he's going to make it through the night".  I lost it.  I couldn't breathe through my sobs.  He had 16 broken ribs {we have 24 ribs total}, one of his ribs had punctured his spleen.  Both of his lungs were collapsed and he couldn't breathe. 

My mom and I sat on the phone for what seemed like forever.  She said that my dad was soo excited and proud of me for graduating and he would NEVER want me to miss walking across the stage for him.  We decided I would stay in Seattle and wait to come home for 3 days, heading home immediately after I walked the stage in my cap and gown.  I did not sleep the rest of the night.  I was in shock.  I remember shaking and crying.

I called all my professors in the morning and was excused from all of my finals.  Everyone was more than helpful.  The days went by slowly and my dad was in a coma.  He was still alive though.  I walked the stage as planned.  In attendance were my best friend and my boyfriend at the time.  They filmed it for me so I could share it with my family one day.  They took me out to eat afterwards still in my cap and gown.  I took the train home immediately after.

{picture below taken in july after he was already doing better}
I will never forget seeing my dad in the hospital for the first time.  I lost it.  He had tubes coming out of him, he was hardly there.  It was horrific.

{we snuck dad a Krispy Kreme - he got in trouble for it!}

It was a long summer.  My dad didn't get out of the hospital until August.  He did make an almost full recovery.  He had to have a tracheotomy placed for a while and his singing voice is not the same today.  The man who hit them was 3 times over the legal limit but never showed for court.  There is a warrant out for him, but to date he is still free and nothing has been done about it.

It was months later and my mom put my graduation video on - even she refused to watch it until we could do it as a family.  They made me put my cap and gown on and walk down the hall.  We posed for pictures as a family and watched my graduation.  It was a happy ending.

This post was inspired to be written by Writer's Workshop @ Mama Kat's

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

5am wake up - watching Disney Jr.

Fabric Tuesday!

Since I have switched this blog over to be a more sewing/hobby friendly blog I am going to start adding new features.  Starting with a new link party held every Tuesday.  This is called Fabric Tuesday over at Quiltstory.  It's simple, just share something fabric related and link up!  Here goes week 1...

This last week I have been trying to finish up Aiden's big boy room.  I have a lot of scraps left from the Dr. Seuss collection and decided to make a big pillow.  Here it is....

See you back next week, when hopefully I'll have something more exciting to share!  Click below to join in!


Sunday, April 17, 2011


You may have noticed some big changes around here.... of course my readership has slipped so maybe no one noticed...

New title - it seems to fit my attitude and hobbies better.  Kris came up with it!

New email address - the old one will continue to forward though, so no one should notice a problem.

New colors and header.

A simplified set of sidebars.  Less filler stuff. 

I will be continuing to make some changes here and there - I'd love some feedback please!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Writer's Workshop: Contents of my purse!

What does the contents of my purse say about me.... well let's see here....

This is my purse.  I got this particular purse for my Christmas/Birthday present from my parents.  They gave me the $$ and I picked this beauty.

The first thing you can learn from my purse is my extreme love/obsession with all things COACH.  Coach bag, coach glasses, coach wallet.  That is probably the biggest thing the contents of my purse would tell you.
 These are my newest Coach addition.  My sunglasses.  A Florida souvenir for me from the Coach outlet.  :)
 This wallet was the other half of my birthday/christmas gift.  So pretty - blue patent leather!

This picture gives you a glimpse into my likes.  Cotton Babies cloth diaper event calendar.  Can't miss out on a cloth diaper sale!  And a book - I am NEVER without a book.  I even carry my book up and down the stairs all day, just in case I have a spare second to read!  Also sugar free altoids and a chapstick - if I am being honest here, I have 2 of each in my purse!!  Also not one, but 2 packs of Kleenex!  You never know when you will need to wipe some boogies.
Proof I am a mom!  All mom's must have a treat in their purse.  Pringles come in handy for a cranky toddler.
 Last but not least, the proof that I am indeed a women who needs some feminine products.  My personal choice if you care is tampax pearl.  love them!  Oh and that is Aiden's new Epi-pen jr. prescription.  He is officially a peanut allergy baby and will never know the love of peanut butter! 

Wordless Wednesday

Aiden held out my phone like he was taking a self-picture.  Perhaps he's seen me and Kris do it too often.  So I took one of him and I - not bad since he was holding the phone!

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