Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday

Bravo for ABC not making us wait until the end for all the drama....

A little strange that a former female cast member happens to know that Justin has a girlfriend, isn't it?  Almost like the producers knew that during casting?  Or is it really just a small world.  Anyone else think that Jessica, Justin's girlfriend, looks like Lacey Chabert from Party of 5 & Mean Girls?  Jessica needs to kick Justin to the curb ASAP.  Plus he had ANOTHER girlfriend?  He is SOO not that good looking, and who dates entertainer wrestlers anyway?  Jessica was a good fake crier though for the camera.  Way to act lady, she reminds me of one of the sign girls at the ring.  I do give her props for stopping him and making sure people see what a douche the guy is.  

So how much like Wes did Justin turn out to be huh?  Way to go Ali for calling him out in front of everyone, I loved that.  His storming out with just his passport shows a lot of guilt.  "I'd rather just not say anything right now" and then he tried to escape the cameras.  Hahaha I LOVE how the waiter laughed and wouldn't let him in the restaurant door and people were staring.  What a crappy reasoning Justin had, that they were best friends but nothing else, but oh since being on the show I decided I missed her.  I'll give you the rose back, it's in my pocket...  Oh the drama.  At least he didn't try to give some bs lie to Ali and just kept his mouth shut.  The BEST part was hearing the voice mails he left Jessica while he was on the show.  It's very amusing he tried to deny calling her.  Doesn't he know what a bitch a scorn woman is?

Now, onto the good stuff, the actual dates...

I think Ty deserved the one-on-one date.  I thought he looked good in the white and jeans too, very classy cowboy.  Ali's little half beaded vest however, was ugly.  Did anyone else notice that Ali had bandaids on the back of both her heels when she was in the bath house?  I know she is on tv, but wear comfortable shoes or take the bandaids off before showing your feet - how not classy.  Ty talking about his previous marriage so honestly and openly was a good thing.  I think I said it before, but I'll say it again, he really seems like he grew a lot and knows what he wants for a next marriage.  He will make someone a good husband. 

The group date - the olive oil wrestling, a professional sport in Turkey I guess, was at least something unique.  It would be pretty hot to pour oil all over someone.  Chris L cracked me up, "Usually I dip bread in it, or grill asparagus with it - not wrestle in olive oil".  I want to know what Chris L's tattoo along his ribs say - did I miss that on a previous episode?? 

Craig won the time with Ali and on the boat.  Istanbul looks like such a beautiful area for a date.  I think Craig seems like a nice guy, he's funny and talks enough, but not too much.  Good "positive" outlook, but Ali looks a little bored when she is staring at him.  She has that "are you done yet" look. 

Frank.  He is the first guy to have 2 one-on-one dates with Ali.  I think that shows something, he also had the first kiss.  I still think he's my wild card though, I just am not sure about him.  Ali seems really smitten with him though.  The looked soo goofy in the outfits they tried on.  I'm glad Frank said something about "why am I wearing this hat".  lol  The carpet shop was umm, strange.  They both wanted nothing but to get out of the shop and yet they ended up buying the damned rug.  How did that happen?  The place where they ate, on that little platform, was very romantic.  I think it was good for them to get some serious quiet time to talk, and makeout a bit of course.

The cocktail party, or, the not so party, party as it turned out to be.  Ali I guess had this sudden eye opening experience and knows exactly who needs to go home.  Why bother with a party before breaking someone's heart - let's just get right to it.  You know, I guess Ali made the best choice.  She cut the ties with Craig.  I still like the guy, but for a change she actually has some really good guys to pick from.  I don't think there is one of them I don't like.  I mean Frank is my clear least favorite, but even he isn't a bad guy.  Too bad ABC didn't find a better bachelorette for these guys to woo.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Trop-A-Rocka is my new fav. drink

Anyone else tried the new Snapple teas?  You know, the ones that the finalists on Celebrity Apprentice came up with?  Well I did, I had to give them a try, and YUM.  The Compasion Berry Tea is good, I do like it, but the Trop-A-Rocka is soo yummy.  I wouldn't believe it was diet either, it doesn't have that funny diet after taste.  I've already gone through a 6-pack and I am on my 2nd one for the week.  If you see them you should pick them up.

*this is in no way a sponsered post - just wanted to tell you my favorite drink!*

Aiden in his kiddie pool!

Uncle Jeff got Aiden a small kiddie pool this week because the weather got to be into the 80's.  His pool has an elephant slide that sprinkles water out of the trunk.  It's very cute and as long as the water is warmed up a bit from the sun he loves it.  So here are a few pictures from this week's summer fun.  The last picture is hard to tell what is it, but it's Aiden's tan line.  He also has a Mongolian spot on his butt, that is not a bruise. 

Friday, June 25, 2010

Aiden feeding himself

Aiden still hasn't figured out the pincher grasp and so he can't really pick up and feed himself finger foods.  He loves yogurt melts and mini marshmallows, but he gets them stuck in his fist!  Well he finally figured out how to feed himself the little cheese crunchies this week.  We are on a roll.  Here he is enjoying them.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Tidbits Post

Oh my goodness, this Ambien business is great.  I mean it works on the nights I can not get to sleep by myself, but I feel like the next few nights after I take it to sleep I can fall asleep on my own.  I think it's helping my body to realize that night time is sleep time.  I feel like after one solid night of sleep I can relax easier and shut my brain off to fall asleep.  It's soo wonderful.

I haven't read a book since Friday night when I finished New Moon.  Kris said for Father's Day he wanted me not to read all weekend.  I sort of get sucked into books and don't stop reading.  Well here it is almost a week now and I'm totally going through withdrawals.  I've been carrying around Eclipse since Saturday and technically to start it Monday and yet I haven't.  I'm not sure why.  Perhaps busy, perhaps just trying to cool it and enjoy the warm weather, either way I give up.  I had one week off and I MUST start a book tonight or I'm going to lose my mind!

I had lunch today with my mom.  She called this morning and asked if I wanted to meet her at Taco del Mar and have a bite to eat.  Her boss Michael was with her but it was just nice to have lunch without Aiden and Kris.  I mean I love them to death, but I enjoyed time with just my mom.  I hope we can make lunch just us a once a week thing.  :)
My husband has watched Harry Potter & the half blood prince all week, every day.  At least it's a movie I enjoy instead of something I hate like Goonies {which we've unfortunately watched a lot of as well}. 

Aiden has a kiddie pool and as long as the water is slightly warm he LOVES it.  Kris took a ton of pictures, I'll post some this week.

I'm wearing headbands again.  They are a must in the summer to keep the strays hairs from sticking to my face.  I found these great ones from Target.  I can't wear those cute little elastic ones because I have a funny shape head and they slid up the back of my head and fall off.  These are like a regular thing headband with the grippy dots but it's more flexible.  They also have a ponytail elastic band on the back but because it has the little grippy spikes it doesn't roll off my head!  I got 3 colors for 2 bucks.  I'm in love!  See look, I even took a picture today.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

Okay so it's not wordless, but not word full either...  Aiden was eating a whole banana and then started taking way too big of bites.  So I took it away.  He got angry.  Then knocked over the cheerio holder and made a mess to get back at me and my mom.  The photos will now make sense.... {ps - these were from my cell phone so they aren't the best}

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In Other Bachelor News: Jake & Vienna Split

That's right ladies, Jake-I'm-a-Dweb Pavelka is single again.  I don't know about you, but I am not in the least bit surprised.  I mean, did you see him dance?  I did.  :)  Seriously though, I wish them both the all the luck and happiness possible *gag*. 

Speaking of Dancing..... TMZ is reporting that Vienna's step mom and Vienna believe he was only on the show for the fame and that after the show they didn't kiss or have romantic relations at all.  That he wouldn't even say I love you to her.  Vienna moved out on Saturday leaving a note and the engagement ring. 

Not that I like Vienna but I tend to believe at least some of that story.  Jake was sketchy and he did get to be on another tv show. 

Another Bachelor romance gone wrong.  Let's all sing it together.... "On the wings of love..."

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday

I'm a bad bachelorette watcher.  I think it's partly because I don't like Ali and partly because I'm busy.  Today it was the busy part got the best of me.  We decided to move most of our stuff over to my inlaws today and so I was busy unpacking and putting fresh sheets on the bed etc. 

Okay so I started up at Kirk's date.  Not a bad guy.  I enjoyed his story about him being really ill, I think that shows a lot about his personality.  I wasn't sure I liked him much before this, but now I think I've warmed up to him.  Now the matching plaid outfits, that part was really corny.  I mean who does that? 

Kasey is driving me insane.  He's a crazy guy.  He is all sad and freaking out on his 2 on 1 date with Justin.  He is here to "be a man, be a man for Ali" - umm, well then be a man dumbass.  Don't sit here and whine and whimper like a puppy dog to Frank. 

The group date.  I would be like Chris L and not know what to do on a horse at all.  I am afraid of horses and I would not enjoy riding them.  Ty however was all over that and he looked like a stud on a horse.  The more I hear it the more I hate Ali's laugh.  Cave exploring is kind of unique - at least they are trying to mix up the dates a bit this season.  I really like Chris L soo much.  He's my winner.  Ty is my new winner up on the group date.  It was really funny seeing their faces when she got down to her bikini so quickly.  Roberto looked good shirtless!

Okay so I missed a bit more, we are now up to Kasey and Justin's date.  She said "all Kasey has to do is be normal" ha that is a funny statement.  Be normal.  I don't think he knows how to be normal.  He is a bumbling dork.  At least he showed her his tattoo finally.  I think it makes him look dumber though, not like a tough guy who got a tattoo for her.  I missed Justin's one on one time with Ali during the date, but obviously he made a better impression than psycho did.  Thank goodness!  I'm ready to say goodbye to him.  Not that I like Justin much better, he has his own set of problems too, he'll get the boot {haha, you know like his foot??} soon enough. 

Rose party:  I still think Frank is the one with the girlfriend.  I can just feel it.  OH MY GOSH.  I ABOUT DIED laughing out loud when Craig R busted out the fake tattoo on his arm.  That was some good humor right there.  Way to go.  Hey look that one dude who I still don't know his name {oh they just flashed it - Chris N?} got some air time.  Although he didn't really answer her questions, he just licked his lips.  His guilty pleasure is mexican food?  Umm, right dude, this is a romance show and that is the best you got?  Plus they could fit another person between them, tension. 

Ali got some alone time with Roberto.  He said he was shy and she said that she would have never gone up to him because she thought that he was too hot for her.  That's an interesting statement, I think he's too hot for her too. 

I think it was very insightful of host Chris to tell Ali she is afraid to let herself fall in love.  Wow - that was DEEP conversation.  Just from her little chat with Chris I don't think she will find the love of her life here.  She seems too reserved I think.  Not in the keeps her panties on kind of way, but more of a shield her heart and therefore not really find what her heart wants kind of way. 

WOW - I think I have had my head in lala land.  I can't believe how many guys it's down to already.  The keepers this week are:  Frank, Chris L, Justin, Kirk, Roberto, and Craig R.  How sad, poor no air time, no one knows my name Chris N.  He didn't get a rose.  I'm not surprised though, he was for sure the filler for the season.  He didn't seem to emotional in the limo either.  He said he was "shattered by this whole thing", I don't know why that made me raise my eyebrow, but it did. 

I can't wait for next week's episode.  I will NOT be missing it.  It's the big reveal of who has a girlfriend.  I am still saying Frank, but Justin would be my next guess. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Obligatory Father's Day Post

Father's Day.  Ahh yes.  I am not going to lie, between moving coming up and being very cautious with our money there wasn't much going on for Father's Day around these parts. 

On Friday we had dinner with my dad, McDonalds actually lol, and gave him some time to play with Aiden and he got a nice little card.  That was that.  Sure it was simple, but my dad understood that he wasn't going to get a nice gift this year and we weren't up for anything fancy.  It was a nice stress free visit. 

Saturday my mom made Kris some of his favorite foods, she had homemade cream corn, baked beans with bacon in the crockpot, hot dogs, homemade potato salad and she was going to do chicken legs but they weren't thawed in time.  Then for a treat we had root beer floats and smores using one of those table top gas smore sets.  Kris had never seen them and loved it - so we get to have it now to do with Aiden.  It was fun, but again very easy going.  {PS - Aiden LOVED mini marshmallows, and try reeses pb cups on a smore!}

Then on Sunday we spent the day at Kris' parent's house.  I was going to make Kris breakfast, he usually makes me french toast on special occasions, but we didn't have a lot of bread, and we were out of milk. {We are trying to use up all the food we have instead of shopping for more before we make the big move.}  Then I offered to go buy Krispy Kreme but he said he didn't need them.  I would have made eggs and pancakes, but I don't do pancakes like he does.  So we had coffee.  Lame. 

Aiden said "dada" very clearly in the morning, but Kris was still sleeping in.  The rest of the day all we got out of him was "da" or "duh".  That's okay though, it was wonderful he decided to say it, or the close to it for the first time, on Father's Day.  Kris was more than happy.  What a good memory.  We spent our morning packing up things to put in storage and things to move over.  Then Kris' dad came over with the van and we loaded stuff up!  We managed in one load to move our big black leather recliner/rocker {which will be in our bedroom}, a tall bookcase, and Kris' big desk.  We also shoved in a handful of boxes and lots of Aiden toys and some clothes on hangers. 

Then we spent the rest of the day just enjoying time with Kris' dad.  He made food, we unpacked some things, Aiden took a nap with his Lolo {grandpa} and I watched a Hallmark channel movie with Kris' mom.  The only thing Kris said he wanted from me was for me not to start my next book until Monday.  I think he was a bit jealous of all the reading I'm doing.  So I have kept that wish from Friday night when I finished a book until now.  He said I can read today if I MUST.  lol  I'll have to work on reading only at bedtime or when Kris is busy instead of every.chance.possible.

That's it.  No fancy Father's Day gifts to share, no fun pictures were taken.  Just a simple weekend for us, but Kris knows on a daily basis how wonderful we think he is as a father. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Purging My Hoarder Ways

I always see those shows on TLC about people who hoard and it's ruining their lives and their quality of life.  I have never thought of myself even close to those people.  However, as I look back on my short life I realize I have some hoarder tendencies. 

For example, my closet in high school was sooo full of crap that when you open the doors one of two things happened... stuff coming falling down like an avalanche, OR the doors got stuck on something on the floor and would come off track.  I mean to tell you, my mom can attest to this, my closet was at least waist high in teen and soap opera magazines, clothes and shoes, old school work, gifts I never used but couldn't get rid of.  I was a hoarder at that stage.  It took days to clean that out when we finally moved.  Sad thing is, I kept most of it when I went to college and just moved it into boxes into storage where it all still sits today.  {Family plan is to finally clean out that storage as 90% can be tossed now}

I have come to a stage now in life where I still keep a few things, like random cards and papers, old broken jewelry and clothes that have no hope of fitting me again for years.  It is not bad, and people don't come in my house, or look in my closet for that matter, and think I am crazy or messy.  It's now to the point though where having baby toys all over the house I have lost all control of clutter.  I can't handle it anymore.  I feel stressed when it gets cluttered around the house, I can't relax with a book unless I pick up all the junk mail and random toys.  I just get stressed with it all.  It must stop before I just give up and turn up on a show.

In the last year I have had these thoughts of "I just want to throw EVERYTHING out - just live with the absolute basics".  Now that we are moving, I am TOTALLY doing just that.  I'm donating ALL my old clothes, all those size 6's and 8's I keep pretending I'll use again, even some of the 10-14's.  Let's be honest, if I really get to my ideal size 10-12 again I'll just reward myself with NEW CLOTHES.  So why not let people that size actually wear the clothes now?  Nice shoes that don't fit anymore, books I forgot I owned and will never read.  Would you believe I just threw out an entire garbage bag worth of old socks, bras, and underwear?  I buy new, and just put the old in the back.  Why?  Because I have hoarder tendencies.

To realize I have the possibility to become an old women who has hoarded her entire life was scary.  I do NOT want to live in clutter, or hold onto old memories.  SO I am finally kicking the habit to the curb.  I have slowly been doing so since I met Kris, but now it's like this intense urge to just throw everything out.  It feels soo good to take bags to the trash, or soon enough to do a goodwill trip.  I feel stronger and really accomplished at the end of the day.  I love the look of an empty house.  Not empty in the complete sense, but in that you can see space and counters and open closets. 

My in-laws live that way, well, their garage is another story, but the house is simple and neat.  Aiden will of course add more to that, but I do not want to bring all my crap in.  I want to be able to relax and not stress over clutter.  So here I go, throwing out last years Halloween candy and candy dish.  Anyone need a purple tulip candle I've never burned but had since high school??  Anyone need a dusty glass chess set?  How about old Christmas decorations? 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday!

Okay I apologize I missed last weeks check in - I was at my brother's graduation.  I shall not be missing another week!

I don't generally think Ali is that pretty, she's sort of plain blonde to me.  However I really like the little short white dress she had on for the Vogue magazine portion.  I could never pull off that dress, but it did look good on her.

Okay first date:  Kasey.  I'm starting to get tired of helicopter rides on this show.  It's just soo cheesy.  The Kasey started singing this off tune bad song and she LAUGHED and then there was awkward silence.  Umm, I like Kasey well enough, but that was just a bad sign.  Even Ali said that the song was cheesy.  Then when Kasey was asked how this was different from other relationships, he said "cause it's you, you're Ali".  Umm, DUMP!  Then he sings again.  Oh Kasey, you looks like a dork.

Group Date:  The Lion King on Broadway!  Okay I am super jealous.  What an awesome chance for all of the guys.  Watching them all learn the dance was amusing, but really do we need to see them in spandex again??  Roberto did look good though... very nice.  Those guys can't sing very well, I mean Jesse sure could sing, but the rest sucked it up.  If it were up to singing alone he would have taken the stage, literally as it turned out to be.  Jonathan's whole "the forecast called for sunny skies and now there is a storm" - gee, what does he do for a living again?  Cracked me up, but I guess if that's how you are used to talking it is normal for you?  Roberto and Ali were great though and it is pretty neat they can say they did that.  The other guys were totally just jealous.

Craig R impressed Ali, as he should, I like him.  He seems pretty normal.  I think he is being genuine as well.  I don't think he is being really cheesy.  I do give Jonathan HUGE PROPS for asking "is this a bad time" - sure he blew the moment, but that was better than just stepping in.  Too bad he didn't get to talk to her next, I think Ali should have gone to him next.  I do think Ali was really playing up the sick thing though, having Kirk tuck her in.

Chris L.  Very sweet that he just went and spent the day with her being sick.  Those kind of days are the ones that show you who a guy really is, not the huge fancy dates that are not a part of everyday life.  Being sick and staying in is everyday life.  I love how he looks when talks about his mom and moving in with his family.  I think even if he doesn't win Ali's heart that he will find someone wonderful who sees how sweet he is.  The rainbow story he told about her funeral, wow.  Almost made me cry.  Then he got to call his dad, geez, my eyes got a little misty!  I don't like Ali so I hate to say I want him to be with her forever, but I want him to be picked with Roberto in the end just because I like him!  He kind of reminds me of Jeff from Big Brother/Amazing Race. 

KASEY GOT A TATTOO.  What was he thinking?   At least he didn't get a big ALI tattooed on him.  I sure hope he can handle having a tattoo that will forever remind him of being a loser on tv.  At least Justin saw through his little lie.  I think it's funny that he of all people called out Kasey on the tattoo and lying at the final ceremony.  I no longer think Frank is the crazy one.

In a random non-date comment, anyone else see that when Ali was sick she didn't bother to wear makeup to cover all the zits on her chin?  I am impressed she didn't get all girly because she's on tv! Then she went on to kiss all the guys while being really sick.  Anyone else think perhaps she should keep the germs to herself?

Rose Ceremony:  Jonathan just HAD to play the guitar.  I agreed with whichever guy said "we just need one more guy to play guitar in this house".  I mean if I were on this show I would put a disclaimer on the first episode - you play a cheesy song for me, you don't get a rose!  The keepers this week were:  Kirk, Frank, Craig, Chris N {who on earth IS this guy??  I haven't seen him on a date yet, can we say filler!}, Roberto, Justin, Ty, Kasey {whoa!}.

So I'm fine seeing Weatherman aka Jonathan go home, but poor Jesse.  He is cute and seemed normal and nice enough.  I know she had some connection issues with him previously though.  He will find someone great though, I mean all the ladies in his home town watching - umm, and did you notice he couldn't wait to see his dogs? So that's my wrap up for the week.  I think Jonathan was the first to cry this season!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Drug Side Effects: I think I have been sleep "rocking"...

You know how every possible drug on the market has side effects?  If you are anything like me you read them and go "gee I hope I don't get diarrhea" as that is always the most dreaded side effect.  For the record I have never had that problem thanks to a drug, it's been the opposite really.  That is not for this post though.  This is about sleep walking.

Have you ever taken a sedative to sleep?  I tried switching my anti-depressant meds to the morning so by night time it wasn't working as much in my system and I could sleep.  That still didn't help my sleep habits.  It actually made life worse as I previously wrote about.  So I got a generic version of Ambien from my doctor.  I was sitting and reading the side effects listed, among your usual upset stomach, headache, dizziness, sleepiness, it said memory loss and doing activities in your sleep such as but not limited to having sex, cooking and eating, driving and sleep walking.  Umm, great.  I mean who really wants to have great sex with their spouse and then not remember it?  No good in my book. 

Unfortunately that is not what has been happening.  I've only taken it a few times, 3 in fact since I got it.  The first night Aiden slept 10 hours, and I slept an amazing 9 hours with only one brief wake up to go pee.  Kris did try to tell me  the next day I said "honk honk" in my sleep, but that was just a joke.  The 2nd time I took it was a failed attempt.  Aiden was staying the night with my mom {which of no fault to her didn't go well and we picked him up at 12am} and then he was restless a bit and well I still didn't get that night of sleep I craved.  Last night was the 3rd time taking my sleep aid.  I took at 10pm, stayed up until 11pm watching Twilight on my laptop in bed while Kris snored next to me and went to sleep at 1130 or so.

I remember waking up to Aiden fussing a bit so I got up to go rock him back to sleep.  I swear to you that he was making noise and starting to crawl around in crib to stand himself up and cry.  This is his usual behavior and it takes me 5 minutes usually once every few nights to get him back to sleep.  Not a big deal.  So I did my usual and rocked him back to sleep.  Then went pee and came back to bed.  I remember when I got up starting to stumble a bit.  I remember my head felt "cloudy" as I thought it at the time.  Like things were fussy and my head was heavy.  I went right back to sleep after I put Aiden down. 

I don't remember all the details but this morning Kris said that he woke up when I did and told me that he didn't hear Aiden, but that if he was awake he could take care of him so I could sleep.  I guess I just looked at him and got up and went to Aiden's room to get him without saying a word.  When I came back to bed Kris again said he didn't hear Aiden and I said he was awake.  Then Kris asked me "are you sleep walking - did you take your pill" and I said "yes I took it" and he told me he thought i was sleep walking and to go back to sleep. 

This morning I swear to you i heard Aiden and I swear to you he was awake when I rocked him, but Kris said that he started fussing after I went back to sleep and he thinks I went in there and picked him up and actually woke him a bit while sleep walking.  Now I feel all weird because I don't know anymore if I was really awake and it happened or if I thought Aiden was awake and really I was asleep!  So strange, let me tell you.

At least I didn't get up and cook or miss out on the best sex of my life lol. 

Twilight: I've been sucked in!

Oh how I hate to admit this.... but I started reading the Twilight series.  I got sucked in around page 30.  Crap.  I know some major twi-hards who have gone on trips to Forks and taken pictures, and people who dress up for the movies and go at midnight to be with other twi-hards.  I am not one of those people. 

I decided as part of my 25 books for the year, I just finished book 10 if you are keeping track, I would include the 4 Twilight books.  My neighbor has the box set and said she didn't mind if I borrowed them.  So I was awaiting my 2 new books I bought online to arrive {The Help & Kite Runner} and decided to give book 1 a read in the meantime.  Now I have my new books and I am starting New Moon instead of reading them.  *sigh*

Earlier this week I caught myself googling Twilight and I stayed up late last night watching the first movie in bed instead of getting some well needed rest.  Pathetic.  I'll keep reading the books before the movies, but I have to admit that the movie was a bit cheesy. The part where Edward goes into the sun and "sparkles" was stupid, I mean it was in the book too, but it didn't seem as cheesy.  Also when Edward "runs" through the forest I couldn't help but laugh during the movie, it was soo lame and I feel like the special effects weren't that amazing.  My last complaint is that I didn't not think the casting for Edward's siblings was great.  I loved who the parents were but the siblings {alice, jasper & emmet mostly} were not who I had in my head at all. 

I'm looking forward to digging more into Jacob too.  I guess I assumed there was more of him in book 1 than there really was.  His fake long native american hair was really tacky though.  Like I couldn't stop laughing at how awful it looked!  I mean just look at this picture of him with long hair.  I am glad to see from previews that the long hair goes on the window in further movies, he is much cuter without it.  I do think he is more attractive overall than Edward {plus I only see Harry Potter in my head when I see Robert Pattinson}, I like the tall dark and handsome type vs. the extremely pale cold guy, so I am hoping to find myself on team Jacob.  Plus I am native american, so I guess my peeps are the werewolves! 

All in all I have to admit I've grown more attached to the book than I wanted to and as soon as I'm done blogging about it I plan to go and start reading again.  I guess reading is great, no matter what kind of book it is.  Please tell me I'm not the only mom out there who reads them....I mean I know I'm not, but all the bloggers I read so sophisticated and beyond reading teen romance novels.  Tell me I am wrong and that we are all in a secret underground mommy twilight group.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aiden is 8 Months!

Wow.  Only a few months away from 1 year old!  He is getting to be such a big boy with such a wonderful personality!  He will let you know when you upset him.  He talks constantly, although the only real words he has said is "I poo" and "Mama" and close to saying "Buh Bye".  He still hasn't said Daddy but we are constantly saying it to him.  Hopefully soon, like Father's Day would be great lol.  Aiden pulls up on everything, including flats walls and doors.  He crawls super fast, especially when he hears the tub water start running.  He loves his baths.  He is standing up and letting go with one hand, he even let go with both hands and stood for a couple seconds before falling!  He "dances" which is really like a little booty shake every time he hears music.  He laughs and giggles and pounds on things all the time.  He plays well by himself for a while and loves to jump up and down in his crib when he wakes up from a nap.  He sits in the cart like a big boy, kicking his feet the whole time, and he is very good whenever we take him out in public.  My little boy has the sweetest personality and when he gets tired he will lay his little head on me.  I can't say how much I love him.

My Brother's Graduation! Pic Heavy.

My little brother Brock is a high school graduate!  It was exciting and sad for me at the same time.  I was 8 when he was born, I can't believe he is grown up and going off to Hawaii for college!  Brock followed in my footsteps - I was the first graduating class of Heritage in 2001 and I was yearbook editor.  It was fun going back through him.  The ceremony was great.  We took family pictures before and then off to the stadium.  The weather held up nicely for us and I managed to tape parts of the ceremony as well.  I won't post those though.  Brock's friend gave the speech and the principal mentioned my brother personally in her speech saying he was one of few who had touched her this year and inspired her.  WAY TO GO BROCK!  Mom and I surprised him by decorating his car and we didn't get pics of the fireworks after the ceremony.  Enjoy.  Oh and that is a real hawaiian lei mom had ordered from Hawaii to surprise him that morning with.  He loved it.

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