Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yay! Kris and I have talked now for awhile about moving into a 2 bed 2 bath (same layout as mom's place for those who have been there) before Aiden is born. We've talked about August, but yesterday Kris told me to talk to the office, see what's open and let's move July 1! A whole month early! I am soo excited. The place is not upgraded like mom's is, but it does have new carpet, new black kitchen and bathroom counters, white tile back splashes in the kitchen and bathroom, a newly tiled shower and better looking kitchen floor than our current place. The only things not upgraded are black new kitchen appliances and the white cupboards. So we are paying a lower price for half the upgrades anyway! Best of both worlds! This apartment is the building across from mom's so we are now even closer in the complex to her. This will be helfpul when I have new mom panic moments lol. Also, now I can start the nursery a whole month earlier, that's the best part for me! I'm just beyond excited and so grateful to Kris' new job for allowing us to do stuff like this.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Creepy Stranger Comment.....

I totally forgot to put this in my last post...

Mom and I stopped by the apartment office before shopping to get a doughnut and ask about open apartments for Kris and me. Well there was a guy who wouldn't stop talking to Matthew (assistant manager) and finally mom said something to interrupt them about how I was sad because baby wanted a chocolate doughnut and only bagels were left. The random guy actually said "I'm having a baby too" and proceeded to lift his shirt to show me a recent hernia scar! EWW. I am NOT counting this as my first stranger comment about me being pregnant. I'm holding out for the stranger who asks "aww, when are you due" etc. But still, gross man.

Grocery Shopping

Kris came in this morning and told me I needed to go grocery shopping today and to "take mom with me". Not sure if he just wants me to have company or if he worries since that one time I almost passed out in Winco. Either way, I obeyed! Mom had to buy groceries too so it wasn't a big deal. It was the FIRST time in at least 4 months since a) we have been able to afford shopping without help and b) I have felt good enough to really go shopping. I must admit, I enjoyed making my list and cutting my coupons and going up and down every aisle.

Highlights of my grocery shopping trip:
- My list flew from my cart and I had to retrace my steps to go find it!
- My large root beer from McDonald's for only $1.08. This was bought at the start and was gone when we were done shopping. Perfect!
- I FOUND MY NACHO CHEESE SAUCE. No really, in the international aisle it's the gooey bad for you kind in a can for only $1.88. What a find.... I got 2 and steak fries for a treat this week!
- Learning that mom and I can not both push a cart side by side and shop... people frowned upon us taking up the entire aisle. Boo on them.

I'm now home and ate my Spaghetti Factory leftovers. Aiden either keeps getting the hiccups for about 30 seconds at a time or he really hates the waistband on my pants. I keep getting little taps in the same area around the waistband and it's like 6 taps, then it stops. Then 10 minutes later he starts it up again. I had to tell him once in Walmart that I wasn't going to take my pants off for him in public! lol Oh I love that I feel the little guy!

Annette's Visit & Kris' Promotion!

So yesterday, Friday, Annette from Seattle flew down on a whim to bring me some maternity clothes! It was very spur of the moment but her and her little guy Bubba took a "vacation". It took them ALL day to actually get on a flight, stupid Horizon, but they finally made it around 5pm! We sat and chatted for about an hour and then they caught the next flight home. :) It looks like a lot of the clothes will fit, but I still need to try them on today. It was good to see her and will post a picture of us once she gets it on facebook!

Also I stopped by the ticket counter and said hi to a few people. Malia, Melissa, Ann, Lisa, Brenda and saw a few others who were busy with passengers. Lucretia didn't even know I was pregnant, that was funny when she saw me. Melissa had no idea that Kris had a new job either. It was amusing to tell her that he'd been gone for a month now and just got a promotion with his new job! She was shocked!

Oh yes, more good news to share. As just mentioned above, he is now a "master tech". Cute huh? I'm so proud of him and his boss brags about him to the guys who have been there for 4 years and thought he must have been a tech before. He already does more work than everyone else! That's my hard-working husband!

After Annette left I decided I could still make it to Heritage by 7pm and surprise Brock by being at his Honor Society ceremony. Kris showed up just after the ceremony ended, we had cake and then ended up going to dinner at the Spaghetti Factory with friends. We didn't get home until 10pm but boy the food was yummy! I got my usual Spaghetti with browned butter and mazithra cheese with a side of steamed broccoli also with mazithra cheese.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kicks and Cheese!

So I have felt Aiden kick me a few more times, a few times yesterday and a few more last night. Then today I think I have felt him once. It's so neat, I can't wait for the kicks to be more obvious and stronger, and I can't wait to have Kris feel him!

So I have a couple new cravings right now... The Adobo cracker nuts Kris' mom brings us, and the gooey cheese sauce that you find at movie theaters for the nachos...yeah I want that stuff on steak fries! *sigh* I have no idea how to get that. Kris tried to look up cheese sauce recipes online last night, but well, even if I tried it won't cut it. I was thinking about going to Arby's and getting a roast beef melt with that cheese on it, maybe that would kick my craving?

Aurora is being extremely needy this morning. She won't leave me alone, it's sweet and all but she is nuzzling my hair and keeps touching me and climbing on me on the sofa. Oh and she keeps talking too. I can't believe how vocal she has gotten in the last few months. She is 4 now, I can't believe I let her birthday slip by without celebration, I feel kinda bad!

I started packing things up in our apartment yesterday! We aren't moving until the start of August, but I packed up my entire closet! I can't wear any clothes except for my maternity ones anyway. It feels nice to see things starting to get packed and feel like I'm accomplishing things!

Kris and I set up an appointment for our first pediatrician interview. It's silly but I guess I never really thought about needing to pick one. Now I have to make a list of questions to ask one! I mean you think about how you have to decorate the nursery, pick a name for our baby, buy clothes and baby things and have a shower, but there are so many random things I NEVER thought of! Besides picking a pediatrician I didn't think about registering at the hospital either! I need to do that this week and start my birth plan. Crazy.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

20 weeks - plus movement!

20 weeks!

Maternity Clothes: I got some new ones this week! Kris let me go shopping and I got 2 new shirts and 3 pairs of pants. So comfy!
Stretch Marks: Who knows.... I have so many already from my struggle with weight I wouldn't notice a new one!
Total Weight: up 12 lbs total.
Aiden's Progress: He is about 10 ounces and about 10.5 inches. He is now measured from head to heal not head to rump! Yay!
Sleep: The last few nights I've slept a bit better. I think the body pillow really does help. My hips still ache in the night though from sleeping on my sides.
Movement: YES! I felt him for the first time laying in bed this morning. He felt like a little goldfish flopped inside me. Then a few hours later I felt 4 thumps against my belly.
Cravings: Nothing too crazy, root beer still. I've been eating more ice cream. I'm over my watermelon kick now, but the strawberries are soo sweet!
Belly Button: Still in for now...who knows if I'll ever "pop"
What I miss: Umm, nothing I can think of right now.
What I look forward to most: More movement! I really can't wait to feel it being consistent and for Kris to feel him kicking.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

So on Memorial Day we went to the Gorge. It was supposed to be 75 and sunny. We packed ourselves a picnic lunch and took off around 1pm. We tried Multnomah Falls first, the lane to get into the parking lot was backed up 20 cars deep onto the freeway! We then tried a park near the fish hatchery....5 bucks just to park and well, people everywhere once again. So we continued a bit further up the freeway and stopped at Eagle Creek park I think it was. We found an empty picnic table and started to set up lunch!

Needless to say, it wasn't as wonderful as we had expected! It was soo windy and therefore a bit cold too! We had to hold down the lids for the containers while we tried to dish food, had to hold down napkins and the bread bag. The bag we had broke and Kris has to go backtrack and find where our silverware fell out at! After lunch and many laughs at how awful this was we took a walk. There was a guy who caught a "small" sturgeon, it sure looked huge to me! Mom insisted we go to the on site small museum too. It was soo frickin' creepy! They had these weird doll people and I felt like I should have been on an episode of Ghost Hunters!

Afterwards we headed back home. It was an interesting experience, but at least we got out and went somewhere as a family!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Layout!

Okay so my little brother spent some time making me a new layout for my blog. I didn't want to have a blog that was just some layout I found online. I think I like this one a lot. I think it's girly but pretty simple. So, thanks Brock! Now I just need people who want to follow my so far boring blog. I'll get there I'm sure....

Now, off to have a BBQ at mom's house.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Belly Bump 19 weeks 3 Days

Well here it is. Baby bump watch starts... it's certainly getting there, but I think it looks bigger to me than in this picture. Almost halfway done with this pregnancy, I can't believe it! I do hope this bump starts to really take off, I always pictured myself as this big bellied pregnant lady!

I have heartburn....

Because I forgot to take my Zantac when I got up. Now of course it's almost 1pm and I'm chewing tums. Boo. It's beautiful outside and yet I feel like being lazy. I wish the internet worked by the pool, I'd just go lay there and be online and lazy. Perhaps I'll paint my nails again, they really need it. That's all for now.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 2

So far so good I guess. I spent a little time today updating the right hand info, I'll be adding more soon I'm sure. I also want to spice up the header, I think I need Brock's help for this task!

I'm starving, but I think I want to shower before I eat, I think Aiden will win this one though, Kris always says baby needs to eat before my needs lol. Last night I was eating watermelon in bed and I put it on the nightstand and said I was full. Kris looked at me and says "no, that wasn't enough for Aiden, he's still hungry!" Of course 30 minutes later when Kris was asleep I decided he was right, my tummy was growling, so I ate the rest. *shakes head* I did not confess this to him this morning. :)

The insomnia is getting a bit worse lately. I was up until midnight watching Sex and the City reruns and finally gave up and tried to sleep. At least my body pillow seems to help some once I do fall asleep. Too bad it seems to take up a lot of the bed, I miss curling up against my hubby!

Nothing exciting today, I think i'm gonna publish this baby though. Why not?!? Here goes nothing...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And so it begins....

I guess this is the start of something new. My goal is to keep this updated often, try to keep everyone up to date on my pregnancy, my marriage and family and as I venture into new mommy-hood and being a stay at home mom (SAHM as i may call it) use this as a tool to document and vent! I'll start with my day yesterday.... I woke up to the smell of food and my hubby saying "breakfast is ready". This is 2 Tuesdays in a row I have been treated like this! It was french toast and hashbrowns. What a treat. In the afternoon we went to our anatomy scan to see Aiden. I'm going to use the following set up weekly to keep people informed.

19 weeks
2nd week in my 5th month
Total Weight Ga
in: 13 lbs, sounds scary but is normal so i'm told
Aiden's Measurements: 9 inches and 9 ounces

I'm having trouble sleeping so I'm now using a body pillow to curl up with. Works well when Kris isn't sleeping on it too! :) Also I am getting sharp round ligament pain on my right side pretty regularly. It's been hotter this week (80's) and i'm gonna have to take my wedding ring off today due to my hands swelling.

Well obviously this week seeing our little guy again was great! He was wiggling around, kicking me, he smiled and made sucking faces with my mouth.

I was wanting chocolate cake earlier in the week. Watermelon. I'm starting to get my sushi craving again too, and I can't get enough root beer.

Now for today:

Kris just called and he said his boss told him he's really impressed with him and how much he is already making on his own weekly. That in his second week on the job he made $800 bucks and should be making $1000 a week in no time. We just decided to look into not only a 2bedroom 2 bath apartment when we move in August, but either getting a bigger 2bb like my moms OR getting the apartment upgraded so everything in it is new. Boy I am soo excited! If we get a bigger place than we can stay in it for a couple years, maybe 3 and not out grow it before we are ready to buy a house! I'm off to go to the mall, I need to a fake ring because my fingers keep swelling and i'm getting worried! I may look at JCPenny for the 12.99 shirt I saw online I just have to have!
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