Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Monday, May 31, 2010

You asked for it: The Skid Mark Story

Think back to junior high will you. What click did you belong to? I thought I was part of the semi-popular group, but I thought wrong. In reality I was a loser. I was a big nerd. I used to dress like my mother {not that my mom had bad fashion sense, but well, she dressed like a working adult in the 90’s} in vests with turtlenecks, long sweaters over stirrup pants and cardigans with crocheted cows on them. I was so not cool. I was in band and choir, and my best friend was just as uncool as I. She had a thing {and still does to this day} for random decorative socks and often wore Christmas socks in May. She also was in band and choir with me and had a niche for bright colored pants like lime green jeans and purple corduroys.

You needed all that background because I want you to really grasp the severity of my humiliation. I was already picked on. I had already had a popular girl put gum in my hair during math class and had already been made fun of openly for not shaving my legs in 6th grade. What happened on one rainy picture day just sealed my deal and a big dork in junior high.

As I mentioned it was picture day. Not picture day for everyone though, just those of us in band. Yep, band pictures. I played flute. I had a new dress, which again was in the mom fashion category, it was blue and white gingham, long with buttons all the way down the front, and the real kicker was that it had shoulder pads. I had my hair in a French braid. I even had brand new navy blue flats with a little gold buckle on the toes. I thought I looked great. You know, minus the severe acne and braces. My mom always dropped me off for school and today was not much different. Except instead of dropping me off at the top of the grass hill by the front door, I was dropped off at the bottom of the hill and had to muck through the mud.

I got to the top of the hill and walked into the front entrance of the school. It was early, I was always early to school, so not too many people had gathered in the halls yet. This further shows you my super nerdiness. I take one step, then two, and then my slick with water and mud new dress shoes failed me. I slid a good 10 feet down the main hallway coming to a stop flat on my back with my bag on the ground and my flute case in hand – my dress blown up above my head. My principal, who was a guy mind you, Mr. Nordby if I recall correctly, arrived promptly at my side. He reached down and helped me up while trying to hold back laughs. Yes folks, even my school principal was laughing in my face.

As I gathered my self up and assured the principal I was fine I realized that there were far more people in the building than I first noticed, and they had all seen me slide down the hall like I was on a slip n’ slide. Soo embarrassing. However, the most embarrassing part was yet to come. I started to coward away and try to hide and forget what happened when I saw that there were 2 long black skid marks on the hall floor. Not the kind you find in a young boys tighty whities, the kind from a new pair of rubber soled shoes. You know, scuff marks. These weren’t just scuff marks though; they were long dark lines that could not be just “rubbed out” of the tile.

For the rest of the day I went without my dress shoes or I held my best friend’s arm down the halls as I was paranoid of falling down again. For reasons still unknown to me the hall remained scuffed up for the rest of the week, perhaps just to rub in my face my huge fall, more likely they only waxed the floors on the weekends. Everyone saw them, and every time people noticed the marks someone would loudly ask what happened, I could not escape it. People knew, and people were talking.

From that day on I would not wear dress shoes to school. Even in high school I don’t recall wearing dress shoes or dresses. To this day I am still paranoid about falling down when I do wear heels. I had Kris scuff up my heels that I wore on our wedding day even though the floor was carpet at the church. I could just see a repeat experience happening on the most important day of my life. This time it would have been caught on film. Thankfully I didn’t fall on my wedding day, but I still hesitate to wear dress shoes.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I apologize for lack of posts

Sorry I haven't been around much lately.  I've been busy reading lots of books, I just can't help it, I got sucked in!  I'm on my 2nd book this week! 

Thanks for voting on my little poll.  I will be writing up the skid mark story and hoping to post it on Monday, maybe Tuesday.  I have soo many other things to blog about too, here is a list of things to come {this is more for my own memory of things I need to write up}. 

- I won a Trendy Award for my blog
- Aiden won the Infant Category of the picture contest!  Thank you all!!
- I have 2 book reviews: Angels & Demons and Heart of the Matter
- Big change in our living situation {another reason I've been MIA}
- Sex & the City 2 movie
- Skid Mark Story
- Pics of Aiden playing with kitty food and kitty {too cute!}
- I won a flirty apron!

So as you can see I will be writing several posts very soon to share with you all.  Look for my new poll in the coming week too!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aiden Picture Overload!

I've been pretty lazy lately about getting recent pics and videos up of the boy.  So without further ado I am going to give you a massive dose of cuteness with minimal words. 

{Playing by the front door - I just love how his hand is.}
{Hanging out with Dad}
{Such a sweet face.}
{This is called "whoops I had a bit of crabcake...}
{His first pool experience.  Just toes in this time.}
{Look at that smile!}
{What is that face for...}
{Aiden found Mommy's Undies! lol}

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday!

In the past I have been pretty good about picking favorites from the first episode.  I had a few that clearly caught my eye last night with Ali so let's dive right in to my personal commentary.  I would also like to note from the start that Ali looks better with her hair up and she didn't look super hot last night.  Looked a little drunk/trashy in my opinion.

The Men of the hour:

Frank: He was cute, kind of nerdy with the glasses, but not ugly.  He seems funny, witty and a bit quirky.  However, I'm thinking he might be the one with the girlfriend? {image 1}

Tyler M: The scrapbooker.  Right, that seems, umm a bit Molly like if you ask me.  Trying too hard to be cute.  He was a NO in my book, and Ali's too.  Good girl.

Derrick aka "Shooter": So let me get this straight - it's a cool story to tell someone you are hoping to impress and one day marry that you have a nickname based on the fact you had a problem with premature jizzing?  Right... No big shock he was given the boot.  I mean sure he doesn't have that problem now ::snort:: but I think under the pressure in the sleepover dates it might rear it's ugly head again. 

Chris H:  Now I like this one!  He reminds me of Jillian, and not just because he's from Canada.  He was normal and very down to earth.  He is the sweet guy that just makes you feel at ease and comfortable but that you can laugh with.  He was a true keeper in my book, and he's pretty darn cute too! {image 2}

Hunter:  Umm, NO.  Sure his little song was funny again ala Molly and her chicken nugget song with Jason.  I just didn't feel it though.  He isn't my type, but then again, maybe that means he is perfect for Ali.  Who knows.  I guess he's not the worst of the bunch.

Jonathan:  Mr. Weatherman.  Umm he looks a bit too "fake pretty" for me.  He's not hot, but it's got that "I wear makeup and talk a lot" thing going on.  Too chatty, he would drive me crazy being soo overwhelming.  I'm the talker and I'd never be able to get a word in with him! {image 3- the "pretty pretty girl one"}

Chris R:  First thing I thought was "holy big head".  His face it very long and prominent.  Not sure how I feel about that.  He is a lawyer and I had the feeling he knows how to talk a lot and sell himself.  I mean he does it for a living, but the yellow shoe keychain was cute and won points with Ali.

Tyler V:  Umm he isn't too bad looking, but he doesn't have that striking appearance I would want on a first impression.  Not bad for Ali though.  He seems like a frat boy though.  He's only 25 and on his bio it says his favorite book is:  I hope they serve beer in hell.  No joke. {image 4}

Justin:  Mr. Pro Wrestler.  I love how he claims he is a wrestler but really it's just entertainment wrestling.  That would be like Mcdreamy claiming he was a Dr. because he played one on Grey's Anatomy.  I don't really find much credit in his profession.  It's like Peter Pan syndrome, he never grew up.  The broken foot too?  Wow - kind seems a bit sketchy to me.  I think he is totally like Wes, just wants to promote himself.  He also wins my vote for possible girlfriend back home.

John C: He seems pretty sweet, but I didn't see his one on one with her so I don't really have much of an opinion about him. I am glad he moved on because I didn't get a chance to make fun of judge him yet. Hopefully next week I can really weigh in on this guy.
Jay:  He had way to much hair in back.  It wasn't like a mullet, but it was sure poofy.  My first thought was that he was Ron Burgundy the weatherman.  He seems nice enough, but he was a NO thankfully.
Craig M:  Speaking of hair... let's take a look at this guy shall we.  The whole episode I was mesmerized by him, but not in the way Ali may have been.  I was just taken back by his resemblance to soo many people.  First thought was Tori Spelling's hubby Dean.  Then I though maybe he had some McDreamy hair going on.  By the end of the episode though I was sold on The Green Goblin from Spiderman.  I will post a picture of him to show you the resemblance... {image 5 is Craig and just in case you didn't know image 6 is Green Goblin}

Jesse:  Now he was cute.  I liked his voice.  He was the guy who made the jigsaw heart necklace for her.  It was a sweet thought, a bit more unique in my opinion.  Plus it was sweet that he mentioned his sister, he seems pretty down to earth.  I'm glad he moved on for another week.

Chris L:  Seems pretty simple.  Simple isn't always bad though.  Simple means safe.  He was very personable and attractive.  He is was soo sweet talking about his mother and how he didn't want to tell Ali right away because it was personal for him and he didn't want that to be her first impression of him or for her to think he was playing the sympathy card.  He also is the one guy that Ali said had a good smile on Ellen this week.  {image 7}
Roberto:  Hello Handsome!  Now he was a good looking guy, he had that kind of smile that just makes his eyes twinkle.  That's how my hubby's smile is so I personally moved Roberto to my #1 right away.  He got the first impression rose too so I guess Ali thought he was awesome as well.  He seems genuine.  He talked about his family and they seem stable and he seems to have a good role model family.  I think he will be the loyal type who loves you like a queen.  The salsa dancing was very sexy too.  I like him. {image 8}
All in all I think this season will be a winner.  If not because of the guys but because Ali seems to have a lot of drama and will make for good laughs.  She seems to cry a lot, get used and abused by some guys, she seems a bit skanky.  I think she isn't that pretty this time around and I think she seems a bit ditzy and flightly.  That's okay I will watch and love every minute of it.  I am already fighting some strong urges not to look up spoilers!  I think I will cheat at some point, but I am hoping I can hold out until the end. 

To summarize my personal picks, they are: 1. Chris L. 2. Roberto 3. Jesse 4. Chris H and finally 5. Frank.  Frank is my wild card - not sure I like him as much anymore but I will keep him on the list for now. 

What did YOU think of the first episode?  Who did you pick as your top 5?  Put up a link in your comment if you wrote about it.  If there are enough people interested I may do a McLinky next week so we can all be judgy and snarky together!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pimpin' My Son Out! LAST DAY TO VOTE!!

Hi lovelies!  Go vote for Aiden {YOU CAN VOTE 5 TIMES FOR HIM} over at Parenting by Dummies.  It'd mean a lot to me!  Just vote for I'm Just Sayin - the following is the photo you will see up!  Thanks again!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My 1st Blogiversary!!


Have a treat ladies to help me celebrate!  Doesn't that look good?  I'm drinking coffee and now craving something sweet!  I wanted to do something special to thank of of you for coming along on this journey with me.  I wanted to do my first giveaway, but that idea sort of fell through.  I tried to contact people with etsy shops or small businesses, I put out an announcement on my blog etc.  No luck.  I'm sorry ladies, I just don't have anything crafty to offer you myself.  If anyone is interested in making that a possibility stll please do contact me.

Thank you to all my new readers who have joined me on this journey in the last week.  The D-List blog party has been wonderful!  It has been wonderful getting to know even more great and witty mom's.  If you are new I encourage you to read some of my favorite posts {link on my sidebar} and get to  know me a bit more.  Thank you to those who have been around from teh beginning.  I feel like we are old friends now and some of you I think of more than I think of my non-internet friends!

When I started this blog I did it mostly to "fit in" on thebump.com because all the cool moms had a blog.  Then I quickly realized I had to write for myself or it was just pointless.  That's when the blog took off.  I started documenting my day to day life, keeping everyone up to date on my pregnancy and Aiden growing up.  These days I also use my blog as a form of therapy.  Since having PPD I have learned that sometimes the best support is in written form.  Putting my feelings down helps me understand them better.  The ladies I have met online have been such amazing support.

This blog has also been a way for me to share a different side of myself with my family.  My hubby supports my writing, my mom has always known my desire to write and calls to complain when there is nothing new posted for her to read on her lunch break, my dad was one of my first regular readers.  Most recently my mom-in-love Lita has started reading my blog.  She tells me she is proud of me and that I'm soo smart, I feel special that I can share it with her too.  It's really been a bonding experience with my family that I just didn't expect. 

I hit 100 readers this week and I was soo honored that that many people want to experience my life with me and to follow along on my journey.  In the next year I hope to continue growing readers and finding ways to interact better with all of you.  I hope to help other moms and to share support with those who need it.  So refill your coffee mug, and sit back for what I hope will be another wonderful year.

Thanks again ladies for being around.  You all mean a lot to me, your kind words make me smile everyday.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday!

We are sick around here still.  Aiden and I are sick bed buddies today.  This is all you get for the day, sorry!

My little Macho Man.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Bed On The Bathroom Floor! Writer's Workshop!

{I wrote this earlier this week while being sick - but noticed it is PERFECT for Writer's Workshop, so I'm using it again!  Join in at the bottom - I put the link there!  Topic was: 2.) What was your medicine? Write about a time you remember being ill.}

You know those things that make you feel better when you are sick?  Those things that only your mom or dad did for you to take care of you?  Like chicken noodle soup, watching cartoons in bed, orange juice in your favorite mug.  For me those things were warm watermelon jello juice {you know, the hot liquid before it sets?}, laying in my mom's bed and my bed on the bathroom floor.

To this day I need my bed on the bathroom floor.  I was always afraid of not making it to the toilet in time if I had to puke, or heaven forbid poop, or do both at one which is disgusting and you don't want to not make it for that hot mess!  My mommy would take a blanket and lay it on the bathroom floor, then my pillow placed near the toilet bowl base so I could just sit up and puke it the urge hit.  I would curl up with a cold wash cloth on my head and sleep there.  It always made me feel better.

I remember in college a few times I had to have my bed on the bathroom floor thanks to being hangover.  One night we went drunk bowling and I had a bunch of tequila shots in a row {I was playing catch-up because I was working while everyone drank} and then bowling.  I recall the first frame, but I don't remember the second.  My friend Alison said I dropped the bowling ball on the lane and said I had to go the bathroom.  When it was time to go I remember her removing my bowling shoes while I was curled over a gross public toilet.  My 2 guy friends Derek and Chris carried me out of the ladies bathroom and put me in the car.  When we got back to my apartment Alison asked me what I needed - I told her a bed on the bathroom floor.  My roommate and 3 friends looked at me like I was crazy, they tried to convince me I should just go climb in bed.  I refused, so they set me up with a blanket, pillow, water and washrag.  I remember waking up to the sound of someone snoring, a bowl of chicken top ramen next to me and in my bathroom, feet sticking out into the hallway.  Not my best moment for sure, but even being wasted {not proud of and never that bad again} I knew what I wanted to make me feel better.

I've used a towel when I lived alone as a blanket because I couldn't get up when I was really sick with the flu.  Kris had to call my mom when we first were living together because I wanted the bathroom bed and he was trying to convince me otherwise.  My mom told him what to do and that it's what I needed.  Bless his heart when I was pregnant he had to make me a bathroom bed a few times when my morning sickness got bad. 

Fast forward to last night.  My husband has been sick all weekend.  I had been trying my best to take care of him and Aiden and was starting to go crazy.  It was just too much for my still fragile mind to deal with.  I started feeling sick.  I was sick for a few hours before it actually hit - the quivering lip that tells me and all around me I'm gonna blow.  I got out of bed and ran for the bathroom.  Kris came after me and asked what if I wanted a washrag.  I quickly said "yes! cold".  So he brought me that and glass of water.  At that point I was on the toilet {classy I know} and making Kris put a plastic bag in the garbage so I could puke too.  Then all of a sudden my arms and chest when numb and tingly {like when they wake up from being asleep} and everything got white like I was going to pass out.  Then it went from tingly to burning {best way to describe it - I have NEVER felt like this before} and I got panicky.  I told Kris "call my mom".  She came over {remember,same apartment complex} and said "are you going to go back to bed?" I weakly shook my head - she said "do you want me to make a bed for you?"  I said yes.  So here I am 26 years old, married with a child of my own and I made my husband call my mommy to come make me a bed on the bathroom floor!  I even took a picture because I knew this morning I had to share this with you.  It's too amusing not to.  I left out myself out of the pic, I didn't think you could handle how glamorous I am when sick.

Please tell me I am not the only one who needs something like this when I'm sick?  Do you do something weird too?  I feel pathetic, but now I much better and in bed all day.  My mom is here making me lunch.  :)

Mama's Losin' It

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blog Hop Party 2010 - Welcome!

D-Listed blogs is hosting a blog party! This is just a nice little way for other mommy blogs to mingle and get to know each other.  Find someone they have something in common with, find someone new, find an old friend.  The first step is to write up a little welcome and hello.  So stick around, join it at the link above, and get to know me better!

First off you should grab a big fresh cup of coffee.  With Hazelnut creamer if you want to be cool like me!  I started blogging mostly for myself.  I'd see a few other mom blogs and decided that since I was newly laid off and newly knocked up I should write about it.  Almost a year later here I am with almost 100 readers!  I can't believe it.  I feel soo very lucky that that many people care about what I have to say.  It's wonderful to me that some of them have even been around from my start when Aiden was just a little kicking frog in my belly. 

Allow me to back up more and point to you a few important posts of my life.  You can start out right up top where my ABOUT ME is located.  Check that out to hear about the hubs and how we met and fell in love.  It was a whirlwind really.  The short version is we met, it started with a smile.  We said I love you after 2 weeks and were engaged after 2 months.  We were married on our 9 month anniversary.  We were married 3 months when we found out Aiden was on his way.  You can read more about what my marriage means to me right HERE.  Aiden was born just weeks before our first wedding anniversary. 

You can read about his arrival HERE.  He has been our pride and joy.  He is already 7 months old and you can see a few posts back that he is already pulling himself up to stand and cruise on things!  We are going to have an early walker on our hands!  What a bright child he is, plus is he super cute.  We made one beautiful boy if I do say so myself!

A huge part of who I am these days is Postpartum Depression.  I struggled quietly for a couple months before I finally realized what I felt wasn't just normal stress.  I wrote a very difficult and honest post about my personal story HERE.  Please read it and don't hesitate to ask questions or get help.  I feel like a better mom by asking for help and taking care of myself.  I'm still healing, but everyday is a little easier or makes me a bit stronger.

In conclusion if you stick around my blog you will find I post way to many pictures of my growing son.  I mostly do this for myself, so I apologize if it gets old to you.  I ramble a lot.  I drink coffee more than I should.  I struggle with my weight {check out my weight loss blog - link in my sidebar to the right!} and one day I will write my story of the eating disorders I have overcome.  I love my family, even my in-laws, I love Coach purses and I feel blessed for all I have.  I'm often witty and talk about reality tv, and you will find me sometimes sharing a bit too much information.  I hope to see you all stick around, I love comments and love to share with my readers.  I hope to get to know you all better! 

{if you don't have auto reply on your comments please leave an email addy - I love to respond to each one!}

Random Story of the Day.

That is my father in law, my brother in law Jeff and Kris.  They were all watching Jeepers Creepers {stupid movie!} and Kris is sick today.  He has been laying around with a fever and drinking theraflu etc.  His family came to visit today to rescue me from fussy Aiden and grumpy Kris for a while.  They also brought soup and juice and lunch for us.  Shortly after this photo was taken Jeff got annoyed with Kris for laying on him and farted on him.  My husband is 27 and my brother in law is 29.  What mature boys - I guess brother's will brothers and will always pick on each other.  Cracks me up.  This has been my day.

Bloggy Awards!

I really do love awards, I don't always feel I deserve them, but really appreciate others sharing them with me.  I got 2 this last week, one I have already received so I'll acknowledge it but I'm not going to do it again.  Then other is new to me and I will pass it along! 

Here are the rules.... First thank the person who gave it to you {done this below!} next is you share 7 things about yourself that no one knows about. Then nominate 15 bloggers who are worthy for this award. 

Thank you to Really I'm a Mom.  :)  Much appreciated.

7 Things...

1.  I am a messy person but really love my house clean.  I stress all the time about it being messy.  I love cleaning it like I did today, it's a huge weight off my shoulder, but I just don't care enough to put everything in it's place on a daily basis.

2.  I use dollar tree brand creamy vaseline lotion on my hands and face everyday.  It's only a buck but it sure is awesome.  Works like a charm, all the smelly expensive stuff just drys my skin out.

3.  My laptop screen is broken so I'm ghetto and propped it open with a box on our dining room table.  Clearly it is working just fine because I am sitting here enjoying my coffee and blogging.  It just looks stupid.  Oh well.  I'm ghetto fabulous {can I get an award for that please??}.

4.  I call my mom all day everyday.  Even though she lives a 1 minute walk away if we don't hear from each other by mid-day we are calling to "just check on" each other.  It's kinda sad, but I love my mommy and we chat wayy too much some days.

5.  I am currently burning a new candle - it's a Gold Canyon Carmel Ginger Strudel one - oh soo yummy!!

6.  A guy I now, not really friends with anymore though, was on the news for a DUI yesterday - he hit a parked car and then went back and started drinking again.  Got arrested and he is a teacher here.  Nice huh?  Too strange to see someone you know and had at your wedding on the news with a mug shot.

7.  My facts suck.  Yes, that is indeed a fact - don't judge me.  :)

Pass it On:

15?? Ouch, who decided that, that is a lot of linking to do. I'm gonna just cheat and be lame... all you lovely ladies are welcome to take this award. Really all the blog I read are versatile. I love reading about kids one day, a recipe the next and something more serious and heartfelt on another day. I think it's important to not just stick to one type of blogging everyday!

The other award I was given this week is this one: 

I already have it so I won't do it again, but thank you soo much to Gina for thinking of me!  Soo sweet.  Go check her out for yourself!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Aiden can pull himself up to stand now - proof inside!

Well Aiden is on the move and there is just no stopping him!  In the last week he has gone from army crawling to crawling on his hands and knees like he should.  Then he started pulling himself up to his knees.  Pulling himself up to his knees quickly went to pulling himself up to stand on the coffee table, the recliner, the sofa, the bookcase etc.  He even got a black eye from falling during one attempt in his room.  *sigh*
He was trying to pull himself up to stand on his gumball machine toy and the toy was not strong enough to hold his weight.  They both toppled over and he hit the side of his face on the foot of his crib.  Didn't stop him though he kept trying until he figured it out.  He can also go from crawling to sitting up without falling over.  He also has figured out rolling from his back to his belly and then getting himself up to sit.

And well today we got a nice treat.  We watched as he pulled himself up to standing in his pack n' play.  As if that wasn't enough I heard him laughing in his room {he was napping prior} and I went in to find him standing up in his crib.  For the first time.  And Kris came running with the camera.  Isn't he just the cutest?  We are in trouble though if he is crawling and pulling up to stand on his own at only 7 months.  Dare I say - crawling by 9 or 10 months?  Goodness I hope not!  Little boy is growing up too quickly!

OH and top it off we are teething again and tooth number 3 {upper left} should cut through any day now - we can see it coming!  Ice chips in his mesh feeder have been heaven!

{Look at that smile below - he was soo proud of himself!}

Let's Talk T.V. Shall We?

It's no secret that I love tv.  I really love reality tv.  Kris and I have our favorite shows, we have something for every night of the week.  We are very bummed out when our "show" is not on for some reason.  As the finale of Grey's Anatomy draws near, I am getting sad.  I don't like the idea of weeks on end of repeats.  At least with reality shows when they are over for the season there is no cliff-hanger, it's just done until a new cast starts.  I should make it clear I am NOT a Dancing With The Stars fan unless someone I love is on it like Apolo Anton Ohno - then I will watch it.  I much rather watch Amazing Race, Biggest Loser and Big Brother. 

Back to Grey's for a moment shall we?  Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Bailey, talked to ET not long ago {I'm sketchy on the day because I saw it in passing and don't remember when it was} about the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.  She said that "anything that can happen, will happen" and hinted that even someone would die on the finale.  Then when we saw the preview for it after last nights episode we see that in fact, anything can and will be happening!

It appears that Meridith is pregnant, Christina breaks up with Owen and that someone is holding back Derek and Mer is screaming "NO".  They also said something about a shooter in the building.  I'm just putting it out there, my prediction is that Lexie will give Mark another shot, I know she left with Alex this week and told Mark she had moved on, but you see, I think Mark gets hurt.  I think he gets hurt and it makes Lexie realize she loves him still too.  Who dies?  Umm, this I am not sure about, it would be a HUGE twist if Derek is killed and Meridith is left heartbroken and pregnant.  I'm going to stick with that prediction for now, but my second suggestion would be someone insignificant like that new little red head tart.  Last year Izzy and George left, I doubt they would kill off main characters 2 years in a row!  Oh but way, what is Alex died?  Then Lexie would be comforted by Mark - hmm, I clearly am way to invested in this show...

Let's move on now to my reality show favorites.  Amazing Race.  Oh how we love our Amazing Race around here.  I feel like it's the only really great show on tv anymore.  I mean there isn't as much slutty drama like on shows where everyone lives together.  No season is ever the same, and they seem to really pick a good diverse group of contestants.  They need to spend time in the Philippines though!  I was rooting for The Cowboys the entire season.  I'm very sad that they came in 2nd place.  They never really were about game play, they were honest people who took their time and enjoyed the countries they were in.  I liked that about them.  Also I just want to mention that I was very disappointed in Carol and Brandy for their outburst on the finale.  It was the wrong time and was inappropriate, way to ruin the brother's thunder. 

Bachelorette Ali is on soon.  A couple more weeks actually, not long at all.  You can expect a Bachelorette talk Tuesday right here like I do for The Bachelor.  Perhaps others will join in.  :)  I am excited to pick my top 5, last year Tenley and Ali were both in my first night top 5 picks!

Lastly I am very excited for Big Brother to start up again.  It is a summer only show which I think really keeps the appeal up.  At least it does for me.  I haven't found the official start date with CBS yet but I know they started casting in April.  Anyone else excited for Big Brother to return?

What are your favorite shows to watch?  Do you enjoy reality shows?  Please tell me I am not alone in my sad, sad passion for crappy drama. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Writer's Workshop: My Book Blurb

5.) Imagine your life is now a book. In 100 120 words, write the blurb for it. (It’s what people will read on the back cover.  Sue me, I went over on the words, as I mention I never stop talking - or typing! 

I'm a new wife and mother. I have a lot on my mind and never stop talking. I had a very entertaining childhood, and by entertaining I mean leaving skid marks on the floor in Jr. High, stalking *Nsync and "breastfeeding" my baby dolls in public. The stories are aplenty and continue to pile up as time goes by. I'm addicted to coffee, reality TV, and Coach Purses. I’ve struggled with eating disorders most my life and now am learning to cope with Postpartum Depression. Everyday is a learning experience and an opportunity to grow. Come along with me on my hilarious journey, feel free to laugh and cry along with me, or as the case may be, at me.

Join in over at Mama Kat's.
Mama's Losin' It

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Ahh yes, it's Mother's Day again.  Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely mommy bloggers out there!  Last year I was a mommy to be, my hubby got me a sweet card, but we didn't do anything to really celebrate.  This year, however, I deserve a little celebration!

My Mother's Day has been ongoing really, it started out with a 1hour massage thanks to my very own Momma.  It was soo nice and relaxing.  I could do that every week if they weren't soo pricey!  Such a treat. My mom and I are also planning to buy Emily Giffin's newest book to share which comes out on May 11th.  Then to top off our gifts to each other we are going to see Sex And the City 2 in theaters when it comes out at the end of the month.  It's soo nice when my mom and I can just spend some time together and enjoy it without distraction.  Not to mention none of the boys would go to the movie with us even if we wanted them to.  We learned our lesson about taking them to chick flicks last year!

My mother in law {or mother-in-love as I like to call her} went way above and beyond for me this year.  I did not expect anything, I mean I knew she'd get me something, but figured it might be a card and something from Lane Bryant.  She introduced me to shopping there after Aiden was born and their clothes have really helped me get through post baby weight trouble.  But NO... she went and spent WAYY more than she should have on me and got me a new Coach purse!  That's right ladies - be jealous.  It's beautiful.  I told her she shouldn't have, and felt horrible accepting it because I know she probably put it on a credit card and well, I just felt guilty.  However, when someone offers you a Coach purse you DO NOT say no.  You love it and enjoy it.  I hadn't bought myself a Coach purse in 3 years, I have just been rotating my 3 every so often.  Now I will carry a new one, for probably way longer than I should.  :)  I got the purse pictured below, the khaki poppy.  It's got that purple silk on the inside too.  It's the perfect size for me too - my phone and flip video camera fit perfect in the front pockets!
To top it off my husband and son are soo very wonderful to me.  Kris took Aiden out shopping to get me just what I really wanted - a new bath pillow {not some cheap one that deflates or doesn't stay put either!}.  They too spoiled me.  He came home with a 3 sectioned 2 inch thick foam bath pillow.  Oh it's soo cozy, seriously, awesome.  He also let Aiden pick out a bath caddy to fit on the tub.  It holds my book open, a glass of wine and a candle.  My bath that night was an hour long ladies... it was great.  He also bought a double headed shower head.  We didn't really NEED this, but oh my it's such a treat.  The second shower head comes off so we can use it to rinse Aiden off in the tub or I can use it to clean the shower walls easier! 

All in all I have had a great Mother's Day.  I am writing this on Saturday night, so I imagine I will get to sleep in tomorrow and will get french toast and coffee in bed from my hubby.  He usually does that for me for my birthday and such.  Very sweet man he is.  I also can imagine that I will be told to just relax and read a book and enjoy the day.  If anything really special happens I'll be sure to update. 
{EDIT}  Okay so I got a handmade card with my morning breakfast.  Aiden even had ink on him.  He came in and took a nap in bed with me, something he hasn't done in months.  Kris let me do nothing all day and it was very relaxing.  I even went to the hot tub for a bit with my own momma.  Can't beat that.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Aiden - 7 Months! THE BEST PICS INSIDE!

Wow, every month seems to go by quicker and quicker.  He is just growing up so fast it makes me happy and excited, but yet sad!  He seems to be much more like a toddler than a baby these days.  He crawls and moves around very quickly if he wants something.  He tries to pull himself up on everything.  He makes his way from your lap to the floor if he wants down.  He "talks" a lot and even said bamama this weekend - which I will take as a real attempt at "mama".  Even Kris said "I HEARD THAT".  It made me smile. 

I don't think he has put on much weight, if any at all.  Since he's been eating more table food {see the food list on my sidebar} and crawling I think everything has started to slow down.  I would guess he is now about 30 inches tall!  He sits like a pro and now takes a bath in the real tub and sits up the whole time.  He loves taking walks outdoors and we often take him on the back porch before a nap or bedtime to help calm him down.  He has even seen blue jays and hummingbirds.  He talks to the hummingbirds too.  It's very cute.  He has also taken to coughing and gagging himself for attention.  Then he stops as soon as we pay attention to him. 

Here are some pictures my wonderful husband took outside on Saturday.  It was his first time playing in the grass and he really seemed to love it.  He didn't even try to eat the grass!  Kris took about 50-60 pictures for me, but I tried to just pick my favorites to share.  Some make me want to cry, others make me giggle.  ENJOY!

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