Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday 5...

So I found a new post to do in my boredom. It's Friday 5 and this weeks 5 questions are supposed to be played like the game TABOO. So enjoy, and join in!

Your task is simply to answer these five questions without using any of the Taboo words or phrases. Challenge yourself not just to avoid using the words, but to think of fresh, new answers to these sort of cliched meme questions!

1.Who’s making a positive difference in your life?
Taboo words: friends, family, husband/wife/spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend.
- I am. Seriously, I am teaching myself how to sew, I'm being more crafty all around which is improving who I am and helping me become the stay at home soon-to-be mom that I always pictured myself as. I am also getting better at saving us money. I have slashed our energy bills a lot even though I'm home all day now and worked before. I plan our meals better and make my usual grocery list based on ads and coupons and I'm hardly driving which means my tank of gas for my car goes almost a month sometimes!

2.Where would you like to be right now?
Taboo words: home, bed, anywhere but here.
- With my husband. He is of course out working hard for us, but some days like today I would love nothing more than to be curled up in his arms and watching a movie. Or I guess my second answer would be at the pool with my book.

3.What’s the first thing you’d do with a $5,000 (or your local equivalent) gift?
Taboo words: save, debt, vacation, payments, invest.
- Pay off our credit card bills. (Hey I didn't exactly use the taboo words...) We only have to pay about $800 before baby is born and then we'll have everything covered on that front. I'd love to go into the hospital knowing any bill we get after we leave should be for accidentals such as if we need an emergency c-section, or pain meds etc. It would just be nice to have some of our credit cards free in case we need to buy something larger that we forgot about before baby and to know we have a handle on the baby fees.

4.What super-power would you really like to have?
Taboo words: invisibility, x-ray vision, flying, strength, transform.
- The ability to see the future. I'd love to know what day I will have Aiden. I could be soo prepared. I'd also like to see what kind of challenges I may face as a new mom so I can try to be better prepared. Of course I know this is silly, I will always face something new as a mom, but you get my point. Also we could know when we'd be able to buy a house and have another child etc.

5.What’s your favorite sound?
Taboo words: laughter, music, ocean, wind, ____’s voice.
- The sound of coffee brewing. I just love it when the pot is almost ready and it starts making that wonderful sound that means "get your cup and cream ready!". I also enjoy hearing my husband snoring. He doesn't snore badly, and it doesn't keep me from sleeping at all, but it is a peaceful sound to know he is sleeping soo soundly next to me. Brings me peace. Oh and I LOVE when he says "dinner is really good". :)

29 week belly pic

So in my usual fashion I am late with pics. Of course I am now down to only 3 days late... that's progress.

So here you have it, 29w3d belly pics. I just LOVE my mommy view.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So I got in trouble...

Yep, you read that right. Me, a 25 year old married soon to be mom got in trouble, by my hubs AND my mom! Who knew. So here is the story.

I had been lazy all morning, watched my Today Show, Regis and had my bowl of Golden Grahams. I had played around on Facebook a bit and also updated the good ole' blog. Well it was 1230pm and I decided I was getting hot and should go take a nice relaxing cool shower. Who would think twice about that, right? WRONG! I will now be thinking twice about a cool shower (AND going pee...)

I enjoyed my cool shower, by noon it was already 100, so I soaped up and then just stood there enjoying Aiden's kicks and the cool water on me. I got out around 1 or so (you can take a longer shower when the water doesn't go cold on ya!). I get dressed, put lotion on the baby bump and make my way out to the living room. I pick up my cell phone and was shocked.... 5 texts, 5 missed calls, and the house phone starts ringing. It's my hubs cell phone that shows up on caller ID. He never calls our house phone since we have free mobile to mobile. I know I'm in trouble.

He immediately goes "where have you been!" Umm, I took a shower? While on the phone I'm looking over all those texts, 4 of which were him starting out sweet "hi honey, i love you" and becoming more panicked "honey, i'm getting worried, you aren't answering now...." and then one from my mom saying "why aren't you answering either phones or my message??" I explain to my hubs that I just was trying to cool off. After 5 minutes he seemed to have calmed down and told me he was sorry for the panicking and would talk to me later.

Now to defuse the mom situation. She wasn't thrilled with me to say the least. She started off by telling me another 5 minutes and she was planning to start calling Kris and asking him where I was because she was worried.

Now, fast forward a few hours and I was just sitting down to pee...hey, a preggo lady has to drink a lot of water ya know. Anyway, just as I sat down I hear the house phone ringing in the distance and just KNEW it was my mom. Sure enough it's mom. Now I get in trouble AGAIN. "Where were you this time?" lol

Fast forward a few more hours and we are all at the pool after dinner and just relaxing when my mom and hubs start talking about my lack of answering the phone today and I have now been told by BOTH of them that I am TOO CLOSE to having this baby (roughly 10 weeks or so) and that I need to start taking the phone into the bathroom with me.

So there you have it. It's now that time again for me to shower, get them in daily while I can, I hear this will soon change.... and I had to text the hubs who is at his brother's working on his car and warn him i was going to shower, and let my mom know. I still have to take the phone with me though JUST IN CASE. Boy do I love them, but it's going to be a long few months now that they are both starting to worry more.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Mama Kat's Writing Prompt Time!

That's right, it's Thursday which means it's time for Mama's Losin' It's writing prompts. Read on, click on the link and join in on the fun! Comment too!

This week I picked prompt #4, "How will you enjoy your last days of freedom aka summer" I'm going to take this one a bit further, since come the start of October my son will be born I'm going to extend summer to that point. For me that's when my freedom is over. Not that I won't have freedom, but my days will be devoted to my little man and no longer just my own.
Currently we are experiencing the hottest summer on record for our city. Today was a record at 107. It's awful! Everyone says "oh you'll be miserable in the summer" yes, thank you for the support. I realize that being 7 months pregnant isn't exactly ideal in this heat. I'm trying to spend as much time as I can relaxing, staying cool and hydrated, and enjoying having Aiden all to myself in my tummy. I've picked up a book again and am really enjoying reading for a change. I've been scrapbooking and trying to get up to date on his baby book. I'm nesting for sure, so I'm sewing things and have plans to make him a quilt before he arrives. I'm floating in the pool daily too. Kris' birthday is on Monday, we plan to have a family dinner and also for me and him to have a nice dinner out just us two. We've been watching dvds lately together too, I love doing that so I bought him Grand Toreno for his birthday, we both wanted to watch it, so hopefully we enjoy it.

In 3 weeks the family, Mom, Brock, Kris and I are going to Reno for a little relaxing vacation before the baby comes.... I'm soo excited to go. We are going to be driving, which should be interesting, but thank goodness for a great roomy car and a/c. We are going to be staying at The Grand Sierra Resort & Casino. Let me share with you a bit about our vacation plans...
First up is of course the casino. Now, I'm not one to gamble, I don't like losing money, I feel that even a lost $25 bucks is gas money or a meal. However, my husband loves to gamble a bit, only with a set amount of money though, so he will be doing so and has convinced me and mom to at least gamble on the penny slots or something and enjoy ourselves. We have put aside some money, and his parents (who know I don't like spending our money at casinos) are giving him $200 bucks to waste. He is VERY excited, and I will be if he turns it into more $$!
Next up, they have their own movie theater. Isn't it huge? We will watch a movie there for sure! They also have scheduled entertainment, it is after all a casino! They have a movie on the beach too, every Wednesday in the summer they play a movie by the pool/beach and the week we are there will be Goonies. A good classic.
Speaking of pool/beach, this is their pool. It has sand that surrounds the entire thing so it will be like a beach experience. I'm excited, it will feel soo nice to just lay out!

Other activities there at the resort include bungee jumping and go karts, both of which the boys will enjoy but unfortunately I have to sit out. They have their own bowling alley which will be fun, they have a full spa and I will be getting a mani/pedi since I can't reach my toes, AND a 1hr prenatal massage. Oh the joy! That will be the best part for me!! They have mini golf and a full course and near by there is the National Auto Museum. We will probably go there for a couple hours since my hubs is a car junky. Overall, it should be a fun filled yet relaxing trip. And it's only 3 weeks away!!

After we get back a week later, Aug 29th, is my first baby shower. Mom is throwing it and it will be for my friends and a few of my family members. We are planning for about 24 people, it should be a nice turnout. The month of September will be hectic I think. I will be getting our crib and dresser/changer so I can finish up our nursery! I'll hopefully be finishing that quilt mentioned above, or getting started on it! Then come Sept 26th Kris' mom is going to throw me another baby shower. This one will be for his family, his aunts and cousins...I'm excited, cuz this means all my favorite Filipino food I can imagine! Yummy! After that it's last minute baby shopping - anything we need before he arrives like diapers, or stuff for me like that lovely nipple cream and pads. Oh the excitement. Then it's just a waiting game until our little man arrives.

That is my end of summer/freedom plans...

Way-Back Wednesday & a not-so Wordless Wednesday!

Okay, so I don't have a lot of old school photos on this computer, and mine doesn't really turn on long enough to get any. So here is what you get, the oldest photos I could snag from my facebook page. I love all 4 of these and am happy to share... Sorry this breaks the "Wordless Wednesday" idea... I'm multi-blogging.

June 2007 - This picture is me and my gay boys, Shane on the left, and Spencer behind me. We went to San Fran for a day, because well, we worked for the airline and could. I just LOVE this picture, I even had it framed for a while. It reminded us of a band photo, the kind you'd see inside a CD booklet. It was totally random, but I just love everything about it. The light...our faces...that we are all in black...
July 2007 - Does this really NEED an explanation?? I mean hello VANILLA ICE. Yes, I'm crazy. First let's point out I look slim here, I miss that. Second I will tell you that I was on the employee bus and we passed him standing waiting for a cab. When the bus finally came to a stop (at the complete other end of the airport) I got off the bus and literally RAN, I mean I took off RUNNING to find him. I stopped right in front of him and was out of breath, I was a bit sweaty in my uniform, and I just managed to get out through the huffing and puffing "You're Vanilla Ice, aren't you?" He just laughed and said "Is that who you think I am?" I said "yes, I know you are". He then smiled a huge smile, and said "yes, I guess you could call me that". He then was kind enough to take some pictures with me. He was really nice. Then as I was leaving a saw a gaggle of girls my age (early 20's at the time) surrounding him. It made my day, and year, and boy I couldn't stop talking about it at work that day.
August 2006 - This was my last day at my coffee shop job in Seattle. I clearly didn't work that day and just hung out taking pictures. This was me in Burl's $300 Gucci's. It was love at first site, and I'll never be able to own sunglasses like these, I break them far too often for starters, and I'd rather spend that money on a new Coach purse. But here I am, all hot in borrowed glasses.
April 2005 - This was an April Fool's party. I remember it clearly. This is my best male friend Matty, now we don't talk much now, but in college we hung out A LOT. I can pull up 100's of pictures of us, and from the time we met in like 2003/2004 until this last year at my wedding (Oct 2008) there was not a SINGLE picture of him with a smile. That twit does NOT take a serious picture at all. I begged him for a nice one when he was at my wedding, he obliged. This though is my favorite face he ever made, I like to call this his "BITTER BEER FACE" - remember those commercials?

So there you have it - my Way-Back Wednesday, and my Wordless (but not soo wordless) Wednesday blog. I figured pictures are pictures, why not just combine the two posts this week. Hope you enjoyed the show!

Head over to.... Twinfatuation and Wordless Wednesday to participate or view other posts!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

29 weeks....

So here we are, officially 11 weeks from my estimated due date. Of course, talking with the dr we will probably induce a few days early, plus I'm measuring ahead.... so I tell myself 10 weeks so I'm ready when the time comes. I'm soo excited. This pregnancy has been pretty easy, and such a blessing. Onward to the stats...

Maternity Clothes: Yep, lots of them now. Kris' mom took me shopping this week and bought me jeans, shorts, 2 pairs of capri's, 4 shirts, and a bra! I was shocked, but soo thrilled.

Stretch Marks: Let's not go there. I have them, I don't care, and I get SOO annoyed with people who freak out over a "tiny one on the underside of my belly". Get over it, I look like I've been clawed by a wild cat down my stomach!

Total Weight: Well, as of today I'm at 30lbs. I'm happy with this, although some people would say this made them "fat" or "huge", I'm pregnant and my dr and nurse think I'm doing great. Again, sorry to be snarky, but I'm sick of reading "I've gained 12lbs I'm getting soo fat". Um, you are growing a child in your womb ya know?

Aiden's Measurements: He is roughly 17 inches in length! Can you believe it? That's almost full grown in length. He is about 3lbs or so now a days. Heartbeat is still holding steady at 140.

Sleep: Well this week has been tough in the heat. I do okay during the day but at night I can't cool down enough to get comfy and sleep.

Movement: He has been moving more these days. Still not ALL THE TIME, but he certainly isn't holding back either. He really likes to kick Kris too. It seems to be the only time Kris feels him is when he puts his head on my stomach and talks to him. Today he said "kick the tummy" and he promptly got a kick to the head. At least he listens to Daddy...

Cravings: Well I've been soo hot I haven't been eating much this week. It's just too hot to be up and cooking. I'm starving right now, and Kris said I could go buy fast food or whatever I want, but I just can't decide between Subway, or Burger King. Oh, i did have a snack of dill pickles and cheese slices this week, and now I want more.

Belly Button: Nothing new here. Still in, still not very deep, who knows if it will ever make it's way out.

What I Miss: Being cool. I have been living at the pool or in a cool bath here at home with a book. I'm just soo hot and I hate being sweaty.

What I Look Forward To: Well, Kris' birthday is on the 3rd, I'm really looking forward to that. I only have a small gift for him, but I am going to take him out to dinner too.

Highlight of the Week: Shopping with Kris' mom AND my dad bought us our pack in play since it was on such a good sale. It's all set up and super cute. Makes me smile.

10 on Tuesday....

Okay so I did this last week, and thought I'd join in on the fun again today. Here is my list of 10 on Tuesday brought to you by.....
This weeks topic is 10 Favorite Sounds, and these aren't in any order for me.....
  1. My baby's heartbeat, which I heard today at my Dr's appt. Just love it.
  2. A really hard rain!
  3. The sound of coffee brewing, that sound it makes when it's ALMOST done...
  4. My husband's voice, when he hums, or sings, or talks, whatever it may be.
  5. Airplanes. I kinda miss working at the airport, I always got a thrill when the plane was pulling up next to me in the jetway.
  6. The sound of the a/c unit in our kitchen window, boy i've grown to love it!
  7. Aurora meowing. She doesn't make much noise, ever, so when she does it's a sweet treat.
  8. Rascal Flatts singing God Blessed The Broken Road. It's "our song" and always makes me smile to hear it on the radio.
  9. Thunder, I guess this goes with my hard rain mentioned above. I really love being safe inside and listening to a good storm outside.
  10. Well, I haven't heard it, but I'd sure LOVE to hear the weatherman on tv say "this is all a joke, tomorrow will be 75 and perfect - NOT 105!"

Happily Ever After....

Ah yes, the Bachelorette....

I was super excited to be watching it last night, I love this show, as corny as it may be. I picked Ed as my favorite from day 1, mostly because he looked like Denny from Grey's Anatomy, but I liked his personality too. So I was really glad to see him return and make it to the end. I didn't even blame him for not getting it up, you know, being on tv dating a girl who is dating other men is tough. I'm glad it wasn't a deal breaker and he had a chance to *ehem* prove himself at the end. Who wouldn't love his smirk...look at that messy hair, how cute is he?

Now, we do need to discuss Reid. WHO comes back to propose to someone they desperately love wearing SNEAKERS? Now, in real life this would be fine, I'm not picky, Kris and I got unofficially engaged over the phone one day, and officially engaged in our work uniforms which are nothing fancy. The point is, he is coming back on a huge tv show, he obviously had to pull a lot of strings to get there, he bought a ring (or perhaps the producers did - who knows), and he damn well knew how she would be dressed as well as the other guys, and he couldn't be bothered to tuck in his shirt and put on dress shoes and a tie?!? Lame.

I do hope Jillian and Ed make it work. I really like the way the are together. Tonight is the After The Rose, i'm anxious to see if anything is said to Reid about the way he looks. Also, I'm betting on Kiptyn or Reid to be the next bachelor. I don't know why they bother saying "if you know someone..." at the end of the shows, they clearly have a pattern going with using previous losers.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


So it has to be said, to the world... That I frickin' LOVE my in-laws. They are awesome. I have always loved them, from the start it was easy to get along with them and I'm the daughter they never had. Well my mom-in-law had seen that my one pair of maternity jeans were really getting tight and well, they aren't supporting the belly very well anymore. They more than did their job for a good 6 months or so. She told my hubs that she was going to take me shopping.

Now I have never gone shopping for clothes with them. They have taken us grocery shopping a few times when we needed some help earlier this year, but that was about it. I felt really guilty going with just my in-laws and me to buy ME clothes. I was nervous about spending too much, or too little and then offending them, I just was plain worried. Of course my hubs said just go and enjoy, so I did.

I should let you know, I love MM clothes, but for shirts at 34.99 a pop it's not exactly budget friendly for us, so my mom and I have been trying to find clothes for me at Target and Kohls. So far we have done really well, but I knew that going to MM would be a bit pricey.

His dad found a bench right outside Motherhood Maternity and dozed off while his mom came in the store with me. Next thing I know I'm in a dressing room with her handing me things over the door, or waiting for me to do "show and tell" and then she'd hand me another shirt or pants to try. I kept telling her this was enough, and I felt bad, and she just kept telling me that it looked nice and I need to get it, would you like it in another color? lol

As we went to check out my mom-in-law told me that she never buys me anything and really this was fine, to just enjoy it. I felt really special to have someone spoil me. I did feel guilty enough that I "left" a shirt in the dressing room, in hopes of keeping the tab down a little bit. Well of course she noticed and said "where is the grey shirt, go get it, you need it!". Now I won't share how much she spent on me, but it was well more than I would EVER spend on myself. I ended up with a bra, a pair of jeans, a pair of khaki capri's, denim shorts, and 4 shirts.

As we walked out she goes "okay, so what store now". Lol I told her none, we were done. Just made me smile. They INSISTED I was hungry and needed to get lunch and then took me to Subway before I went home. Of course as a pregnant lady I was not about to say no to food. And yes, my cold lunch meat sandwich *gasp* was very yummy!

So there you have it, my day with the in-laws. I feel soo lucky that I love mine. I have heard that a lot of people find their in-laws annoying or pushy or rude, or just don't like them. This is true in my family, my mom didn't like her in-laws when she was married, and there are other examples I know of too. I just love not having any complaints about mine! (well, other than the thick accent I'm still learning to understand, but now I almost ALWAYS know what they said or meant lol)

Family Lunch

So on Friday my mom and I went to a small family lunch. I guess my Aunt Ruby hasn't been doing well, so her kids decided to have a family get together. Now, keep in mind this is NOT all the family, it's not even close. It was a lot of fun. Good food, and good company. Of course being the only newlywed and pregnant one in the family I got a bit of attention. A lot of "oh, it looks like you've already eaten" comments, or "you take care of the boy, we can't wait to see him". I compared my belly with Uncle George which was funny and only my Aunt Ruby touched my belly - very acceptable! The next time I see the family baby will be here. Yay.
I'm going to post just a few pics that are of my favorite people, since well, I took like 40 pics. So here for your viewing pleasure... SOME of my family.....

Belly Pic 28 weeks

So yeah I'm slow, whatever. The survey was done on Tuesday, and here are the belly pics. These were taken on Friday, so 28 weeks and 3 days...
Personally I only like one of these, but oh well. I think I'm getting fat arms and in some pics my face looks super round!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm a canning fool!

So I got up at 6am as usual, made Kris' breakfast and packed him a nice lunch for work....only today, I didn't get to go back to bed. Nope, I was over at my mom's by 630am and we started canning. My mom makes the best pickles ever, I mean it's really just vinegar, water, salt and well dill of course and some garlic, but they are soo amazing. Brock and I fight over the jars all year long. By 1030am Mom and I had completed 51 jars! We had sliced, chunks, and whole pickles. We planned for 52 jars, so we did really well. It was soo nice to see them all finished. Here are some pics....

PS - I did all the slicing, look how perfect they turned out!

Next up on the mom canning list is peaches and to do apricot jam. Then it's mixed berry jam to go with the already completed Raspberry, Strawberry and Marionberry. Then come fall we will be picking apples and pears and making apple and pear sauces sans sugar for baby Aiden to eat when he starts eating food. Yippie!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Calling All Blogger Users....

Anyone else not seeing their "followers"? I have gained a few in the last couple days and went to look at the little green followers icon on my Dashboard and I have noticed it doesn't work. Also when I go to my actual blog the space where my followers show up is blank. Is it just me or is everyone having this trouble??

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Reason's I Love My Husband!

There are soo many reasons, but today really made me smile. Here are a few pictures to explain...
First let's start off with the fact that I am sewing machine challenged and yet decided on several brilliant sewing projects to make for Aiden. Well I struggled with the stupid bobbin all day and Kris told me to stop stressing and "he would take care of everything" when he got home from work. I said "yeah, okay, I'd love to see you sew..." Well, I had to eat my words. It may have taken him 2 hours to figure it out, but then he took over my projects and decided to make a "body pillow like Mommy's" for Aiden. Too cute. So now Aiden has this 5-6inch wide long body pillow with emergency vehicles all over it. Who knows what we will use this for as I'm sure he won't be sleeping with it between his legs like I have to right now thanks to him!
Now, our second project was today, painting coat one of his nursery wall. I got a free quart of "candy apple red" Glidden paint, so I thought what the heck, hope we like the color! Kris had to do the whole taping off the wall and then had to paint because he told me I was not allowed to at all. The color is a bit on the pinker side, but there are some darker spots where more paint settled. One quart ALMOST did a thin coat on the wall, but we are going to go buy more of the same color and hope with another 2 coats it will be perfect! In the process Kris said instead of doing name letters on the wall we should just paint his name on... see picture.
He is just too cute sometimes, he even cleaned out the roller and paint tray without even complaining and told me he loved me. Oh, what a guy.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A few pictures to lighten the mood...

Since Aurora doesn't get much attention on this blog, I thought I'd share some recent pics of her.

They just don't make _____ like they used to!

This is another prompt from Mama's Losin' It. I just can't help it, I thought about this one and came up with something that I complain about often, so here goes nothing....

.....FAMILY SHOWS.....
It's true and it's something that I often complain to Kris about. What ever happened to TGIF? The kind of shows that we grew up with were amazing! They were a diverse group of families, they were funny, they always had good morals at the end of each show, they all were different enough to keep you interested in them. Today shows are full of sex, violence, teen pregnancy, drugs and alcohol, and all seem to be very depressing. Let's go through some examples shall we, and for reference I am talking about 80's-early 90's vs. late 90's-now...
Shows of the Past:
  • Full House
  • Family Matters
  • Saved By The Bell
  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  • Family Ties
  • Growing Pains
  • The Cosby Show
  • Perfect Strangers
  • ALF
  • The Wonder Years
  • Boy Meets World
  • Home Improvement
  • Step By Step

Okay so you get my point, there is a long list of shows from the 80's and 90's that were wholesome shows. Now some of them, like Fresh Prince, did address some heavier topics like drugs, and Boy Meets World talked about college life and sex...but not to the extent that shows today do... Here is the list of shows that are most popular now a days.

Shows Currently/Recently Popular:

  • Family Guy
  • Secret Life of An American Teenager
  • The Simpson's
  • One Tree Hill
  • Gossip Girl
  • South Park
  • 30 Rock
  • Malcolm In The Middle
  • Arrested Development
  • Charmed
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • That 70's Show
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Two and a Half Men

Now, I will say that some shows like Gilmore Girls, which is sadly off the air, was pretty wholesome family tv. And That 70's Show does have some really funny episodes and I'm guilty of watching, but come on, half the show they are sitting around smoking pot! Yes, we should promote that instead of family game nights and teaching morals through family life!

I mean, who doesn't love Two and a Half Men? But if you look at that show Charlie brings home different women all the time and Alan, a divorced dad raising his overeating snotty son, fights with his ex and their crazy mother comes over drinking often and compare it to say Step By Step where there were divorced parents who found love again and had typical struggles to make all the kids get along, life challenges with jobs and dating I see a pretty clear difference. What was funny then, isn't good enough now.

Perhaps it just bothers me more now with a little one on the way, but I'd much rather him grow up watching shows from the past than shows from today. Even shows I enjoy now aren't shows I'd want a 12 year old watching after he has done his homework for the night. TGIF used to be awesome, parents could say "you can watch these 2 hours of tv tonight" and leave the room and not once worry what their kids were being exposed to. I could never imagine putting a young kid in front of ABC on a Friday night for 2 hours without being in the room to veto shows. Now most shows are dramas, and the few family sitcoms that are around (what I like about you, grounded for life, reba) are not on prime time channels and nothing in comparison to shows past. Kris and I even find ourselves watching Nike At Nite now more than any other channel.

It's sad really, I guess I'm just glad that Disney and Nickelodeon are still around....

Okay comment away... what is your opinion?

Things That Make Me Giddy!

Mama's Losin' It picks the best prompts, and this is one I could get on board with! Things that make you giddy... Here is a short list of mine. Comment and tell me yours or do the prompt yourself and share the link!

Finding a "coming home outfit" for Aiden. I have been looking around for a while, had the idea of a kimono style shirt in mind, and then I found this.... (insert picture) at Marshall's of all places. Now I just need to get a matching cap, either the same Carter's brand solid green or the polka dots if I can find them. Perhaps a bib as well, but I have the outfit! My latest art project makes me giddy. I've seen a lot of ladies do this lately, it's just taking pieces of fabric and sewing them onto burp cloths. They look super cute and I have all my fabrics picked out, cut to size and now just need to figure out how to be smarter than my sewing machine! I can't wait to show them off! Here is a preview (these aren't sewed down yet....) I'm giddy tomorrow is Kris' day off. We are going to paint the nursery wall! I can't wait to see the nursery start to come together.

I'm giddy that I have an entire container of my favorite ice cream in the freezer!
I'm giddy that I'm nearly to 30 weeks in this pregnancy, that's 30 out of 40.... that means almost time to see baby! Makes me all giggly and excited to think about - then reality hits of course and I realize all the scary stuff is yet to come... but I'm giddy to be closer to the end anyway.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

28 weeks... 3rd Trimester!

So I think I can officially say I am in my 3rd Trimester! I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going by. The summer heat is killing me, my poor swollen feets, but it will be worth it in the end. Here is the weekly stats.... minus pics of course, if my pattern continues you'll see those in 4 days!

Maternity Clothes: Oh you know it, and it's sad that things are starting to get tighter again. I really hoped to make it without buying more clothes, but I don't think I'll get much further. I need to jeans and shorts and eventually a nice shirt for maternity pics.
Stretch Marks: Who knows if they are growing more or not, I'm sure they are...
Total Weight: No new updates there, go to the Dr. next week for another update.
Aiden's Measurements: Well he is about 16 inches from head to his tiny toes and he is about 2.4-2.7lbs. He can now cough and dream!
Sleep: Oh it's been awful this week! Last night was the most decent nights sleep, and it still wasn't amazing. It's hot and that doesn't help, my hips have been hurting something awful and I pee all night long! Plus when I do get comfy Aiden starts boxing inside me and I can't zone him out!
Movement: Well so far today he has been VERY active. I'm been up for about 3 hours and he has been wiggling and boxing non-stop. Some days are like that, yesterday was a quiet day. It feels more like he is boxing though, I feel a series of tiny punches in a row, it's cute.
Cravings: None. Just to be cool. I am craving rain i guess, either that or time in the pool! Oh and I went through major nesting yesterday if i can throw that in. OH WAIT - I was craving a coffee frap with whip from Starbucks and had 2 this week!
Belly Button: No change...
What I Miss: Being comfortable! I can't sleep well, i'm constantly soo hot, even right now, I'm soo hot. Aiden is getting heavier and I can really feel it too.
What I Look Forward To: Well, I got some art stuff yesterday to be crafty for Aiden, watch for update posts on those projects. And I am making Kris go swimming with me today.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

10 Favorite Places to Eat

- Olive Garden

- Chipotle

- Hot Pot Sushi or really any good sushi place

- Taco Bell

- Claim Jumper

- Los Jalapenos - the best local mexican place around!

- Sieze the Bagel or what used to be Sunrise Bagels - who doesn't love a good bagel with homemade cream cheese!

- Red Robin

- The Chinese Place down the street whose name escapes me... Lucky Garden maybe?

- Stanfords - mostly for the fries and then deep fried snickers bars!

My Papa

This is being written thanks to a nice blog prompt challenge on Mama's Losin' It and The818... Enjoy.

I could tell you a zillion wonderful things about my Papa. He is a great man who I have always called "my protector" and always looked up to. He was born on July 20th, 1925 and named Kermit Carey. He married my granny when she was only 15 and they had to lie since she was so young. They had 3 kids, my mom being the youngest. He used to have a horse named Tex and was always a southern boy. He loved to hunt and fish and camp and did it often when my mom was young. He retired from Freightliner and was always an usher at church. I could continue with such facts, but I want to tell you why I love him soo much, why he and I have a special bond that will never be broken. Why he is my papa.
Let's start at the beginning.... My mom was a single 22yr old when she had me, something very taboo in my family. No one was supportive of her and she really struggled, but my Papa loved me no matter what. He was there for my mom when she had me and everyday since. I was even named Kerri after him (his middle name plus KER from Kermit). I think our first special moment was when I was just a baby, we have a picture of him holding me and me giving my first smile. Now it could have been gas, but as Papa will tell you, he got my first smile. I think I knew he was special back then, and he always makes me smile now.
Growing up my papa and I were always close, even when I lived farther away. I called him one day and told him my mommy and daddy had been beating me all day long, when in reality it was probably just a well deserved spanking. He got in the car and drove for hours just to see me. My mom was not thrilled about my claim and stripped me down to prove I had not a mark or bruise on me. It didn't matter though, Papa came to my rescue! The few times I went camping, and I use that term loosely, my Papa made me a toilet. He took an old style folding chair, the kind with a metal frame and the harsh woven patterned plastic and cut the bottom off and attached a toilet seat. Perfect for the little girl who wouldn't squat! I was crushed the day this was sold in a garage sale.
As far back as I can remember Papa has told me, and everyone else, that I was his favorite. I am one of 5 grand-kids, and the oldest of them all. At every family dinner, be it holidays or just a Sunday dinner, I was at the seat next to Papa. It was an unspoken rule, although I often yelled my "I'm next to Papa" claim just in case. Papa would sit me on his lap and we'd watch Whammy aka Press Your Luck, and All In The Family. He'd make me his famous chicken noodle soup (all it was was Campbell's but somehow it still tastes better when he warms it on the stove). He would make me nachos when I'd come over after middle school everyday. We shared a love of peanut butter and he taught me to put it on everything from waffles to ice cream, and eating peanut butter and butter sandwiches, of which I crave during pregnancy now.
My grandpa worried about me when I went away to college and he worried through all my bad boyfriends and eating disorders. The day I told him Kris and I were getting married he nearly cried. I had only known Kris a few months, but my Papa looked at us and said that he thought Kris was a good man and he was glad I found someone who will take care of me. I asked him if he would walk me down the aisle, and he did. After much convincing I even got him to dance with me. It wasn't long, and Papa asked Kris to step in, but that moment was one of the most special to me and one I will always remember my Papa for. I picked the song I Loved Her First, because he really did - before any other man, it was always Papa.
Today Papa is getting older, he'll be 84 years old tomorrow. Or as he will tell you, reverse the numbers, so he'll claim to be 48! My granny has Alzheimer's and has been in a home for a few years now, and it takes it toll on Papa. He doesn't take care of himself like he used to, but he's still out taking walks daily and he gets coffee with our office manager almost every Sunday. When I told Papa I was expecting a baby his face lit up. It gave him something to look forward to, his first great-grandchild. Now every time he sees me he asks "are you taking care of that little boy?". I'm looking forward to the day Aiden is born and I can have a picture of my Papa and him, and what a picture it will make to have him and my son, and my husband. The three greatest loves of my life. Even my husband knows though, my Papa can never be replaced as the man in my life. He always has been and always will be so very special to me. I cry just thinking of him now, he is so special to me, he is My Papa.
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