Wow, after several years ive decided to try and resurrect this little blog of mine. I recently told a friend I missed having a place to write. Then out of nowhere a blog "challenge" if you will came about on a public group im in. So here I am and I'm going to try and keep this thing going. Bare with me as I make changes and update content. Feel free to sift through my old posts, you just might learn something new about me....

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday 5...

So I found a new post to do in my boredom. It's Friday 5 and this weeks 5 questions are supposed to be played like the game TABOO. So enjoy, and join in!

Your task is simply to answer these five questions without using any of the Taboo words or phrases. Challenge yourself not just to avoid using the words, but to think of fresh, new answers to these sort of cliched meme questions!

1.Who’s making a positive difference in your life?
Taboo words: friends, family, husband/wife/spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend.
- I am. Seriously, I am teaching myself how to sew, I'm being more crafty all around which is improving who I am and helping me become the stay at home soon-to-be mom that I always pictured myself as. I am also getting better at saving us money. I have slashed our energy bills a lot even though I'm home all day now and worked before. I plan our meals better and make my usual grocery list based on ads and coupons and I'm hardly driving which means my tank of gas for my car goes almost a month sometimes!

2.Where would you like to be right now?
Taboo words: home, bed, anywhere but here.
- With my husband. He is of course out working hard for us, but some days like today I would love nothing more than to be curled up in his arms and watching a movie. Or I guess my second answer would be at the pool with my book.

3.What’s the first thing you’d do with a $5,000 (or your local equivalent) gift?
Taboo words: save, debt, vacation, payments, invest.
- Pay off our credit card bills. (Hey I didn't exactly use the taboo words...) We only have to pay about $800 before baby is born and then we'll have everything covered on that front. I'd love to go into the hospital knowing any bill we get after we leave should be for accidentals such as if we need an emergency c-section, or pain meds etc. It would just be nice to have some of our credit cards free in case we need to buy something larger that we forgot about before baby and to know we have a handle on the baby fees.

4.What super-power would you really like to have?
Taboo words: invisibility, x-ray vision, flying, strength, transform.
- The ability to see the future. I'd love to know what day I will have Aiden. I could be soo prepared. I'd also like to see what kind of challenges I may face as a new mom so I can try to be better prepared. Of course I know this is silly, I will always face something new as a mom, but you get my point. Also we could know when we'd be able to buy a house and have another child etc.

5.What’s your favorite sound?
Taboo words: laughter, music, ocean, wind, ____’s voice.
- The sound of coffee brewing. I just love it when the pot is almost ready and it starts making that wonderful sound that means "get your cup and cream ready!". I also enjoy hearing my husband snoring. He doesn't snore badly, and it doesn't keep me from sleeping at all, but it is a peaceful sound to know he is sleeping soo soundly next to me. Brings me peace. Oh and I LOVE when he says "dinner is really good". :)


The Nice One said...

This is a pretty cool Friday game, I'll have to try and remember this for next week.
I love the sound of coffee brewing, too! Mmmmm!

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