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Monday, August 31, 2009

Ten On Tuesday!

10 Things You Hate About Traveling

I can get on board with this topic! I may not be a huge traveler like I'd like to be, but I worked for an Airline for 3 years and I think I can put that experience to work here.

1. Pee Breaks. This is a personal one, I always have to pee, it was bad even before I had a baby sitting on my bladder. This is really bad when we are driving (like we did to Reno this month) and I am constantly wondering if I should "try" at this rest area or if I can make it to the next. However, this is a problem when flying too. Do you go before security? Do you hold it and hope you get through security quickly and will have time before you board the plane? Then once on the plane there is always the fact that you have to stand in the galley and wait, and the space is soo small. Bleh.

2. Security Lines. Working for the airline I personally have no problems with them wanting me to take off shoes and baggies of small liquids yada yada. I DO have a problem with people who think they are better than the TSA. I mean seriously, why would you argue with the TSA about keeping your coffee. There are signs clearly posted and unless you haven't traveled in 20 years you should know better. You are no more special than someone else just because you look cute in those $400 heels... you still must take them off! Ugh, it just irks me soo much. I can't tell you how many people told me they could get through with their bottles of wine and expensive beauty products. Only for me to go behind them and collect them and get to keep them myself because you wouldn't listen in the first place!

3. Security Lines part 2. LACK OF CONSISTENCY! Half of the problem mentioned in #2 is because the small airports like Spokane don't enforce the rules as strictly as places like LAX because obviously LAX not only has many more travelers, but they deal with a ton of international flights. It's just frustrating when people say "oh well I brought this here in my carry-on" and I have to fight with them and tell them they shouldn't have been able to get through security with it and they won't make it through here.

4. Passengers on cell phones. Just because you must say goodbye to everyone you know before your 1hr flight doesn't mean you should hold up everyone else. People on cell phones talk loudly, they don't pay attention to announcements, they don't watch where they are pulling their luggage.... seriously, call before the airport or call after you have made it to the waiting to board area.

5. Rude flight attendants. If you don't like serving nuts and drinks in the air and dealing with people's puke and rude attitudes then find a new job. Just smile and nod or I might trip you when you come down the aisle!

6. People who poop in airplane bathrooms. Come on man, if you feel like you are going to need to sit in the bathroom for 20 mins just to poop it all out, buy some pepto and take it before the flight. Or Imodium or something. It's awful to be the person after you.

7. Talkative people on the plane. I didn't buy my expensive ticket just to make friends on the plane.

8. Packing. I can't pack well at all. I always want to over pack. I mean a girl needs options right? And what if the weather changes from what it was the last time you looked it up. My bag always ends up heavy and I never wear everything I packed. Then I never have room for the things I bought while on vacation. I just hate packing.

9. Getting lost. I hate not knowing where I am and where I am going. Driving in circles drives me insane. I like traveling to towns that I know or small places where it's easy to find your way. Thankfully the hubs had his GPS on our RENO road trip.

10. When it's over. As much crap as there is when traveling, it's always sad when vacations are over and you have to try and pack everything up again and come home!

Join in on the fun over at Ten on Tuesday!


Beth said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Good luck with the baby!

Unknown said...

Hi Kerri! Nice list you go there :)

Wow! You married a Filipino. Lucky you ;) I'm a Filipina and glad to know your okay with your in-laws.

Hope you don't mind if I add your blog on my blog roll :)

Congrats on your baby! God Bless!

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