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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm not even sure where to begin. This may get long and I apologize now. We have 106 photos too so I'm going to do my best to stick to a FEW that really sum up our trip.

The car ride was good going down to Reno. We left at 5am and went to Krispy Kreme, too bad the first one wasn't open yet and we had to go to the next one down the freeway. Got our sugar rush on and watched the sunrise. We didn't stop for lunch going down, we had packed snacks like pepperoni and cheese and crackers, apples and tangerines. The Shasta's were pretty, but there was a 2hr stretch of highway with no rest stop, towns, or anything. Kris had to pull over to relieve himself behind a tree, but I somehow managed to make it until our next town. I was a bit worn out that night around dinner time but otherwise the drive wasn't as bad as expected. 9hrs.

During our stay we spent time at the pool which had sand around it like a beach. We ate lots of food, my fav was Claim Jumper and my cake which was on Food Network's top 5 most decadent desserts list. It was HUGE and YUMMY. It took me 3 days to eat! We gambled of course, I only played/lost $40 bucks of my hubby's and he actually won $100 bucks on a penny slot. He rubbed my belly for luck all week which I thought was super cute. Aiden wiggled a lot to the slot machine sounds, I think he'll be a gambler like his daddy! We went bowling and played 2 games. I got a strike and was celebrating and slipped on the floor! I landed on hands and knees and scuffed up my left knee really badly - I didn't hit my belly though and baby is fine. I'm soo not graceful! I started crying and Kris looked around and told me that no one saw. I thought it was sweet he knew my pride was hurt more at first than anything. Then later he helped me doctor up my wound.

Kris and my brother went on this ULTIMATE RUSH ride and loved it. After 2 times in a row though the hubs felt a bit sick. I slept soo well on our trip too. We had a king size bed (we got a free room upgrade!) and I had 5 pillows just for me! One night I actually slept all night (6hrs) without waking up at all to take tums or go pee! It felt soo amazing. So good in fact that I stole the pillow when we left in hopes i'd sleep as well at home. I got my toes painted and got an hr long massage. The table was heated and Aiden hated that so I didn't get to enjoy that part of the experience, but the lady was great and it felt really nice. She told me that my hands and feet aren't swollen at all, but that I have water retention in my back?!? I had NO IDEA that such a thing could happen, but now I know. The robe they give you to put on didn't really fit around me. I had to hold it at the bottom of my belly in order to cover up my cooter.

The drive back wasn't as enjoyable as going. I spent a good amount of time reading my book, The Time Traveler's Wife, which I am in love with and half way done with now. The drive took 11 hours coming back which sucked a bit. We did drive through the hours of Mt. Shasta nothingness quicker since we now were going downhill so the pee problem wasn't as worrisome. My mom felt sick halfway home which made me feel bad. It also got dark since we drove back in the evening and I couldn't read. So I just sat (I don't sleep in cars, just can't). Kris did had a mini plastic recorder that he got in the arcade and he blew that and sang on the drive. We all got the giggles for about 20 minutes for no reason too. It wasn't soo bad, it just took soo much longer and we were all tired and a bit cranky.

Overall the trip was wonderful. I enjoyed having time away from home, I enjoyed playing in the pool with Kris, I enjoyed the king size bed and my chocolate cake. I even enjoyed losing my money!


Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

Great pictures!!


Sounds like fun!

Now I want CAKE!!!

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