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Monday, August 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

10 Fads You Just Don’t Get
Now I guess I should start by saying I really enjoyed this week's topic and I think I thought about it way too much. However, if any of my readers fall victim of these fads I apologize if I have upset you with what is merely my opinion. Without further ado... ENJOY. Click HERE to join in on the fun, or the link on my right sidebar.

1. Skinny jeans. Now I guess my REAL beef with skinny jeans is when guys wear them. Not that I like them on a lot of girls, but my #1 & #2 on this list go hand in hand. Here are a few examples...

2. Boys who dress like girls! Now I don't have a good image of this in this post, but the skinny jeans pic should give you a hint. I saw a kid yesterday in the mall who had chin length hair that had obviously been straightened with a flat iron. He had on a tight little tshirt and purple, I kid you not, like Barney purple, tight skinny jeans on. He was walking with a group of other teen girls and until he turned around I, along with my dad and hubs, thought he was a girl. Why? Why would you want to wear girl jeans and dress like a girl? Is that supposed to be a sexy look? I know my dad would kill me if I brought home a guy to date in high school who liked to wear my jeans and use my flat iron and who had painted finger nails!

3. The whole depressing is cool thing/look. I think this would be called "goth" as well, but I just don't get the whole black nail polish, greasy hair, all black clothes, woe is me trend. When did it become cool to be sad? Really, what do teens have to be SOO depressed about? I mean a few do, but this is now just becoming a trend to be Gothic and depressing and I think it's awful.

4. Uber-baggy jeans. Why do you want to wear your pants at your knees? I don't need to see your boxers - maybe an inch or 2 of boxers is okay, but really, it's like you are just pantsing yourself idiot.
5. Skirts over pants. Umm? I mean perhaps a skirt over leggings, that CAN be done cute, but I see teens wearing skirts over jeans and I don't get it. The only real reason I see for this fad is so we don't see your cooter when you sit/bend, as skirts are micro-mini these days.
6. Grillz & Gold Teeth - you slobber and slur and look like you need a dentist badly. Why would you want to have gold teeth, so you can pull them to sell when you need money later?
7. Stirrup pants. Yep, I thought they were cool and wore them with long sweaters all the time. *sigh*
8. Uggs. Now, let me say that I think they are cute, with jeans and a hoodie or a thermal when you live somewhere cold. I DON'T think they are cute when you wear them with a skirt in California. Seriously? What, do you ankles get cold in the 75* winter you are having?
9. Dreads - sure it's not really a "fad" but enough people do it and I don't get why not washing your hair and letting it tangle itself up is cool looking?
10. Backwards clothes. Yeah, I'm talking Kris Kross style. It was popular and I didn't get it then, and still don't get it today. Not that it's popular today, but I found it to be a useless fashion fad.


Judi said...

I believe I could add these to my list and make 19 on Tuesday (not 20, since we both had Uggs listed). I admit enjoying those long baggy sweaters back in the early '90s, though.

~KC~ said...

Amen to the Uggs!
Also, did you know there was a study done showing that skinny jeans are harmful to the health of guys and girls? It can cut off circulation if you wear them too much, and for guys it can cause infertility. Random fact for the day! =)

Megan, Life Revamped said...

i like your list! i should have listed some of them.

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

All Emo-fads are wrong, so wrong.

I'm Jamie said...

How could I possibly forget gold teeth and the awful ugg/skirt combo??

p.s. I think The Jonas Brothers could also be another fad I just don't get :)

Becca said...

I totally agree about grills and dreads! Yuck!

Vanniedosa said...

loved that you had pics with your list. great list and i agree except i am okay with skinny jeans :) lol
my list is here: http://www.kidddesigns.com/2009/08/ten-on-tuesday-fads-i-just-dont-get.html

but i only got to list 5. LoL.
Enjoy the rest of the Day!

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