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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A kind stranger - Writer's workshop.

4. Describe a time or moment when a stranger helped you.

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So I think this is supposed to be something more serious than the story I am about to tell you all, however, this is what comes to mind...

Safeway. You all know the club card they have, right? Well, I have one of them. Except, I never have it in the right wallet at the right time. Not a problem you'd think, but it really is a big pain in my ass! Here is a good example of what I mean.

I was probably about 8 months pregnant, I was big that's all I remember for sure. I was tired of being stuck in the house and I needed to get some panty liners because well, pregnancy is a bit messy if you didn't know already. Safeway was close and they had what I needed on sale. So off I went. I shop around, I remember I got a puzzle book for us to pack for our hospital bag, and I got my mom's birthday card that trip too. Now, after spending much time in the feminine hygiene aisle I picked what I wanted and in line I went. I'm not one to really be shy about my purchases so it didn't bother me one bit when I got a male cashier.

Now, he says "do you have a safeway club card?" Oh yes, of course I do.... *picture me flipping through all the cards in my wallet here*, but I don't have it with me. He smiles, "well most of what you have is on sale, I can look up your card with your phone number" great.... we've been through this drill before....I start with my old number, because I KNOW I had my club card that long ago. FAIL. I try my current number.... FAIL. Kris' mom's number, my mom's number, my dad's number.... FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. Great, he's done ringing me up and still no discount card luck for me. At this point, MOST clerks will say "oh it's okay, I'll just use this card *pulls out a generic number* and gives me the discount, because clearly I'm trying here. I really DO have the card you know. NOT THIS GUY! He looked at me and goes "sorry - your total is XXX".

Clearly I was about to cry, because now I think he thinks I'm a liar and I'm 8 months preggo and emotional and just need my items on sale, because frankly I'm poor. So I go to take out my debit card and just pay full price and leave, and this lady behind me goes "here hun, you can use my card - i don't mind". I know it wasn't like she gave me money or anything, just a discount card, but I just about cried I was soo grateful. Plus it made the clerk look bad, he was one of those people who don't help you out. Nice man I tell ya.

Point is, this lady did something VERY simple and NOT important, but obviously 4 months later I am still thinking of her kindness. It meant a lot to me, as stupid as it was. She did a very nice thing that took nothing from her, and it made someone's day. That is a kind stranger.


Unknown said...

I think that counts Kerri! It definitely counts! It doesn't have to be some life altering story, it can be something simple. This was perfect! I love kind people, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Why was that guy such a jerk! I am like you, I have all sorts of phone numbers attached to my discount cards!

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