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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day! Pictures Galore!

Wow, what a first Christmas for Aiden! It should come as no surprise that he was spoiled rotten when it came to gifts. Kris and I got him 2 outfits (which I now have to exchange for a bigger size...) a set of bath toys, a push and go parade, some teething toys, a rattle with a monkey on it, the connecting links and his first ornament. My parents got him 2 more outfits, a classic pull telephone, a loud gumball machine, a fisher price people Noah's ark (it says 1-4 years but the little animals are perfect for teething!) and he got money to get his highchair from my dad. Kris' family got him like 6 outfits and his parents also bought a swing/seat for their house for when he visits.

We woke up early and he didn't really care for presents, he was more concerned with the bottle daddy was feeding him of course. It was still special. I got Kris a sweater, some new white gold hoops, and cologne, plus all his fun stocking stuffers. He got me a wood jewelery box that plays "what a wonderful world" and has a picture of him and Aiden in the front. Inside my jewelery box was diamond studs. They are princess cut to match my ring. I loved them and was very surprised. I also got my sewing machine! We surprised my mom was an ipod and then everyone else just got standard gifts. Still very exciting.

After presents at my mom's we ate breakfast and then headed to Kris' family for the afternoon. We had tons of food as usual and only half the family was there, still a large group. We did karaoke, well okay, I didn't sing, but Kris sang a lot - he is very good at it. Aiden just stared at Kris when he sang, I think he was confused, it was amusing to watch him try to figure out how his daddy's voice was being projected all around the room.

His family does a grab bag, a big bag filled with random gifts and we go around in a circle and everyone takes a gift and we repeat until the gifts are all gone. We ended up with a box of kleenex (hey I was out so I got excited about this) that had a lotto ticket on it. We won $9 bucks! We also got eggnog premixed with rum, 2 or 3 different types of packaged candy, a ramen noodle bowl, a mini kite, cans of juice, and beef jerky. Gotta love fun traditions.

My mom, dad, and brother all left early this morning, I took them to the airport at 4am, to go to New York for the new year. They will have a lot of fun, but it's weird that they are all gone! It was also strange to leave Kris in bed and Aiden sound asleep to take them to the airport, but I got a warm welcome when I returned to bed 30 minutes later! I can't wait to hear all the new york stories, and to hear about Brock (brother) going to Times Square for the big ball dropping! How fun! Maybe we will get some cool souvenirs too when they get back.

Now the official countdown to my birthday has begun as well. It's Jan 5th for those who don't know. I'll be a ripe 26. I only have one request for my birthday - a camcorder. I want one that is small so I can keep it in my purse or keep it with my cell phone so I always have it ready. I also want it to be easy to upload short videos to the computer - I'd love to start putting small clips on here of Mr. Aiden as he "talk" and learns to do new things.

Well I guess that is it for our Christmas Day. I'm sure I am leaving out a ton of stuff, but I'm sure you are bored anyway - if you even got to this point. Hope you enjoyed some of the pictures I included. I am going to try to get around to every one's blog tomorrow so I can see how all of your Christmas' are! Hope they were as wonderful as ours.


Unknown said...

So adorable! Merry Christmas

I'm Jamie said...

He is getting so big so fast!! Merry first Christmas as a mommy!!

Lift Like A Mom said...

Awww :) So cute! Glad you had a wonderful first Christmas together!

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

Yay!! It looks and sounds like it was an amazing day!!


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