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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Eli has Club Foot

We went to a perinatal dr. today and it was confirmed that baby Eli will be born with club feet.  It is isolated, so there are no other signs of problems, his heart is great etc.  His sweet little feet will go through a long process of casts, possible minor surgery, and special booted shoes and braces.  It is completely correctable though and it will not affect his future at all.  Matter of fact many great athletes {Troy Aikman, Mia Hamm & Kristi Yamaguchi} were born with club foot and you'd never know.

Here are some pictures of his sweet feet to explain further.
Eli's profile - 21 weeks

Eli's right foot - turned inward towards his left foot

Eli's left foot - turned inward at the ankle

My favorite picture: The bottom of Eli's right foot - you can see little foot wrinkles!


Unknown said...

Aww I know this has to be wonderful and a little not so wonderful news at the same time. That everything else is going just perfect and confirmation that there is this minor problem. Take heart mama in the good stuff. Love those foot wrinkles. :)

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