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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bachelor Talk

Seriously, Vienna didn't get sent home yet? Oh my! Okay so I guess I should have started by saying how much I love bad reality tv and I am addicted to Bachelor even though Jake isn't my favorite. Let me take a few minutes, for you fellow reality junkies, and tell you my predictions and my thoughts on the remaining ladies....

Vienna - wow, she is umm... well, not MY type lol. Maybe she is someones type, but I think she is too young, or at least she is acting it on this show. She seems to create a lot of drama, and I know some of this is probably the way everything was edited, but it seems like she is up to no good! Not that the girls really have to consider every one's feelings, but I think her non-stop talking about her kiss and date and turning every. single. conversation. about her shows how lack of consideration for others. This to me is a negative trait.

Ali - she is my personal favorite and has been since the moment I saw her get out of the limo. Oh how cheesy I sound, but she didn't do anything corny that night to get his attention and she continues to be pretty wholesome. She has done a bit of talking about people, but nothing that doesn't appear to be true from what we see, and she has also tried to gently inform people, like Vienna, that she needs to be more appropriate and considerate. Good girl, she's cute, she'd get my rose.

Jessica - who is she? I don't know. She never shows up in the episode until the rose ceremony, and then she gets a rose? She's just a filler - don't worry if you don't remember her either.

Corrie - she is another of my favorites! I think she happens to be the prettiest in the house. I don't know why, but I do. She has that "I don't try to hard, but I know I'm beautiful" vibe. Her comedy routine cracked me up - it was based on truth, and the truth is always funny! I hope she makes it to final 3 - then she can be the next Bachelorette - because as i said - Ali will be the final girl in my opinion.

Gia - she's pretty in that I have thick hair and big lips kinda way. It's easy to see she is a model. She does win points in my book though for being honest with Vienna and trying to explain to her that people don't like her and she should evaluate herself in the house. She hasn't done anything to upset me yet so she can stick around.

Ella - okay I get that she has a son and she has an accent - but umm, not my type either. I feel like they put her on the show to recreate that one chick who was with Bachelor Jason. I was soo shocked to see her son show up for a birthday surprise!! NOT! I mean that was not very original of the producers now was it. We all saw it coming, they should have drawn it out longer so we thought "oh, maybe the son WON'T be a surprise" and then WHAM - he shows up at dinner or something. Oh well, she is nice enough, and I think she means well, but I don't think she will make it to the final 3.

Tenly - I like her - she is from Oregon (yay!) and seems to be a wholesome character. My mom pointed out that on the commercial she says to Jake "I'm pregnant" but it wasn't on the episode last night. After much online follow up - it turns out she was just "joking" with Jake. Stupid producers took that and made it part of the ads this week. Click HERE if you want to watch the deleted scene where you see her joke with him - it was in the first minute of the video.

Ashleigh - okay I felt bad she was soo scared to go and do the comedy thing, I would have been scared too, but well, I think they overdid it just a bit. It made her seem annoying. I don't really have further opinions about her, she's not my favorite, but I have nothing strong against her either.

I THINK that is all the current girls. All I have to say is I'm soo very thankful that Michelle, aka Bat Sh*t Crazy, is gone. Also Elizabeth with all her "kiss me, kiss me not" needed to go as well. Glad both of those worked themselves out - i didn't want another couple weeks of her teasing Jake. Or to continue watching the train wreck that is Michelle who really just wants to be married, I don't think she cares to who!

In conclusion, as I told my friend Tiffany last night, I think the show is getting to be a bit crappy. At least in the selection of ladies. I think the show is more appealing when the ladies/or gents don't know who the person is going to be. It's more enjoyable when there is a surprise element and the ladies are applying for the show in hopes of love, not because they stalked the runner up guy from last season. Don't you think it's creepy when they come on the show knowing all these facts and personal information about the guy? Go back to a random pick - find that hottie who no-one knows, not the runner up from the previous season! Oh, except Corrie can be the next Bachelorette please!


Connie Weiss said...

Great thoughts about the show! I guess if I had to pick a favorite I'd be Ali.

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