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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Welcome to my Pantry!

So today I decided to get my pantry ready for Mr. Aiden's start of solid foods.  Our pedi told us at our 2 month that we will get the green light for solids at our 4 month appointment.  That is just 2 weeks away now and we are getting excited.  He is watching us eat, loves sitting in his highchair to play while we eat at the table, (see picture to left...) he is topping out on his amount of formula etc.  We are all ready (yes I know he doesn't NEED to start - my choice people).  Anyway, back to my chore of the morning. 

I dug into our stash of baby food and cleaned out a space and got to work.  In our closet stash I have 60 jars of starter foods that were 3 for $1 (not the 2 for $1 you see on that sticker) and I have some crawler snacks that were on sale too.  I figure it's all good until the end of this year if not longer, why not stock up when I can!

We have ourselves some baby mum mums, all your basic foods like rice cereal, carrots, peas, green beans, bananas, squash, pears, sweet potatoes and then some more exciting options like strawberry banana, summer peaches, and apple blueberry.  Yay.  I got a neat little baby food lazy susan too.

As you can see we also have some pear juice (yes I know people formula is really all they need...), but I don't mind giving some juice and water mixed to get him used to a sippy cup.  I also may use juice to mix with the rice cereal instead of using formula.  That stuff is much more expensive and I would have a hard time wasting formula if he didn't eat all the rice mixture... I got some new yummy looking juices to try including a banana yogurt one and some mango apple juices.  Way to go Gerber. 

It is now the most important shelf in our pantry - coffee for mommy and baby food for Aiden.  It's funny because our kitchen cupboard also has the baby bottles/bowls and mommy's coffee cups together.  Clearly we have our priorities straight in this house!

PS - on the new blogger version where is the darn spell check??  Sorry for any errors.
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Brodricks said...

You don't have spell check in the new version. That is why I went back to the old one....

Sar(Mrs.Teddy) said...

wow! You really are prepared! I have started mixing Logan's cereal with juice as well ( I can't stand wasting breast milk or formula)and my DR said that if it is enriched with Vit C that it enhances iron absorption, the main purpose of cereal! I just offer L water in a sippy and he LOVES it.

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