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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Aiden - 7 Months! THE BEST PICS INSIDE!

Wow, every month seems to go by quicker and quicker.  He is just growing up so fast it makes me happy and excited, but yet sad!  He seems to be much more like a toddler than a baby these days.  He crawls and moves around very quickly if he wants something.  He tries to pull himself up on everything.  He makes his way from your lap to the floor if he wants down.  He "talks" a lot and even said bamama this weekend - which I will take as a real attempt at "mama".  Even Kris said "I HEARD THAT".  It made me smile. 

I don't think he has put on much weight, if any at all.  Since he's been eating more table food {see the food list on my sidebar} and crawling I think everything has started to slow down.  I would guess he is now about 30 inches tall!  He sits like a pro and now takes a bath in the real tub and sits up the whole time.  He loves taking walks outdoors and we often take him on the back porch before a nap or bedtime to help calm him down.  He has even seen blue jays and hummingbirds.  He talks to the hummingbirds too.  It's very cute.  He has also taken to coughing and gagging himself for attention.  Then he stops as soon as we pay attention to him. 

Here are some pictures my wonderful husband took outside on Saturday.  It was his first time playing in the grass and he really seemed to love it.  He didn't even try to eat the grass!  Kris took about 50-60 pictures for me, but I tried to just pick my favorites to share.  Some make me want to cry, others make me giggle.  ENJOY!


June Freaking Cleaver said...

He's growing so fast! Great pics! Enjoy your first Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Joanne MV said...

Such a cute boy. I'm sure you will enjoy each others company when he starts to walk and run. It's playtime!

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