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Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's Talk T.V. Shall We?

It's no secret that I love tv.  I really love reality tv.  Kris and I have our favorite shows, we have something for every night of the week.  We are very bummed out when our "show" is not on for some reason.  As the finale of Grey's Anatomy draws near, I am getting sad.  I don't like the idea of weeks on end of repeats.  At least with reality shows when they are over for the season there is no cliff-hanger, it's just done until a new cast starts.  I should make it clear I am NOT a Dancing With The Stars fan unless someone I love is on it like Apolo Anton Ohno - then I will watch it.  I much rather watch Amazing Race, Biggest Loser and Big Brother. 

Back to Grey's for a moment shall we?  Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Bailey, talked to ET not long ago {I'm sketchy on the day because I saw it in passing and don't remember when it was} about the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.  She said that "anything that can happen, will happen" and hinted that even someone would die on the finale.  Then when we saw the preview for it after last nights episode we see that in fact, anything can and will be happening!

It appears that Meridith is pregnant, Christina breaks up with Owen and that someone is holding back Derek and Mer is screaming "NO".  They also said something about a shooter in the building.  I'm just putting it out there, my prediction is that Lexie will give Mark another shot, I know she left with Alex this week and told Mark she had moved on, but you see, I think Mark gets hurt.  I think he gets hurt and it makes Lexie realize she loves him still too.  Who dies?  Umm, this I am not sure about, it would be a HUGE twist if Derek is killed and Meridith is left heartbroken and pregnant.  I'm going to stick with that prediction for now, but my second suggestion would be someone insignificant like that new little red head tart.  Last year Izzy and George left, I doubt they would kill off main characters 2 years in a row!  Oh but way, what is Alex died?  Then Lexie would be comforted by Mark - hmm, I clearly am way to invested in this show...

Let's move on now to my reality show favorites.  Amazing Race.  Oh how we love our Amazing Race around here.  I feel like it's the only really great show on tv anymore.  I mean there isn't as much slutty drama like on shows where everyone lives together.  No season is ever the same, and they seem to really pick a good diverse group of contestants.  They need to spend time in the Philippines though!  I was rooting for The Cowboys the entire season.  I'm very sad that they came in 2nd place.  They never really were about game play, they were honest people who took their time and enjoyed the countries they were in.  I liked that about them.  Also I just want to mention that I was very disappointed in Carol and Brandy for their outburst on the finale.  It was the wrong time and was inappropriate, way to ruin the brother's thunder. 

Bachelorette Ali is on soon.  A couple more weeks actually, not long at all.  You can expect a Bachelorette talk Tuesday right here like I do for The Bachelor.  Perhaps others will join in.  :)  I am excited to pick my top 5, last year Tenley and Ali were both in my first night top 5 picks!

Lastly I am very excited for Big Brother to start up again.  It is a summer only show which I think really keeps the appeal up.  At least it does for me.  I haven't found the official start date with CBS yet but I know they started casting in April.  Anyone else excited for Big Brother to return?

What are your favorite shows to watch?  Do you enjoy reality shows?  Please tell me I am not alone in my sad, sad passion for crappy drama. 


Fidgeting Gidget said...

I am thinking that either Owen or the Chief is going to die. Or maybe Teddy or Arizona. They're going to eliminate one of the conflicts going on in the show through that, I think.

I LOVE Big Brother and Biggest Loser and the Bachelor/ette. They're all such trashy goodness.

Heligirl said...

I got sucked into Deadliest Catch. Then I got the chance to meet most of the guys and even work with them on a charity event. I blogged about it at www.heligirl.com if you are the least bit interested. I'm also sucked into V and Flash Forward. Sadly, if it weren't for the DVR, I'd not be able to keep up with any of these. Two kids wear me out! :-)

-Jen (http://www.heligirl.com)

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