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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bachelorette Talk Tuesday!

In the past I have been pretty good about picking favorites from the first episode.  I had a few that clearly caught my eye last night with Ali so let's dive right in to my personal commentary.  I would also like to note from the start that Ali looks better with her hair up and she didn't look super hot last night.  Looked a little drunk/trashy in my opinion.

The Men of the hour:

Frank: He was cute, kind of nerdy with the glasses, but not ugly.  He seems funny, witty and a bit quirky.  However, I'm thinking he might be the one with the girlfriend? {image 1}

Tyler M: The scrapbooker.  Right, that seems, umm a bit Molly like if you ask me.  Trying too hard to be cute.  He was a NO in my book, and Ali's too.  Good girl.

Derrick aka "Shooter": So let me get this straight - it's a cool story to tell someone you are hoping to impress and one day marry that you have a nickname based on the fact you had a problem with premature jizzing?  Right... No big shock he was given the boot.  I mean sure he doesn't have that problem now ::snort:: but I think under the pressure in the sleepover dates it might rear it's ugly head again. 

Chris H:  Now I like this one!  He reminds me of Jillian, and not just because he's from Canada.  He was normal and very down to earth.  He is the sweet guy that just makes you feel at ease and comfortable but that you can laugh with.  He was a true keeper in my book, and he's pretty darn cute too! {image 2}

Hunter:  Umm, NO.  Sure his little song was funny again ala Molly and her chicken nugget song with Jason.  I just didn't feel it though.  He isn't my type, but then again, maybe that means he is perfect for Ali.  Who knows.  I guess he's not the worst of the bunch.

Jonathan:  Mr. Weatherman.  Umm he looks a bit too "fake pretty" for me.  He's not hot, but it's got that "I wear makeup and talk a lot" thing going on.  Too chatty, he would drive me crazy being soo overwhelming.  I'm the talker and I'd never be able to get a word in with him! {image 3- the "pretty pretty girl one"}

Chris R:  First thing I thought was "holy big head".  His face it very long and prominent.  Not sure how I feel about that.  He is a lawyer and I had the feeling he knows how to talk a lot and sell himself.  I mean he does it for a living, but the yellow shoe keychain was cute and won points with Ali.

Tyler V:  Umm he isn't too bad looking, but he doesn't have that striking appearance I would want on a first impression.  Not bad for Ali though.  He seems like a frat boy though.  He's only 25 and on his bio it says his favorite book is:  I hope they serve beer in hell.  No joke. {image 4}

Justin:  Mr. Pro Wrestler.  I love how he claims he is a wrestler but really it's just entertainment wrestling.  That would be like Mcdreamy claiming he was a Dr. because he played one on Grey's Anatomy.  I don't really find much credit in his profession.  It's like Peter Pan syndrome, he never grew up.  The broken foot too?  Wow - kind seems a bit sketchy to me.  I think he is totally like Wes, just wants to promote himself.  He also wins my vote for possible girlfriend back home.

John C: He seems pretty sweet, but I didn't see his one on one with her so I don't really have much of an opinion about him. I am glad he moved on because I didn't get a chance to make fun of judge him yet. Hopefully next week I can really weigh in on this guy.
Jay:  He had way to much hair in back.  It wasn't like a mullet, but it was sure poofy.  My first thought was that he was Ron Burgundy the weatherman.  He seems nice enough, but he was a NO thankfully.
Craig M:  Speaking of hair... let's take a look at this guy shall we.  The whole episode I was mesmerized by him, but not in the way Ali may have been.  I was just taken back by his resemblance to soo many people.  First thought was Tori Spelling's hubby Dean.  Then I though maybe he had some McDreamy hair going on.  By the end of the episode though I was sold on The Green Goblin from Spiderman.  I will post a picture of him to show you the resemblance... {image 5 is Craig and just in case you didn't know image 6 is Green Goblin}

Jesse:  Now he was cute.  I liked his voice.  He was the guy who made the jigsaw heart necklace for her.  It was a sweet thought, a bit more unique in my opinion.  Plus it was sweet that he mentioned his sister, he seems pretty down to earth.  I'm glad he moved on for another week.

Chris L:  Seems pretty simple.  Simple isn't always bad though.  Simple means safe.  He was very personable and attractive.  He is was soo sweet talking about his mother and how he didn't want to tell Ali right away because it was personal for him and he didn't want that to be her first impression of him or for her to think he was playing the sympathy card.  He also is the one guy that Ali said had a good smile on Ellen this week.  {image 7}
Roberto:  Hello Handsome!  Now he was a good looking guy, he had that kind of smile that just makes his eyes twinkle.  That's how my hubby's smile is so I personally moved Roberto to my #1 right away.  He got the first impression rose too so I guess Ali thought he was awesome as well.  He seems genuine.  He talked about his family and they seem stable and he seems to have a good role model family.  I think he will be the loyal type who loves you like a queen.  The salsa dancing was very sexy too.  I like him. {image 8}
All in all I think this season will be a winner.  If not because of the guys but because Ali seems to have a lot of drama and will make for good laughs.  She seems to cry a lot, get used and abused by some guys, she seems a bit skanky.  I think she isn't that pretty this time around and I think she seems a bit ditzy and flightly.  That's okay I will watch and love every minute of it.  I am already fighting some strong urges not to look up spoilers!  I think I will cheat at some point, but I am hoping I can hold out until the end. 

To summarize my personal picks, they are: 1. Chris L. 2. Roberto 3. Jesse 4. Chris H and finally 5. Frank.  Frank is my wild card - not sure I like him as much anymore but I will keep him on the list for now. 

What did YOU think of the first episode?  Who did you pick as your top 5?  Put up a link in your comment if you wrote about it.  If there are enough people interested I may do a McLinky next week so we can all be judgy and snarky together!


Mama Kat said...

Wow!! Love the guy by guy breakdown!! It seems like every episode just gets more and more dramatic! And I like it.

Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

Love, love, love your post!! We both agree that Roberto is smokin! I did a post too -- hope you'll stop by!

(New follower from Mama Kat's Bachelorette post!)

Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Cracking up about the green goblin thing! Soo funny and totally agree!

I am really hoping that Roberto isn't the one with the girlfriend. I think he is by far, the best. Well, as of now until any skeletons come jumping out :)

Kat said...

Too funny about Craig M. I knew he looked like someone...but I just couldn't pin it. That is great!

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