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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Bed On The Bathroom Floor! Writer's Workshop!

{I wrote this earlier this week while being sick - but noticed it is PERFECT for Writer's Workshop, so I'm using it again!  Join in at the bottom - I put the link there!  Topic was: 2.) What was your medicine? Write about a time you remember being ill.}

You know those things that make you feel better when you are sick?  Those things that only your mom or dad did for you to take care of you?  Like chicken noodle soup, watching cartoons in bed, orange juice in your favorite mug.  For me those things were warm watermelon jello juice {you know, the hot liquid before it sets?}, laying in my mom's bed and my bed on the bathroom floor.

To this day I need my bed on the bathroom floor.  I was always afraid of not making it to the toilet in time if I had to puke, or heaven forbid poop, or do both at one which is disgusting and you don't want to not make it for that hot mess!  My mommy would take a blanket and lay it on the bathroom floor, then my pillow placed near the toilet bowl base so I could just sit up and puke it the urge hit.  I would curl up with a cold wash cloth on my head and sleep there.  It always made me feel better.

I remember in college a few times I had to have my bed on the bathroom floor thanks to being hangover.  One night we went drunk bowling and I had a bunch of tequila shots in a row {I was playing catch-up because I was working while everyone drank} and then bowling.  I recall the first frame, but I don't remember the second.  My friend Alison said I dropped the bowling ball on the lane and said I had to go the bathroom.  When it was time to go I remember her removing my bowling shoes while I was curled over a gross public toilet.  My 2 guy friends Derek and Chris carried me out of the ladies bathroom and put me in the car.  When we got back to my apartment Alison asked me what I needed - I told her a bed on the bathroom floor.  My roommate and 3 friends looked at me like I was crazy, they tried to convince me I should just go climb in bed.  I refused, so they set me up with a blanket, pillow, water and washrag.  I remember waking up to the sound of someone snoring, a bowl of chicken top ramen next to me and in my bathroom, feet sticking out into the hallway.  Not my best moment for sure, but even being wasted {not proud of and never that bad again} I knew what I wanted to make me feel better.

I've used a towel when I lived alone as a blanket because I couldn't get up when I was really sick with the flu.  Kris had to call my mom when we first were living together because I wanted the bathroom bed and he was trying to convince me otherwise.  My mom told him what to do and that it's what I needed.  Bless his heart when I was pregnant he had to make me a bathroom bed a few times when my morning sickness got bad. 

Fast forward to last night.  My husband has been sick all weekend.  I had been trying my best to take care of him and Aiden and was starting to go crazy.  It was just too much for my still fragile mind to deal with.  I started feeling sick.  I was sick for a few hours before it actually hit - the quivering lip that tells me and all around me I'm gonna blow.  I got out of bed and ran for the bathroom.  Kris came after me and asked what if I wanted a washrag.  I quickly said "yes! cold".  So he brought me that and glass of water.  At that point I was on the toilet {classy I know} and making Kris put a plastic bag in the garbage so I could puke too.  Then all of a sudden my arms and chest when numb and tingly {like when they wake up from being asleep} and everything got white like I was going to pass out.  Then it went from tingly to burning {best way to describe it - I have NEVER felt like this before} and I got panicky.  I told Kris "call my mom".  She came over {remember,same apartment complex} and said "are you going to go back to bed?" I weakly shook my head - she said "do you want me to make a bed for you?"  I said yes.  So here I am 26 years old, married with a child of my own and I made my husband call my mommy to come make me a bed on the bathroom floor!  I even took a picture because I knew this morning I had to share this with you.  It's too amusing not to.  I left out myself out of the pic, I didn't think you could handle how glamorous I am when sick.

Please tell me I am not the only one who needs something like this when I'm sick?  Do you do something weird too?  I feel pathetic, but now I much better and in bed all day.  My mom is here making me lunch.  :)

Mama's Losin' It


Heather said...

I do the same thing! It makes me just feel better knowing, I don't have to worry if I can make it to the bathroom or not!

Mama Kat said...

Okay first of all the bathroom floor ALWAYS feels better when I'm sick. I can't handle the bouncy soft bed.

That being said...why have I NEVER been smart enough to bring in a pillow and blanket and make a bed!?! I always manage to drag in a thin blanket from the nearest couch, but there's never a pillow involved. That looks downright cozy! :)

Shoot I'm making one TONIGHT!

Natalie said...

Yeah, I'm with Mama Kat! I never even thought to make a little bed down there! The cool tile under the blanket would be perfect!
Swinging by from the workshop - I was laughing at your druken bowling stories...have several of those myself ;)

June Freaking Cleaver said...

I've never used the bathroom as bedroom. What I want most when I'm sick is to be left alone. Please don't help me, don't take care of me. I'll get up when I want something.

Just don't keep asking...

Horrible patient, aren't I?

I think it comes from never having anyone at home to take care of me when I was sick as a kid. I had to take care of myself...so I learned how.

Dawna said...

My bathroom is so tiny that if I made a bed there when I went to get up and puke/poo I would probably give myself a concussion by hitting my head on the sink. Then I would just awake covered in my own mess... ick!

What a blessing you have in your Mom... my Mom is a bit paranoid about getting sick so when I am ill i pile the kids in bed with me and we have a jammie day. Hope you are feeling better soon!

Michelle@DomesticationoftheSingleGirl said...

I used to get the flu all the time (with nasty fevers and body aches...) when I was a teenager and nothing felt better than just laying on the cool ceramic tile in the bathroom. My apartment now has linoleum and it just doesn't work as well. :p

My sick bed was always in the living room, positioned with my feet pointed at the tv. I would make these awesome nests of pillows and blankets and camp out until I felt better.

And now I'm seriously missing that. I'm not even sick! *Knocks on wood*

PS. I see your blogoversary is coming up! It's been a year already? OMG! :D

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