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Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend! {so far...}

My weekend started on Friday.  My mom bought me a 1 hour massage.  I was nervous going - I don't know why, I've had a hand full of massages before.  I think I was nervous to parallel park downtown, but even that went well and I found a spot on the corner to pull into!  At first I was a little tense, I always have that period of "do you talk?"  "do I fall asleep?" dialogue going through my head.  I did start to relax though and soon was enjoying every minute.  Margaret does Thai massage, it is some actual massaging, but a lot of it is just pressure and stretching my muscles a bit.  It felt wonderful and the hour went by way too quickly.  I didn't realize how much I really needed that, but it helped a lot.  I told myself while I was laying there "I'm healing my body and my mind". 

Here is a video of Aiden playing his uncle Jeff's car. 

Saturday was a very busy day for us.  Went went to Target and got Aiden some much needed sleep short sets.  He has been getting way to hot in his footie jammies.  We also found some shorts on sale for him so he is all set for summer clothes now!  My mom-in-love also bought me 2 new books to read.  I am very excited, I started one that afternoon!

Then it was off to a birthday party!  Aiden's cousin Marcus turned 1 so we all headed over to the party.  It was great to see all the family.  Marcus wasn't super social with Aiden, but Aiden loved playing with his cousin's Kingston (9 months old) and JJ who is 5.  I took lots of video of them together.  I'm excited to see them grow up together and hopefully become friends.  Aiden was the biggest of the babies.  He didn't use to be, but he has double the size of Kingston and is pretty equal to Marcus.  Aiden is the youngest of the 3 boys.  I was very proud of Aiden.  He was willing to be passed around from person to person, he played on the floor, he tried to eat everyone's food.  In the end he ate some sardines and rice, peas and carrots from fried rice, had some banana and had a little bit of pork I think.  Everyone was shocked he was eating table foods and reaching for it.  I was proud of him.  He's the best eater and is very well behaved for a baby. 

Aiden meeting his cousin's JJ and Kingston.
Aiden was awake most of the day too.  He didn't take a good nap until 6pm and even that nap was for about 30 minutes.  He adjusted well to his schedule being completely ruined and came home in a good mood.  We gave him a late bath and he played for a while and was sound asleep at 9pm.  We even had a good night of sleep.  He woke up very briefly at 1230a and then was up for about 30 minutes at 440am.  I can tell that even though my medicine needs to be adjusted I am doing better.  I was in a good mood and didn't mind being up with Aiden during the night.  It made me feel good that I could just hold him and love him back to sleep and not be stressing over it.  It was a good day for all of us.

JJ trying to teach Aiden to clap.

Today we are just going to be relaxing at home.  My mom is making dinner.  We may do some cleaning or laundry, but I plan to just rest and read.


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